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  1. Nice. Glad it helped someone else out too. I was also looking at disabling the Drivers wish input on mine but require clutch input to disable it. I've since found I can ground the DME clutch input signal so I need to test it out and see what different that makes. Sounds like its worthwhile, hopefully mimmick more of a cable throttle behavior.
  2. @Sammo It's both. The racks steering spline position is closer to the engine block / headers so you have clearance issues and a slight difference in length because of it. Also the E46 rack also uses a different spline, which is why the linkage uses the E30 UJ at one end (for the steering column) and the Barina end spline is the same as the E46 rack spline. You wouldn't be able to fit E30 spline on E36 / E46 rack.
  3. Schmiedmann has the KLOKKERHOLM ones. 395nzd landed. If you aren't fussed on quality for a racecar seems like a decent price. https://www.schmiedmann.com/en/bmw-E30/3053-new?product=41341924868U
  4. On the topic of repro panels.. I bought the Facelift KLOKKERHOLM from schmiedmann that is a repro and it's pretty sh*t tbh. Thinner metal, poorly stamped and rough edges that would need alot of cleaning up for the taillight cutouts. Since I was going to all the effort of cutting and replacing and paintjob I went for an OEM one and when I had both next to each other it was night and day the quality comparison. Metal thickness alone was probably like 1mm vs 0.8mm.
  5. Not really in my case, I don't need a clutch switch and it's a waste of time retrofitting a switch and the wiring (again, e30). Plus I never actually realised the relationship between having a clutch switch and why it would cause a hang in revs. Disabling this worked so I now no longer have that annoying rev hang though so I'm happy.
  6. I think I may have found how to sort my specific issue (MS43 / M54 / MT with no Clutch Switch in E30) I've been playing with the TunerPro since yesterday and found this which sounds like it's slowing my Throttle closing, and one of the conditions to not have this interfere is the Clutch being pressed. Since I don't have a clutch switch sensor, it's always going to slow my throttle close. I'm just disabling it now and loading the bin file. I was already playing with other stuff and reset my adaptions, so going to have to go for a bit of a drive to let it relearn things and see how it goes. Lucky for me it's a nice day https://www.ms4x.net/index.php?title=Siemens_MS43#Throttle_Request_Correction Throttle Request Correction To provide a smoother driving experience the ecu will limit how fast the throttle can close based on the current engine load. If the clutch is not pressed and the requested throttle setpoint is larger than the value specified in c_tps_req_ltc_min or smaller than the value specified in ip_tps_req_ltc_min_[gear] the throttle setpoint closing rate will be limited. When the ecu starts limiting the throttle setpoint it will be decremented by the value taken from ip_tps_req_ltc_lgrd_[gear] until the following conditions are met: The limitation duration specified in ip_t_tps_req_ltc_max_[gear] has expired. The requested throttle setpoint is larger or equal to ip_tps_req_ltc_min_[gear]. The limited throttle setpoint is smaller than the requested throttle setpoint. The clutch is pressed. If any of those conditions are met then the ecu will use the requested throttle setpoint and will not start limiting the throttle setpoint again until the time specified in c_t_dly_tps_req_ltc(0,85s) has elapsed. The id_tps_req_ltc_gear_[gearbox] tables controls if the throttle request correction should be active depending on the current gear. To disable the throttle request correction function set the id_tps_req_ltc_gear_[gearbox] tables to zero.
  7. Yeah, MS43 DME and correct I do not have a clutch switch. p.s sorry for the thread Hijack OP
  8. I've got an M54 and the Valeo SMF kit, have been chasing the rev hang issue too. Have I got this right you solved it by turning the clutch switch off? By actually using the sensor and circuit? But I can turn off that feature off all together by setting the EWS coding to Manual Gearbox and not need a clutch switch setup (mines in an e30 so not so straight forward).
  9. Yeah I noticed the rear valance looks dinged up, or a bad rust repair job. Nice overspray on the tyre well underneath too..
  10. Nah the universal ones fit fine. Also the wiring I was talking about is on the pump cradle that goes into the tank itself. Check the wiring terminal that plugs into the pump for loose wiring and that the wires are soldered to the terminal properly.
  11. Check / Replace the wiring and connector going to the fuel pump on the cradle. I just had my walbro255 fail on me after barely 2000kms because the wiring in one connector terminal was loose. It must have been messing with the pump flicking it on/off while driving and eventually killed it. I replaced it with a deatschwerks 200. They're both two aftermarket options that will last and fit easily replacing factory pump and come with a a new connector pigtail.
  12. Must be, I thought it just reads the info from the registration but carjam says White also. Weird.
  13. Yeah it looks like a poor reproduction, or just a "close enough" match. The actual retrim itself looks decent though. I'm curious if he's had the entire car resprayed, or close door and if the door jams are still silver / engine bay too. Hard to tell without any photos, looks like the tailgate inner is silver still. Also wonder who his mechanic is with this nonsense "My mechanic says it’s a newer engine than what the mileage suggests, and in his opinion about 150-200k) and must have got swapped out prior to me owning it."
  14. All that effort on body work and the intake boot gets a roll of duct tape.
  15. Bought my first E46 325i touring a few weeks ago. Previous owner had been chasing what he suspected was a "vacuum leak", causing a slight miss at cold start but otherwise drove well. I got under yesterday to do the fuel filter and trans mounts. Took the cover off the fuel filter and sre enough the vacuum line is perished at the regulator. Take the filter off, replace the fuel lines and vacuum line while I'm there and finish up. Had the old fuel filter on my bench with black fuel and sediment coming out of it and that's when I realized the date on it was the build date of the e46. 22 years / 160000kms later.. yikes!
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