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  1. benamobob

    Low Kms 135i

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/1642095891 has anyone had a look at this 135i? Looks tidy but been on trademe for a loooooong time.
  2. benamobob

    Grey 540i

    So the km's aren't really a problem? is there any any other problems i should look out for other than what E36V8 mentioned? Going down to see it this weekend. While the E39 would be amazing to drive, i really don't like the shape compared to the E34. Manual conversion is definitely on the cards
  3. benamobob

    Grey 540i

    fixed lol
  4. benamobob

    Grey 540i

    Yo guise, thinking of going down to the 'tron to have a look at this http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/...n-396504873.htm thoughts? High k's a bad thing??
  5. benamobob

    E34 On Trademe

    Really getting on the E34 buzz lately and have decided to finally get one after mulling the idea around for about a year. I'm really picky when it comes to them though and its tough to find a decent one on trademe with good k's. Trade Me Is 250000k's on these that much of an issue? Thoughts?
  6. benamobob

    1989 E30 m50 Tech2

    Is the interior standard / tidy?
  7. benamobob

    16" Black BBS RS for sale

    Have 4 16" BBS RS Wheels with tyres for sale up on trade me. $1 res so possibly get yourself a bargain. Trade Me
  8. benamobob

    What BBS Wheels are these for sale? BSS RS's?

    Done, sorry chief
  9. Looking at buying these wheels for my E30, Could anyone help me out with what they are and approx how much they're worth? They have BBS written on them aswell as RS243 and Geschmiedet. Sorry if i've offended some wheelphiles Got some pix to help
  10. benamobob

    325i E30 Touring

    Texted you earlier mate! We shall discuss price etc on saturday, very excite!!!!1