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  1. dreamkast

    New wing mirror and Xeon bulb

    Hey guys, Have taken my e90 into get a few problems fixed and needing some input or part sourcing if possible. 1. Xeon light bulb has blown and in turn blown the computer that drives it - My mechanic would have to order parts from Germany. 2. Left wing mirror's motor is broken and requires a new mirror - Looking to find a replacement.
  2. dreamkast

    Side mirror not folding back correctly

    Anyone? Like everytime I turn my car on, my side mirror over extends then starts loudly clicking.
  3. dreamkast

    Side mirror not folding back correctly

    E90 2006 323
  4. When I ever I turn on my car my left side mirror over rotates all the way till its facing the wrong way(makes a loud clicking sound as it rotates past its normal point).
  5. dreamkast

    e90 Front lip

    After a carbon fibre/black front lip like this or similar. https://d298698jupi3ov.cloudfront.net/chargespeed/DC1A2F39-6BC6-408D-BCCC-5BA2A0D80762.jpg
  6. dreamkast


    Hey guys, OCD done an amazing job. Pics below. https://www.flickr.com/photos/124552226@N08/sets/72157659379654453 As you can see the bottom of the front lip has some cosmetic damage, was wondering if anyone knew where I could grab a carbon fibre/black front lip to try cover it up
  7. dreamkast


    Yer I'm not confident in cutting. Car is booked in tomorrow with OCD. Will upload pics after Cheers guys.
  8. dreamkast

    Car Folie | Window Tinting

    Hey guys, Sent an email, just waiting for a response nzjordanlee@gmail.com
  9. dreamkast


    Hey guys, Just wondering what a decent price to get all of the above done. Got quoted $160 from a mate, just wanted to shop around a bit for good places in Auckland.
  10. dreamkast

    BMW (Msport) Floor mats

    Do you have picture by any chance Brent?
  11. dreamkast

    New Rims + Tyres for Black E90

    Not quite what I'm after.
  12. dreamkast

    BMW (Msport) Floor mats

    Hey guys, With the wet weather it's real easy to get my e90's floor pretty messy, just wondering if someone could suggest some good mats and where to get from?
  13. dreamkast

    New Rims + Tyres for Black E90

    Is there any where that has these in NZ in both gun metal and black? Undecided on colour and not even sure how accessible they are in this country.
  14. dreamkast

    E36 Msport 328i , leather interior, sunroof etc

    Auckland based, North shore. Sorry man, happy to answer any questions via message or in here.