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  1. Wanted to buy - a straight 318i E30. Preferably around Auckland way. thats it
  2. got a chrome one south auckland $30
  3. no touch and a variety of bulbs that I have had a spares or taken out of other spare headlights.
  4. My left low beam bulb blew, replaced the fuse and bulb and now it blows new bulbs immediately. I have gone through at least 4 new bulbs that were all used previously. There is a relay that supplies both sides and I have tried 3 different relays. At idle the voltage on the the back of the bulb is 13.0. The earth is common to the park light and that works ok. The car is a pre facelift 325 E30 that has had facelift headlights fitted. Any ideas ?
  5. whats a Euro plate holder look like ? got a picture ?
  6. roof off, and will go to the scrap man on Monday if not taken away $100
  7. Set of 4 doors, $100 this weekend only. All straight and rust free, Royalblau
  8. Some parts gone - guards, radiator support cut, engine, gearbox, bonnet, rear subframe with diff and suspension. Still got 45mm front struts complete, some interior, boot lid, roof, bumpers, front valence.
  9. no one want to stock up for the race season ? otherwise it will go with the rest of it - - - - - - - next week.
  10. Roof cut from a E30 sedan, non sunroof Collection only for this one. Not sure what I should ask for this but I have to put on a price $150
  11. Currently wrecking a 318i facelift. Royalblau metallic, a bit faded on the roof. Most parts available, can do body cuts if required but the car is off the road because of rust. All panels are straight and dent free Doors - $60 each Roof - non sunroof - can cut halfway up the pillars with head lining intact $200 Bonnet $150 Boot $50, no spoiler. Front guards, royalblau in good order $80 each, got others in different colours and states of repair. Wheels - 14 inch bottle caps. All checked for being straight. Bare rim $20 each, with legal tire $35 All in south Auckland
  12. I have one - whats your location ? Off a 320i
  13. Whats a complete 2.5 worth ? Plenty people looking, no one seems to have one to sell. I do have a tired complete block that was smoking a bit with a head that blew a gasket, all there, whats that worth ?
  14. I have a 2.7 block, south Auckland, abandoned project. Also have 2 x 2.7 cranks, one has been ground and un used.
  15. Got a complete 731 head off a good runner. Facelift I think, not sure it makes any difference. South auckland