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  1. Yeah I can do whatever including migrating it.
  2. To update, the server this site is on will be switched off in 90 days as I'm moving out, a linode instance big enough to host it will be $50usd a month if anyone wants to take it over (probably similar price on AWS/Azure). Think I've hosted this site now for 12 or so years. Once again contact Ollie if you are serious about taking it over.
  3. Fixed it. I might be moving house in the near future so will probably take the site down for good unless someone wants to take this over from Ollie and Andrew. Talk to them and not me, there have been some threads in the past about them wanting to hand the site over to someone else.
  4. Jamez

    2009 335i DCT Coupe

    Now an auction on trademe starting at $13600 https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/335i/listing/4361170506
  5. Perfect for the track day or Sunday drive this 335i E92 with DCT (the ease of a automatic with the performance of a manual) also comes well optioned for comfort. The original options of note are: -Sports seats -Professional Navigation system (incl NZ maps) -Cruise Control -Park Distance control (PDC) -Sport Gearbox with twin clutch (DCT) -Various M options -Electronic/Heated seats -HiFi audio system Apart from what it came with originally it has also has -Koni sport suspension fitted with lowering springs. -Additional transmission and engine oil coolers. -Race brake pads added -Motorsport log book and authority card. Comes with an additional set of wheels with slicks fitted as well as anchorage points for a 5 point harness (also included) Selling on behalf as the owner is not in a position to drive it anymore. Asking $19k but open to offers. More pics on https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/830000168616785
  6. Brings new meaning to a cut and polish.
  7. When my starter motor recently failed I gave it a whack with the hammer, it then went from not doing anything to making a whirring noise and smelling like burning.
  8. Starter motor died. Is there any reason to avoid a ATL one from Schmiedmann for $200 vs buying a bosch one locally for $400 vs buying a genuine one for a million bux?
  9. Jamez

    MULF2 module

    Selling a MULF2 module $1res on trademe which ends tonight. Can be used to retrofit Bluetooth on a wide range of bimmers. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/electrics/listing/3817669789
  10. For those who have done a 100,000km in your 130i what have you had to do? From 110-210km mines been: 3 sets of tyres (first 2 were Pilot Sports, since moved to Primacy and getting much better life for slightly less performance) Set of brake rotors Set of pads 2 coils Accessory Belt tensioner and belt Many oil changes Rear sub frame bushes Gearnob (was getting pretty worn from ~160km) I need to do the rocker cover gasket and front brake lines in the near future. I may jinx it, but it's been pretty cheap to run thus far.
  11. damn, I'm keen on the wheels, I'll send ya a dm
  12. Bit late to the party but after trying Boto's (replaced as it was a crash waiting to happen), various Hankooks, Michelin PS4 and Primacy 4, I highly rate the Michelin Primacy on a 130i if you can get them at a reasonable price. A really good all round tyre that doesn't wear so quickly like the PS4.
  13. Aprils does that on longer spirited drives but then comes right with normal driving. In my case I figured it was just pad buildup.
  14. Aprils gets slightly less than that average of ~10.7 but I have got it down to 7.2L (after doing a reset) a couple of times going from the shore to Hampton Downs. In saying that I end up a nervous wreck by the end. Edit, thinking about this more I am pretty sure I have seen ~6.8 when going full preserve mode, but either way my point is that for a 3L engine it can get quite low when it isn't having to stop and start.
  15. I am changing the captcha to be a puzzle. It was enabled before but was meant to me smart
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