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  1. Nice of them to leave the pack of smokes in the car so you know without looking at it in person how it's going to smell. Edit: just noticed the tow hook still attached in the second photo - guess that's why carjam shows it hasn't done any km's in the last 3 years 😛
  2. Competing tonight for the most trivial of complaints… bought a pack of digestive biscuits. Seeming unassailed pack, but the individual biscuits, which appear whole when you look at them, disintegrate as soon as you touch them. The entire pack is like this. end result still the same, just messier getting there.
  3. My M3 had a tower fitted by the original owner 😭 fortunately long gone by the time I bought it, although I had to remove all of the trailer light wiring from the boot.
  4. Yeah I mean if you didn't know how to drive stick, then wouldn't ya practice in a Yaris first lol. Although from the damage and the report of what happened I suspect that maybe we're not hearing the whole truth...
  5. So last night I got round to doing something I’ve been meaning to for a long time - flashed the GDSMG2 module with the ‘255’ CSL binary using WinKFP. I also flashed the DME with the CSL SMG shifting and rev matching parameters and the clutch inertia parameters using BMW Flash and the ECUWorx MSS5X Binary Modification Tool. To provide stable supply to the battery I hooked the car up to our Subaru with jumper leads during the flashing process to minimise the bricking risk. I then flashed the GDSMG2 module first with WinKFP: Followed by taking a partial copy of the DME user data area, modifying it with the ECUWorx tool, and then flashing the modified binary back to the DME: The MSS5X Binary Modification Tool is great. So easy to use and such a time saver. I am completely confident in my ability to modify the binary by hand, but I spend a fair chunk of my time in the depths of software, so when it comes to extra-curricular car activities I was more than happy to spend $40 to save the time and mental effort that would be required. The flashing process went flawlessly for me, and I was all done in about 45 mins. For anyone doing it my advice is as follows: 1: Ensure that your programming platform is stable and working. I gave my hardware, OS cable, etc a good work out with INPA and ISTA first to get as much confidence as I could that the connection to the car seemed reliable. 2: Make sure you have a stable power supply. Either jumper to another (running) car, Or fork out for a supply mode charger. 3: Read up carefully on the process, make sure you know the steps and that you have everything in place, you don’t want to be messing around figuring stuff out when you’re in the middle of doing it. 4: Make sure you understand that flashing modules over OBDII is inherently risky, and that you can’t eliminate all risk. Make sure you can live with it going bad, and that you have a plan for how to resolve if you end up with a bricked module. So onto the CSL binary and DME updates themselves… Everyone says how much better the CSL binary is. I’ve heard lots about how it’s faster. To be honest I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. The standard SMG software has always seemed pretty decent to me, and it’s plenty fast to begin with, so I wasn’t sure I wanted more speed and harshness. Oh how wrong I was. The CSL flash is a bit faster, but the real benefits are how much smoother it is shifting under acceleration, and how wonderful the rev matching is on downshifting. It’s a revelation. It significantly improves the SMG function, without taking away any of the character that makes the SMG special to begin with. Suffice to say this change will be sticking round on my car!
  6. Made a bit of progress this weekend. A couple of weeks ago I took the car for its WOF, which it failed for the first time in my ownership, due to the weeping high pressure power steering line. This was annoying but not unsurprising given it’s been weeping since 2017 and I’ve been intentionally avoiding it for as long as possible (given the new ones start to weep again fairly quickly anyway). Anyhow, needs must, so I placed an order with Schmiedmann for the power steering line and associated bits and new wiper blades (which also needed doing) as well as a bunch of other stuff that fit in the box without increasing shipping cost. That arrived this Friday just been: So on Saturday I took the car round to Dad’s to swap it over (Dad’s driveway is a more advantageous angle than mine, so with that as the excuse I snaffled a few hours of his time as well). I was thankful for a second pair of hands as although swapping the line is very straightforward, it was super annoying getting tools in to undo the vibration dampening brackets and put the new ones on. The offending item: It was good to actually do something on the car. Last time I really did any work on it was in 2019 before my son’s operation. It was pretty cool this time to have him helping me as well 😍 With the power steering fluid topped up and new wiper blades fitted the car is ready to pass it’s WOF recheck this coming week. The other items will remain on the shelf for now (except perhaps for the rear boot lid struts because the honking noise annoys me). The other thing I’ve been doing this week is setting up an old MacBook as my workshop PC (this involved barbaric things such as using a flash drive to install Windows 10 on it, manually installing drivers, and other such horrors that I thought belonged in the 2000’s). Anyway it’s all setup nicely now. Currently using it with my K+D CAN cable but will probably purchase an ICOM interface at some point so that I can hopefully retire my DIS VM for good! Will be making another order from Schmiedmann this week - I have a fairly lengthy list of parts to get through, so biting the list off in chunks for now. Till next time!
  7. This is exactly why I switched over Classic Cover with an agreed value a while back. Value going up up up and major insurance company treating it like any other car wanting to reduce the insured value each year.
  8. Welcome to bimmersport! The car looks good! BMW's are a great platform to learn, lots of great information and resources out there to learn as you go.
  9. Yes I have thank you! Running across those photos were what started me looking down the Nogaro route. I hadn't previously considered them really, but upholstered like that they look pretty close. Hopefully I can figure something out that keeps everyone happy. Am in the middle of sorting out fabrics, etc. and finding out what can be done, so hopefully something in this space in the not too distant future! Thanks again for letting me hijack your thread 🙂
  10. Thank you very much for your reply and for taking photos for me! Gee it’s very close to 300mm! Yeah I’m thinking of maybe going the Nogaro route to retain the OE seatbelt routing (likely with custom upholstery to make them look more like the CSL seats). I would love to go with the Recaros being the manufacturer of the CSL seats, but I’m planning to keep my car otherwise stock, so I’m looking to avoid the need to cert. Assuming I do manage to get 300mm, I’d then just need to look to solve a lever to slide the seat forward that is accessible from the rear. My car is a weekend car and I never have anyone in the back seat, but obviously need to keep things legal and keep the WOF man happy. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and share your knowledge - much appreciated!
  11. The seats look awesome! How much more travel do you get with the sedan sliders. Is it enough to give you 300mm of access to the rear seat? Am trying to plan options to keep the WOF people happy 🙃
  12. EBay? https://www.ebay.com/p/1326270728
  13. Some “pieces of plastic” in my wife’s words arrived today. She’s right, they are pieces of plastic, but they’re special in that, unlike my current ones, these ones don’t have any scratches on them. Was struggling to find them in stock anywhere so jumped on a pair I found being sold out of Lithuania. they arrived and they have a manufacture date of end of Jan this year, so they can’t be THAT out of stock haha.
  14. Not sure how that would have changed the outcomes of the examples you have posted?
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