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  1. FWIW, 4.5.4, UK import - everything working for me. (Milage is displayed under vehicle info)
  2. No pic - nice diamond schwartz e30 M3 (evo?) with a window banner by Vic Park. Looks great.
  3. Such a great build. Just looks 'correct'.
  4. m325i

    F80 M3 Competition

    Yes, read that. Makes sense to not mismatch hardware/software. I really rate the steering upgrade.
  5. m325i

    F80 M3 Competition

    Big upgrade in smoothness especially 0-10 and 10-0km. It doesn’t ‘slap’ as hard with redline changes so the car doesn’t get upset / break traction in s2. The burbles are a bit different and sound more ‘random’ rather than the exact same ‘blub blub blub bulb’ every time. Steering is significantly better - feel closer to hydraulic ( I only use comfort). MDM - I didn’t really go that hard before I did this, but you can get decent slip now. Overall great upgrade (especially for slow commuting) with no downside.
  6. Here is my 2018 M3 Comp. It’s my daily driver and I’m impressed with it as an all rounder. Big boot, comfortable in soft modes, 9lt/100 on long trips, (gets very thirsty when boosting though) great seats, sounds. I’ve added CarPlay and the GTS/CS DCT, EDC, steering and diff software, which I would definitely recommend. A boot luggage hook and PSS* tyres…
  7. I'd argue you have to be a way better driver to handle an F80 than an e30. The F series M cars are so lairy. A lot of pros and cons to each. And I think depends on your use case. These cars came out as daily 'do it all' cars. And have aged into weekend special cars. I haven't driven every M car, (no m5, no g80 etc.). I am imagining what some are like based on driving other variants. Weekend M2 CS M3 CSL M3 E30 Evo Daily M3 G81 F80 ZCP E39 M5
  8. I notice it doesn't fold my mirrors from the app when locking.
  9. I used to hate wood trim in the era - now I really like it. If you're going to get new centre caps, get the OEM floating ones I reckon!
  10. I got mine going too. How does it work with connectivity? They are effectively paying for the SIM connection? Have to remember to use it. Almost went back to the car to check I locked it the other day. also, does that mean you can pre-heat/cool when the engine isn't on?
  11. Try another (big brand) battery. I bought a strip of generic batteries for Air tags and they show 'low' out of the packet.
  12. Sold. So much car for the money.
  13. m325i

    Window rub cure?

    if it's not 'broken' this stuff is excellent for rubber reconditing and stopping squeaks etc https://www.amazon.com/nextzett-91480615-Gummi-Pflege-Rubber/dp/B004B8GTQG?th=1
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