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  1. Some very interesting points raised here. Especially the RUC which I was not considering. If you're buying a new (commuter) car now, electric seems the logical way. Base Tesla Model 3 seems like a great deal, and obviously why they are so popular. It's a real shame BMW's electric offering sucks. (The Audi's are very expensive but look awesome. The KIA looks great, as does the Ionic 5).
  2. Nice! - I've got one. Drive it a fair bit more than you though!
  3. One of the few red cars I'd own/drive!
  4. They are hilarious in the wet eh. Basically just sideways everywhere, in slow motion. Every round-a-bout, every intersection.
  5. Sick. This is the one to have! As an ex 300km e30 daily driver, I'd suggest replace every rubber hose. Clear front and side markers? I've heard the Mtech steering wheels are very expensive. Why not a period Momo/Sparco ? Will you be daily-ing? Look forward to the updates
  6. Anyone here twinning with a low carbon black M3 in Ponsonby?
  7. I retract my e46 vote! (not sure of 325/330 wagon values?) 130i msport in white with a sunroof. I almost bought one when they were low $20s. Bought a 120i instead. Massive regret, as I ended up taking a bath on a 120i and then an S3. Could have kept the 130i over that whole time and not been an Exxon Valdez simulator.
  8. Hold out for a facelift coupe or mtech 1. You'll regret any other choice.
  9. I don't know what's happening ITT.
  10. Source? https://consumer.licensys.co.nz/plate-vehicle-details $23.15
  11. Great work! You should get a fresh plate - they are like $30 or something.
  12. By "gearbox" in my mind I am thinking the actual gears, which I understand to be the same.
  13. They're not Yeah I know! Or an M2. I think you would ultimately regret either option, but when you've had it for so many years, the idea is tempting. On the other hand, that is the proof - that many years later and I know the buzz it still gives me... that's what people have woken up to.
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