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  1. also seems more snappy for me, not sure about everyone else.
  2. Had 30min free so migrated the site to a new host, let me know of any issues. Hopefully this thread creates
  3. This should now be solved. In the near future I am planning to move the website data to a new host, in theory it will be faster as a result of the change.
  4. Should be sorted now
  5. okey dokey, all fixed now and fully functional. Let me know if it broke anything.
  6. https://bimmersport.co.nz now works, I will be tinkering for the next bit to try disable non SSL (currently breaks logging in if I disable it).
  7. That doesn't take into account what you would do for backups. For instance I take a full copy every night for backups and push it to my home connection which meant I did ~7TB total traffic last month lol, GBIT FTW!
  8. ~25GB a day of traffic and 65GB of disk (it was 300GB before I compressed all the old pictures), so something that allows 1TB of traffic per month and 100GB of disk would be about right, that would cost ~$20usd a month with Amazon lightsail ($350nzd per year). Whilst the site is not as active as it once was, there is still quite a bit of traffic to it due to the historical content here and bimmersport ranking pretty highly in google searches.
  9. This thread hasn't done anything to change any timelines. I had planned to do the node swap last week but put my spare time towards sorting out a 2KCUP event that was organised at late notice. I only host the site (among others) because it's a chance for me to try things out on something production like, for instance things I might use in a professional role and for this reason I don't charge bimmersport for the hosting. You can probably now see how the above would work against sharing out the workload and dumping it in a simple cloud instance. The forum is updated but the theme is old, so with each bug fix the theme will become less and less feature rich as they deprecate functions etc etc.
  10. I've since removed the failing node from the cluster and ordered a replacement, this node accounted for nearly all the failures in the last year.
  11. I need to spend a night finishing off the HA failover setup but I just haven't found the time as of yet. In saying that it is currently hosted in multiple sites so if it goes down you can change your hosts file to (from I tried enabling HTTPS from within the site a while ago but it breaks pretty much everything, again I need to spend a night going through everything to figure out why it it is broken at each point. I was hoping that I could just tuck it behind a proxy and leave the proxy to sort it out but from memory the issue was around 3rd party elements. The easiest fix is probably just going to be a new site theme (again more time). I'll see if I can find some time to sort it out this month, but at the same time I am sure if someone wanted to acquire bimmersport and host it themselves then Ollie and Andrew would be more than happy to talk.
  12. Jamez

    M Family Colours

    All you need now is a 90's looking dealership and you'd think it was a M showroom.
  13. Just testing post upgrade and clearing out some crap that had run the server out of space
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