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  1. tarrbaby

    Wheres Jack?

    as per my original post, proof I text you on YOUR number on the date I said. Im not trying to "state people's debts or owings" just wanting to warn other users so they dont get caught up in the same situation.
  2. tarrbaby

    Wheres Jack?

    For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Andrew. I have been involved in the NZ car scene for at least the last ten years. I am one of the admin for SNZ and an active member of different car forums. Over the years I have organised and run multiple trackdays and other events. During this time I have built my own race car and had dealings with many companies as well as 100’s of forum members from different forums. I have never had an issue that couldn’t be resolved until recently and think its only fair to give a heads up so that others don’t have the same problem. During my saga with Jack Kofoed I have run into no less than 5 other people who all have similar stories and some are still having issues. It all started back in March with this thread http://www.bimmersport.co.nz/forums/index....showtopic=43912 Jack was advertising hankook slicks for sale. After some negotiating I offered to pay $400 and Id organise shipping or $440 inc shipping. Jack agreed to the later and I deposited the money on March 21st with Jack saying he would get them sent asap. On March 25 2013 Jack confirmed that he received the money via PM and said they were being sent asap. On April 10th I still hadn’t seen any sign of the tyres. Jack PM’d me saying “Guys came and picked up the tires late last week so should be with you any time now. “ Come the 18th April there was still no sign of tyres and Jack had stopped replying to my PM’s. April 24th rolled around and still nothing and no contact. Being that I had no other way of contacting Jack, on May 1st I decided to send him a message through his facebook page as he was regularly active on there. He immediately responded apologising saying he didn’t have a computer for the last week and that the tyre shop messed up and sent the tyres back to him and not to me. He has since sent 6 tyres now (originally bought four) and they are on their way. May 13th – still nothing. I asked for a tracking number and courier company as well as what date they were sent. No reply. May 20th – Jack responds saying he has now sent 8??? And they will arrive 100% this week. May 28th – still nothing. I asked for tracking number or receipt details again. Again – nothing. May 29th “Hey bro, Was taking too long so I got them sent to Carters at the mount. So they will be there ready for pick up sometime this week. Cheers†June 2nd “Hey bro, They should be at Carters at the Mt by Tuesday. Will confirm asap†June 12th I phoned Carters Mount and they knew nothing about them. When I mentioned Jacks name they had no idea who he was either. I advised Jack of this and he responded saying “It's on a stock truck from Carters pukekohe. Will call my guy there tomorrow†June 14th – I keep asking and nothing gets replied to. June 25th – Jack blames Carters Pukekohe saying they know all about them and 8x should have been sent. June 28th – I phone Carters again and same story, don’t have a clue about what im talking about. I tell Jack this and he acts surprised and says he might just have to drive them to me. July 1st – no update and wont reply to my messages July 5th – same as above July 8th – obtain a cell number. Text and phone but no reply to either July 9th – get a new cell number from his race page and email signature, still no reply to either texts or calls. July 11th – I ask for an address so I can pick them up – still no reply. I got hold of an email address and sent him an email from my work address (@police.govt.nz) and suddenly I get an immediate reply. Jack makes excuses that he didn’t get any alert on FB about the messages (even though he has posted on that page) Again Jack goes into detail about how Carters Pukekohe sponsor him and everytime he asks they have promised they are being sent on a stock truck to Tauranga for me to pick up. Says he will go down to the store tomorrow and see whats happening. July 17th – I haven’t heard anything so I send another email. July 19th – still no reply so I sent another email. July 22nd – I decided to phone Carters Pukekohe and see what the story was. I spoke with the guy in charge of the race stuff and who has been dealing with Jack. He advises that although he has some of Jacks tyres there, Jack has never asked him to send them anywhere. In fact they haven’t had contact with Jack for some time since he owes Carters some money. I fill him in on my story and he isn’t surprised in the slightest, saying hes heard it all before. When I asked about them sponsoring Jack, they said they used to but that deal went sour and Jack owes them $$$$. After a couple of phone calls, Carters and I have managed to sort something out but I am still yet to hear from Jack. Throughout the whole episode Jack continuously blamed everyone else even though he hadn’t made any steps to actually complete the transaction that we started back in March. I think everyone will agree that Jack having my money since March 25th and then making no attempts to actually get the tyres sent to me is just not on. We don’t need people like this in our community and like I said right at the start, throughout this I have come across at least 5 others who have all had similar experiences with Jack. Not wanting to get anything out of this but just wanting to warn others of my experience with Jack Kofoed.
  3. tarrbaby

