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  2. Anybody had their injectors replaced on a 335i N54? Think I am up and its going to hurt
  3. You problem with autosure lies with your car needing to be stock to claim but if the rattle is only heard with the aftermarket downpipes then how do you proceed.
  4. You could try using the MHD rattle adjustment and see if that helps. I went through the exact same process and managed to get the turbos replaced under warranty, but even the new ones have some rattle
  5. MHD is highly recommended. Huge abundance of info online that will answer everything. I am pretty sure there are more tuned 335i's on the road than stock it seems
  6. 335I E92 PE modded Exhaust. Less packing and less Perforation in the Mufflers. Cold starts sound like an exotic super car. $120 I had this on an E91 wagon. But it was just to loud for me, I have to many grays and early starts parked next to the toddlers bedroom didn't work for the wife
  7. Yep already use the cold start noise reduction purely to avoid waking up my toddler early in the morning.
  8. I installed my own intercooler, charge pipe bov, plugs coils etc , but harder stuff I have payed workshops to install. Even the easy stuff I get them to do now as I just dont have the time. All the aftermarket stuff can't be sourced here ( LSD , downpipes, upgraded LPFP) so I I pay them to install when I bring down and I have used places I know do great work. I am pretty sure I havent insulted any of them but I will double check
  9. Are you joking? If I pay someone to paint my house but supply the paint am I insulting the painter. I am paying him for his time and labour. Thats why I said take it to one of these non precious BMW Techs
  10. I have a 335i N54,i have had it about 5 years. Especially when cold I would say yeah it a noisey engine and similar to diesel. But it goes hard so I suck it up and ignore
  11. Its a pretty easy job, I did my own. You could probably take it to a non bmw specialist and just show the a youtube clip of the install
  12. Hard case reading watching these two Vendors going at it. Re the new Vargas options on the n54 and chinese castings
  13. The Vargas ones are chinese cast , the housings are not custom. Just the internals.
  14. No question they work as a tuning tool for the 335i. But MHD just has so much more functionality and support. My cobb is collecting dust in a cupboard somewhere
  15. What do you call uncomfortable?