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  1. Are you in a hurry to offload this? I could pick it up but not for at least a week.
  2. The people you buy these off (Baby Factory or the like) will try and insist you get an engineer or qualified mechanic to fit them. You may also notice with some amusement that the legal in NZ ones come with an imperial bolt. I seem to remember I threw it out and replaced with an 8.8 metric bolt. My E39s all had a steel plate under the parcel shelf with a nut welded in place ready to recieve the top tether mount, I can't tell you what to expect with an E46 though.
  3. B30 swap and supercharger. Much easier, good power, maybe half? the cost and better to drive.
  4. One of my old ones. Drivers seat had a hole in it, looks like a partial silver trim upgrade since I had it. I'd check if the airbag has been sorted. I'm sure I did battery, waterpump, thermostat etc but any careful owner treats their replacement as a given. Certainly there has been a few thousand lost by each of it's owners since I sold it 😆
  5. "328 CI" parked in Hastings. Nice wheels!
  6. Not trolling, but... Did you get around to reading the codes?
  7. I forget if you have done pads already, but I really liked the ceramic ones in Alans old car. They worked ok, and didn't make a mess.
  8. I have posted on multiple BMW specific Facebook groups and recieved lots of likes from people who don't know me.
  9. We had a German farm girl helping out on farm last year, she was pleased to spend a lot of time dealing with the trailer as towing a trailer requires a seperate licence back in Germany. It would appear there is a lot of room for improving the standards of driver education in NZ. Sorry for the kids who are finding it hard already, but you are dealing with something that can kill when you inevitably f**k it up. More lowest common denominator policy from police, disappointed but not really surprised.
  10. Dont be. It has moss growing from the tires and onto the ground. All of the interior trim has fallen off and is sitting in a heap inside the car. You will find better examples (although higher km) at Pickapart.
  11. Let me know if you need new parts for the headlight self levelling, I recall I have a few bits for that somewhere.
  12. What do you mean by static, if you chuck 500kg in the boot doesn't it do the self levelling trick? Can check by turning the ignition on and jumping in the boot, one person is enough weight to activate the system.
  13. I think, but I'm not sure (stance not being something I ever cared for) the rear ride height can be modified via coding- basically you program it to have a new "normal" height to operate at.
  14. This is Graham we are talking about. When I helped him shift house I'm sure he had full service kits for the last 98 cars he has owned ?
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