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  1. e30ftw

    E36 328i/M3 Coupe

    Bump. New pics on Trademe. Updated price to something more realistic, open to negotiate. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2809056284?bof=KN1W74dm
  2. e30ftw

    E36 328i/M3 Coupe

    That S50B30 developed either rod knock, or some lifter issue. Ended up being pulled and replaced with an S50B32, which is what he ran in it most of the time until deciding to sell that setup and put his spare M52 in. I couldn't find any 328i coupes listed to base a price off, so I'm likely dreaming at this price.
  3. e30ftw

    E36 328i/M3 Coupe

    Pics are up. I'll add dry photos to better represent paint. Front is a tad stone chipped, paints overall decent but mildy faded on the roof.
  4. e30ftw

    New GST import stuff

    A friend of mine last month split his order over two to avoid GST, but FedEx ended up picking up on it and he had to fork out once they landed. Seems like they don't care about anything less than $400 at the moment.
  5. e30ftw

    New GST import stuff

    I ordered from FCP last week 3rd December, got here today with FedEx. No GST paid. ?
  6. Any members here in Wellington have a scan tool I could scan my 135i with? Have an ABS/DSC/FTM light popping up. I'm guessing it's just another wheel speed sensor, had to replace one last year. FCP's got their Cyber week sale endnig in the next day so if you have one available tonight that would be great
  7. e30ftw

    Andrews M325i

    This makes me want to get an e30 again. So tidy.
  8. Just read the comments regarding dealers claiming faults under your warranty, I bought my 135i last year from a dealership in Auckland and had a check engine light on the way home almost immediately. Turned out it was the HPFP and the dealer had already told me any issues in the first couple months he would pay excess. I almost knew it would have had some issue because he was using it as his daily. I didn't really think much into it, because it wouldn't cost me to repair it. I took it to the BMW dealer down here and they found the codes and they were historic so it was a prior issue before purchase, yet warranty still covered it and the seller/dealer paid the excess once I sent him the invoice. I even had the pre-purchase inspection done by a BMW dealership in Auckland and they hadn't picked up on it.
  9. I haven't actually taken it off yet, I've only had it on for a few months. I was going to empty it when I do my next oil change.
  10. Nah not down here in Wellington, I've had them since I bought the car in March last year and have been all over the place and never had any issues. Yeah I bought the bolt on's to be able to Stage 2/2+, but even at Stage 1+ it's a massive difference over stock and I found it's more than enough, without an LSD in these it's hard enough to put the power down as it is
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