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  1. Yeah it is spot welded in place. It's not simple for a home mechanic but for a panel shop who can drill out spot welds it is definitely easy.
  2. Looks pretty minor in terms of damage for a frontal, that front radiator support is mostly sacrificial and will collapse and tear from the chassis. Quite an easy part to remove and replace. Looks like the bumper's and bumper shocks got missed or did their job and aren't affected, bumper and Mtech2 valance seem to be still sitting in the right space. Would be a shame to part that out, quite easily repairable with a new bonnet, valance, replace the radiator core support (still available new) and a few things crushed on the front of the motor like the radiator, distributor, waterpump etc. Even the fenders look unscathed only some minor damage to the right one.
  3. Talk to Speedfactor, they will be able to assemble XYZ coilovers using E36 housings and E30 tops.
  4. Definitely ping Andy, he take's his mufflers off his X5 until WOF time lol. Might be the perfect trade.
  5. Not SMG, it's DCT. They are a blast to drive, even for the manual die hard.
  6. 😂😂😂 omg Please share details of said awards
  7. I bought it for $7500 off I think who you had sold it too, on the weaves in 2012. Then yes, it was me who went to town on it but I should have kept it original tbh. I sold it mostly back to stock on the ACS wheels to a young fella in Auckland for $13.5k in 2017, who eventually wrote it off. I think someone brought it back from being wrecked and it's hiding in their shed. Wasn't a bad write off, front left was knocked in. Shame really.
  8. ^Brings back memories. An E30 Touring is more a novelty that eventually wears off.
  9. The valve is open when you have it set to hot. That is when the valve is open and coolant is able to flow into the core and back to the engine so you are getting heat. Setting it to cold will close the valve and you won't be flowing coolant through the core so any air won't be bleeding out of that part of the system.
  10. Yeah it's 12v. https://www.e30zone.net/e30wiki/index.php/Wiring_Diagrams Look at the A/C Temperature Control wiring if you want to do some wire tracing. I'm pretty sure the whole heater core loom connects via one big white connector to the chassis loom which you will see under the dash behind the brake booster somewhere.
  11. There are also different temperature thermostats. Depends where you get it from, FCP has 71C and 80C. If you run a lower temp one, your temp gauge will only get to the first white mark, not the middle.
  12. I thought I was the only who did this bleed procedure lol. I went through this recently, although m5x swapped but I replaced heater core and had to fill up from a completely dry coolant system. What worked for me and has worked in the past is jack the front left up and only that side. Seal your mouth on the expansion tank and blow down hard to force the coolant down. You'll hear bubbles when you release your mouth lol. Seems retarded but it works. Also give the upper hoses and squeezing to get any extra bubbles out. Do this all while it's not running by the way. Keep filling and then once full put the cap on and run the engine. You're supposed to have the heater on and fan at full. Having the heater on is enough though, just to make sure the valve is open and coolant can circulate the core. I kept the fan on so I knew once it was hot and hot air was blowing that it was bled properly.
  13. e30ftw

    1987 E30 M325i

    IMO Prefacelift M325i is less desireable. Even if it is rarer. A prefacelift shell is more prone to rust, and this one looking pretty neglected and having likely sat outside for some time is probably hiding some rust in the firewall and boot. I also notice the facelift headlights, wiring has been hacked to wire them up. If it was with its original bumpers, weaves and houdstooth interior but in this rough state, I could *maybe* see someone forking out near the $30k and spending $5 to $10k restoring it. As it stands you'd be sourcing Mtech1 kit (weitz had a kit 4k recently), chrome bumpers, weaves (2k plus), complete engine overhaul and likely suspension and everything else needing attention you be in the $15 to $20k territory getting it back to an original state, that's not even including finding houndstooth interior.
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