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  1. The original "DOHC Turbo" Here's my old one
  2. m325i

    BMW Concept 4

    Why do NZ Euro dealers refuse to spend a few hundred on a correct fitting number plate?
  3. m325i

    E46 M3

    We're worse than Tesla fanboys
  4. m325i

    E46 M3

    Man, this really puts a floor under the market now... Write off with issues and no major maintenance addressed for mid $20s. Be interesting to see the next wave of listings...
  5. m325i

    E46 M3

    Interesting it's the only coupe on the market. They are getting really rare now.
  6. Done properly you machine your existing one for the detents, I believe. There are after market shifter solutions now where you can avoid that if you want.
  7. My e36 had a Jatco box which had no value. E46 uses the same box as SMG.
  8. They have converted two of my cars to manual - 'drive in - drive out' no issues whatsoever, perfect.
  9. I had an S3 for a few years - constant ~$1000 services, but it was pretty solid.
  10. m325i

    E61 Wagon Project

    Cool colour, big sunroof fan, esp on these. Looks tidy. Headlight polish ?
  11. Good feedback, and if DICE dies, it could be an option for me. FYI the DICE unit does almost all of that except the car system stuff. Phone uses a dedicated mic, steering wheel buttons all work, incl answering calls., even Siri, but that does have a lag. Displays track names, stops playback automatically etc. Just seemed weird that for such an old unit that did 'everything' - 10 years later this costs more, with pretty much the same features. Albeit not cloning the CD stacker. It's like no one knew about the Mediabridge.
  12. This is cool - but I have been using a Dice Media Bridge for years now, and it seems to do everything this does and more. Full OEM integration, steering wheel buttons, BT calling, USB input etc. Unless I am missing something (like is this a higher quality BT? Moot with the OEM sound system anyway), I'm not sure why this is worth any premium? EDIT: Is the Mediabridge NLA? Might be. But it was half the price of this.
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