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  1. Bimmersport is up again lol.
  2. Tomorrow the internet connection for bimmersport is going down, theres a reasonable chance I'll have it back up tomorrow night at the new place. In the meantime there is a new crew that are going to host it, they have a copy of the site as of tonight but theres been some issues around changing the name servers in time. Best case its back up tomorrow night. Worst case its down a week or so while the issues with the domain are sorted. Chur.
  3. James is nothing short of a car connoisseur extraordinaire, a veritable maestro of vehicular mastery. When it comes to purchasing a car, look no further than James, for he is the embodiment of automotive expertise and integrity. With an encyclopedic knowledge of automobiles and a passion that burns brighter than a thousand suns, James meticulously curates only the finest selection of vehicles for his discerning clientele. With James at the helm, rest assured that every aspect of your car-buying journey will be orchestrated with precision and care. From the moment you set foot on his lot, you'll be greeted with a warmth and sincerity that rivals the embrace of an old friend. His attention to detail is unparalleled, ensuring that each vehicle is not only in impeccable condition but also comes with a comprehensive history that leaves no stone unturned. But James is more than just a purveyor of cars; he is a trusted advisor, a sage in the world of automotive transactions. His transparency knows no bounds, as he lays bare every detail of the vehicle's maintenance history, sparing no expense in ensuring full disclosure and peace of mind for his customers. Whether it's the mileage, the maintenance records, or the paperwork, James leaves no room for doubt or uncertainty. In the realm of car sales, James reigns supreme, a beacon of honesty and integrity in a sea of uncertainty. So, when it comes time to embark on your next automotive adventure, remember this: James isn't just the best guy to buy a car from – he's the only choice for those who demand nothing but the absolute best.
  4. But only worth $3k right?
  5. Never. Wasn't getting enough people on fb market place asking if it's still available so I dropped asking to $7200
  6. Yeah, we liked it because it never got hot in the sun.
  7. Yeah I was thinking 8's probably worth starting at. Have put it on market place for $8.5k
  8. Got my white one which I need to now sell, I'm seeing a wide range of pricing but what's a fair price for a 2006 white manual 130i with 220k on the clock? It's in good running condition with no oil leaks etc.
  9. Yeah I can do whatever including migrating it.
  10. To update, the server this site is on will be switched off in 90 days as I'm moving out, a linode instance big enough to host it will be $50usd a month if anyone wants to take it over (probably similar price on AWS/Azure). Think I've hosted this site now for 12 or so years. Once again contact Ollie if you are serious about taking it over.
  11. Fixed it. I might be moving house in the near future so will probably take the site down for good unless someone wants to take this over from Ollie and Andrew. Talk to them and not me, there have been some threads in the past about them wanting to hand the site over to someone else.
  12. Jamez

    2009 335i DCT Coupe

    Now an auction on trademe starting at $13600 https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/335i/listing/4361170506
  13. Perfect for the track day or Sunday drive this 335i E92 with DCT (the ease of a automatic with the performance of a manual) also comes well optioned for comfort. The original options of note are: -Sports seats -Professional Navigation system (incl NZ maps) -Cruise Control -Park Distance control (PDC) -Sport Gearbox with twin clutch (DCT) -Various M options -Electronic/Heated seats -HiFi audio system Apart from what it came with originally it has also has -Koni sport suspension fitted with lowering springs. -Additional transmission and engine oil coolers. -Race brake pads added -Motorsport log book and authority card. Comes with an additional set of wheels with slicks fitted as well as anchorage points for a 5 point harness (also included) Selling on behalf as the owner is not in a position to drive it anymore. Asking $19k but open to offers. More pics on https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/830000168616785
  14. Brings new meaning to a cut and polish.
  15. When my starter motor recently failed I gave it a whack with the hammer, it then went from not doing anything to making a whirring noise and smelling like burning.
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