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  1. Try another (big brand) battery. I bought a strip of generic batteries for Air tags and they show 'low' out of the packet.
  2. Sold. So much car for the money.
  3. m325i

    Window rub cure?

    if it's not 'broken' this stuff is excellent for rubber reconditing and stopping squeaks etc https://www.amazon.com/nextzett-91480615-Gummi-Pflege-Rubber/dp/B004B8GTQG?th=1
  4. It's in 'mint' condition. I've DM'd you. Cheers Nick
  5. Very negotiable to BS members.... Please contact me to view. Cheers
  6. This vehicle is in immaculate condition. No dings, no scratches, interior is excellent. If you have driven the 6cy diesel engines you know how much punch they have and how good they are to drive. 2014 NZ new Motorsport 165km Full service history (BMWorkshop during my ownership) $16,250 ONO Please DM, text or call me to arrange viewing Cheers, Nick 02200890100
  7. m325i

    WTB - F80 M3

    In case anyone is thinking of selling or is aware of one potentially coming to market. TIA!
  8. What does the custom firmware enable ? Is there a link to this dude people are mentioning ? or is it DIY flash? Touch wood I’ve only ever had a low camera ticket, so not sure it’s worth the investment. Big open road drives I can see the value. But not sure from the comments above if they are worth it ?
  9. Can anyone provide a 2024 summary as to the state of radar detectors? I understand the instant on thing, that aside are they worth it? Is the Uniden the best? Or what is the best 'bang for buck' option?
  10. An f80 sold on Saturday for full ask, so there are buyers out there.
  11. All new suspension, bushings, engine mounts, g/box mounts, shift linkages, RTABS, diff seals, prescribed inspections, valve adjustment etc etc.
  12. Well I'm here to test the market for you as I'm in the same boat. Kiwi's love to buy cars based on ODO... Educated purchasers know to look deeper. How many are out there, not sure....
  13. Here you go. Significantly better and fresher than it was at 95km
  14. There is none. You'd have to repaint.
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