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  1. I have an e21 that was bound for my project workshop, but I've too many on the go at the moment. Which, TBH ,is really f**king disappointing, but I have to prioritise and be realistic here. I find it unlikely in my current circumstances that I will get time in the next 5 years to give this ol girl what she deserves, my e30 and 944 are ahead in the queue. So shes up for sale to the highest bidder and hopefully one of you can do her justice. The good: - Engine runs well. Have fitted an electric pump as the mech is leaking. New sae30 hi zinc oil and she purrs smoothly, no excessive tick. Cooling system seems to hold water ok but she will undoubtedly need a tune up and some preventative repairs done. - Fuel tank has been cleaned out and inspected, nice and tidy, fuel gauge working perfectly. - She drives under her own power, shifts, clutch, brakes (spongy as), lights, gauges, fan etc all work well. - Reg is NZ original and on hold with the OG black plate. - 4 speed manual with m10 carb and 135k on the clock. The bad: - Rust, she has rust in a bunch of it, none of which are major or difficult by themselves but the majority of time spent on this project will be body work. The key spots around roof, pillars, scuttle, chassis, underbody, rad support all look solid. - Driveline noise, suspect wheel bearings, or rear brake assy. - Standard shes been sitting for over a decade stuff. The ugly: - Look on your neighbours face as they foam with jealousy. There is also a set of dual stromberg carbs with an M10 manifold, and another 4 speed gearbox which I believe is an early 2002 4 speed complete with shifter assy. Both of which could be sold with the car or separately, I'm not phased. Car complete with gearbox and dual carbs: $3850 Car complete by itself: $2850 Gearbox: $900 Carburettors incl manifold: $750 Prices are negotiable. Contact me via email is preferred hudsonmotorsportnz@gmail.com
  2. - M30 bellhousing, adapted to w58 - Tilton hydraulic release - Engine is a good donor, no work done, the lowish comp 9.5:1 M30B35 lend themselves to be turbo ready. I was going to build with arp studs and MLS, but that's your call on how much power you want. - Boost is running at gate pressure atm 13psi. No dyno just a tune from diy database, for a very similar setup m30.
  3. Looking for: - e34 m50 sump, pickup & dipstick assy - Got one! Also - FL e36 328i driveshaft - 3.25 crown and pinion for my med case Lsd.
  4. Is there any chance of reviving the pictures in this thread? Would be such a good resource for building my own.
  5. Boost is fully controlled electrically via MSPNP2 ecu. Check the main photo bottom left shows vacuum line from manifold to solenoid (on firewall) and wastegate. https://www.diyautotune.com/product/megasquirtpnp-g2-b8793-for-the-87-92-bmw-e30-325i/ All ancillaries this package is bolt in and run. Steering pump included, hoses not. This engine is a non-A/C late e34.
  6. It's a Turbonetics TO4B i'll check stamps tomorrow. Supposed to be able to bounce past 400 rear wheel ponies easily and much more with little modification. It's the torque that's the stupid part.. You will need help developing the right rubber and diff to get the power down. In terms of fitment I don't see why an e28 would be slimmer than an e30?
  7. Looking for a set of Mtech2 skirts and pods for my coupe. Must be genuine plastic.
  8. No turkeys here... The details are on my trademe listing: https://www.trademe.co.nz/2717902145 As always Bimmersport gets preferential rates if you hit me up here and win the auction I'll give you 10% off. I'll be adding photos and video tomorrow.
  9. Thanks for the heads up dude. I got so disheartened by the recent BS of trying to buy the blue one LS6987 on trademe this weekend that I cannot be f**ked squabbling with idiots anymore. New plan is keep my baby which i do love dearly and ditch the ridiculous m30 turbo and chuck in a s50. Should keep it simple and easy, daily drivable and balanced. So if anyone wants a turnkey m30 turbo package: https://www.trademe.co.nz/2717902145 Get at me
  10. I think i have one of these in the olds attic, flick me a pm if you're still looking.
  11. Red one one tardeme looks great! Make sure you buy that one so I don't have to compete with you.
  12. Yeah I've been keeping my fingers on the trademe pulse. That looks to be a lovely example, but i need the rumble of a 6 cylinder.
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