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  1. Alcantara upholstery

    I'd be super interested to see how the gear knob turns out, want to do mine as well as its flaking and shitty.
  2. 95 E38 740i

    Besides, we're here to talk about Dave's car(s), not mine. Feck I love that colour!
  3. 95 E38 740i

    Yeah it's not to everyone's tastes that's for sure, but I like it and that's what matters. As long as I'm looking back at it every time I walk away from it I know I'm doing ok.
  4. 95 E38 740i

    This sort of height. I have a hot hatch as a daily/fun car so I'm not too worried about performance.
  5. 95 E38 740i

    Have thought about it for sure, I don't think they'll quite give the drop I'm after though. I know getting real low isn't a popular thing on this forum but it's what I'm after for the 7, it's just going to be a road tripper/cruiser so I'm not too worried about firmness, I've heard good things about the BC coilovers though, not too harsh apparently. I'll pop up a photo of the height I'm looking for to give you an idea
  6. 95 E38 740i

    Thanks man! Still trying to figure out which coilovers to go for, almost settled on BC but time will tell. I wish FK still made them for e38s!
  7. 95 E38 740i

    Here's a couple from the other day. It needs de-badging, tinting and lowering but I love it. I've wanted a 7 for years so it's my baby.
  8. 95 E38 740i

    Hot damn, I like it. I'd put some photos up of mine but I'm so ashamed of the current ride height I've just been leaving it in the garage under its car cover until I choose coil overs. Plus I can't be bothered washing it every time I go out in the Wellington weather.
  9. Alcantara upholstery

    Have any of you re-done your interior with Alcantara? I know the headlining and pillars are a common one but I'm talking the slightly more unusual areas to re-trim, I saw a e38 with the boot lining done and it looked amazing. Do any of you have a source for rolls of the stuff?
  10. PARTING OUT 96 E38 735i

    Shieeet, 1 might be better than none though... Both of mine are gone. How much just the glass? Move to Wellington and we can start an e38 club.
  11. PARTING OUT 96 E38 735i

    What sort of wing mirror glass does it have mate?
  12. WTB e38 coilovers

    I'll pass for now, thanks though Brent. Although I can't stand to look at the gap between the tire and fender I'll just leave it under a car cover until I shell out for coilovers.
  13. WTB e38 coilovers

    Any of you had experience with LOWTEC coilovers?
  14. WTB e38 coilovers

    Mine probably have a years life left in them so are due for a re-fresh anyway, would rather go adjustables and have the freedom to raise/lower it than spend a small fortune on new shocks.
  15. WTB e38 coilovers

    As the title suggests I'm on the hunt for e38 coilovers for a 2001 728i w/ EDC Was set on FK coilovers but they no longer make them so looking where to go now, any suggestions are welcome?