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  1. Just haven't got round to installing one yet! Had to wait 6 weeks for brackets through the dealer and then the bushes I had didn't fit them - by then I was out of time. Some more photos from @adro - backing up his hotlaps with pool photography duties.
  2. Got it out on the track at Manfield yesterday - a lot of fun with the Constructors/MG car club. Very happy with the new suspension and wheel/tyre situation. I do wish I'd got the rear swaybar sorted in time, and I could hear a new clunk on the drive home, but had a very enjoyable day with great company. Photo: Jarod Carruthers
  3. Thanks! In the seldom-seen 15" size too. On that note, if anyone needs re003s for their basketweaves (or other 15x7 e30 wheels), there are now eight of them left in the country. Bridgestone had to beg mine off a Tony's in Gisborne.
  4. A looming track day and diminishing self-control led to some browsing (and ultimately buying) over at Demon Tweeks. Tried not to do too much soul searching but there are quite a few opinions on e30 suspension combos and the forums are a bit of a rabbit hole. In the end I went for a shock that I have found very driveable in the past and a spring that would give me the height I wanted while being solid for daily use (if useless for anything more). Bilstein b4 and eibach pro-kit. Pretty happy with the ride, although I haven't really been able to drive it because of a comically bad vacuum leak. Will be even better once I get time to install a 325i swaybar I've been waiting on brackets for. Also excited to bolt up some acs wheels that I bought before lockdown 2.0 but have only just managed to get shipped down. Hoping for fine weather this weekend!
  5. Hi Geoff! Circled the hose in question - picture stolen from @Bimmerboi
  6. Hi all. Took this hose off to clean the idle control valve and discovered it had a giant tear in it that had been smothered in sealant. It looks past repair now - does anyone have one from a parts car or engine around? Thanks!
  7. Have you tried Murray? He has been helpful in the past for me for 02 and e12/28 stuff. He knows what he has, but it's cheaper than Youshop ping something from the UK! Good luck.
  8. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2759884572 @Secniv this is your specialist subject matter right?
  9. Hi team Unearthed these during a tidy-up the other day. Never installed in my e39. Aerosus airbags/springs.
  10. Saw it today too. Looked great. Almost tooted til I realised I was in the prius.
  11. Ah well done! I knew this wouldn't last long when I saw it come up. Glad it's landed on its feet!
  12. Thanks mate! 35% tint. It was $480 from Window Magic (opposite Spotlight, just off Hutt Rd). They turned it around in a lunchtime. I have had great results from Wrap Innovations in Grenada North too, but they couldn't fit me in at what was reasonably short notice this time.
  13. Mikan

    WTB e30 gear boot

    @adro with the hook-up
  14. Bit of a round-up, so apologies for any continuity errors. To drown out the creaking I decided to do something about the stereo. Went for a modern (but middle-school looking) blaupunkt and some tweeters inside a pair of premium sound tweeter pods. Thanks @Rob HB1! Keeping the original kick-panel and parcel shelf speakers for now - I want to get the premium rear speakers in too, but need a better condition parcel shelf to house them. A couple more appearance things - popped on a mtech 1 steering wheel (cheers @Contrails) , and got it tinted to make it bearable for the two year old who faces directly out the rear window. The tint was about 20 years too late to save the poor sunfried interior, so I replaced it with a lovely set from an SE courtesy of @BMTHUG I replaced the lollipop bushes (as they were polyurethane) in the hopes of curing the creaking, but it wasn't til my swaybar bushes finally arrived via the dealership that I finally achieved blissful silence. Not surprised they were complaining - they were pretty munted.
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