    E30 320i Manual 2door FOR SALE

    just prior to you purchasing it, I replaced both front wheel bearings for the previous owner too. Have a feeling the rears were done too but cant confirm. GLWS
  4. tarrbaby

    Mtech2 325i E30 Cabrio

    Do you know what it would require for a wof if anything?
  5. Alright, I will see everyone there. I wont have internet between now and tomorrow morning (old phone, none of this new Smart phone jazz) so if you need me for anything give me a text. Andrew - 021 1469 379
  6. most have houses for the weekend or just day trips. I know a few are staying at waireki but not sure about everyone else. Might have to organise a dinner or something for the sunday night while we're at the track.
  7. A rough guideline of how the day will run (subject to change). If you have friends that are coming and driving but arent on the forums please forward this onto them. Sunday 7th October 2012 08.00 - Gates open. arrive at track and report to pit garages 31 & 32 for scrutineering (furthest two garages away from track entry) 09.30 - Driver Briefing end of pit lane(and new driver/marshall briefing) 09.45 - Orientation/familiarisation laps and then return to pits 10.00 - Beginners and Advanced go out separately to let beginners get a feel for it. - Line up in pit lane with semi open pit format 12.30 - Lunch break 13.00 - Drop Marshalls back on track 13.10 - Recommence racing - open pit format. 14.30 - Handicapped/grudge matches (if wanted) 15.45 - All cars off track 16.00 - Everybody out as time for track to close. Can everyone please arrive at the track between 8.00-9.00am so we can get cars scrutineered asap. Anyone that arrives after driver briefing will have to wait until lunch time to be scrutineered and wont be allowed on the track until after lunch. pit garages will be available for $50 per side (can fit two cars per side) CASH ONLY and pay me when getting scrutineered. No garages to be opened until paid for. NO cars will be allowed into pitlane until AFTER they have been scrutineered and passed. No cars in pitlane unless they are driving on the track. This means NO support vehicles or friends vehicles.
  8. nah there isnt this year. noone got into gear and organised anything. i think people are becoming lazy as the years go by haha
  9. currently it is full as Andy said, but theres always a chance people will pull out. Is your 996 a convertible or tintop Sam?
  10. At the moment yes, tomorrow maybe not. So if you are 100% then get in quick. Instructions as per first post. give me a pm either here or on GTR-elite the week before and I will let you know
  11. BRS - no worries, taken you off the list. maybe next year. Andy - yeah sounds good. Just get him to put a payment through and if you could PM me with his name and rego once he's paid. thanks
  12. yes you can. $130 after 31st July. Theres only 5 spots left so i doubt there will be any free on the day though. PM me closer to the time if you want.
  13. Dan and Richard are coming. Even if not many others come will still be a great day on the track As promised in one of my first posts, I reserved spots for Bimmersport, being that it is the end of June now they are no longer reserved and first in first served. So if anyone is thinking about coming I suggest you get payment through quickly to secure a spot.
  14. Just a reminder that this is the last week to get your payments through to secure your spots that I have put aside for Bimmersporters. The unpaid reserved spots will be made available to others that are waiting as of 1st August. So for all those wanting to make this a trackday as part of a Bimmersport AGM then better get some payments through. Thanks, Andrew