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  1. Paragon

    M20 engine parts

    Loads of M20 stuff : Inlet manifold 2.0 still with injectors and rail $40 Inlet manifold 2.5 painted black $40 Inlet manifold 2.5 vapour blasted$80 Exhaust manifold 2.5, 3 stud $50 Rocker covers and other covers vapour blasted Camshafts, all good with no obvious wear, not sure if they are 2.0 or 2.5. Apparently they vary so they will need to be checked $60 crank, and other pulleys Flex plate for auto, early motronic with the trigger on it $50 Crank 2.7 H81 $100 Crank 2.5 H75 $100 Bearings, new standard size, fits many engines, M20s amongst them. rod CR6640CP mains MB7039AM Part number CR6640CP (STD SIZE) Mainly used for BMW 6 cylinder M20 M50 M52 M54 2.0-3.0 petrol engines and M21 M51 M57 2.4-3.0 diesel engines. Size: STD Position: connecting rod bearings Pairs/Quantity: 6 (complete set for one engine) Crankshaft diameter: 44.991/44.973mm $150 Rods, 2 sets, 2.5 135mm. One set maybe M50 rather than M20, a bit lighter. $100 Valves and valve springs 2.0 and 2.5 $5 and $2 each price as required, make an offer for multiple parts. Location south auckland.
  2. Paragon

    WTB: AC Schnitzer E30 rear spoiler

    I have a Zender rear spoiler, similar, it keeps the BMW bobtail under it. Needs paint.
  3. Paragon

    M20 engine parts

    Time for a clean out. Generally M20B25 unless stated otherwise. Starting with the bigger stuff: 2.0 litre 731 head. Legal for race series. Hardness tested and straight Valves and valve springs 2.0 and 2.5 Camshafts M20 2.5 block. Bores still have hone marks $100 2.7 crank, may need a grind, marked on one big end my measurements 44.69, 44.72, 44.72 / 59.73, 59.66, 59.65, 59.64 59.77 59.66 $100 2.5 Crank H75 does not need a grind, 59.95 and 44.94 $100 rods, 135mm ( 2.5 ) injectors , M20B25 520i, 325 and 320 exhaust manifold, 3 bolt other small stuff like rocker shafts Bearings, King for standard crank mains and big ends, fits 2.0, 2.5, 2.7 $100 all in south auckland
  4. Paragon

    WTB: E30 325i Trailing Arms

    what is specific about the 325 ? Are they not all the same apart from disc / drum brakes and a few had ABS ?
  5. Paragon

    Wtb.. Intake boot+airbox for e30 m20b25

    got a steel version and a plastic version. Sent you a message
  6. Paragon

    Wanted - clean E30 318

    Wanted to buy - a straight 318i E30. Preferably around Auckland way. thats it
  7. Paragon

    Chrome grille - e30

    got a chrome one south auckland $30
  8. Paragon

    Low beam bulb keeps blowing E30

    no touch and a variety of bulbs that I have had a spares or taken out of other spare headlights.
  9. My left low beam bulb blew, replaced the fuse and bulb and now it blows new bulbs immediately. I have gone through at least 4 new bulbs that were all used previously. There is a relay that supplies both sides and I have tried 3 different relays. At idle the voltage on the the back of the bulb is 13.0. The earth is common to the park light and that works ok. The car is a pre facelift 325 E30 that has had facelift headlights fitted. Any ideas ?
  10. Paragon

    E30 euro plate holder and bits n bobs

    whats a Euro plate holder look like ? got a picture ?
  11. Paragon

    E30 roof cut

    roof off, and will go to the scrap man on Monday if not taken away $100
  12. Paragon

    E30 318i facelift wrecking

    Set of 4 doors, $100 this weekend only. All straight and rust free, Royalblau
  13. Paragon

    E30 318i facelift wrecking

    Some parts gone - guards, radiator support cut, engine, gearbox, bonnet, rear subframe with diff and suspension. Still got 45mm front struts complete, some interior, boot lid, roof, bumpers, front valence.
  14. Paragon

    E30 roof cut

    no one want to stock up for the race season ? otherwise it will go with the rest of it - - - - - - - next week.
  15. Paragon

    E30 roof cut

    Roof cut from a E30 sedan, non sunroof Collection only for this one. Not sure what I should ask for this but I have to put on a price $150