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  1. Anyone?
  2. Message me your asking price @RipJaws
  3. Looking for a complete one dont mind blown engine but its for track use hence why wanting dereg
  4. Im looking for a deregistered e30 either 1.8 or 2.5 manual is a must and either a sedan fl or coupe pfl If anyone can help it would be great im looking at building a track slayer. Prefer in the north island but not too fussy
  5. Bottle cap wheels great condition tyres are great too $200 have a total of 5
  6. Hey andy can i grab you number and a time to give you a call just message me if you want
  7. Asking on behalf for a face lift e30 rear bumper 3 clip part as my mates have been smashed. Seen some on trademe for $30 but the must have sold.
  8. A mate of mine has some in wellington for 200 all excellent tyres
  9. Oh ok not to be rude but are you going to buy it? If not could i get his contact number off you
  10. Im running a small case in my 2.5 e30 have had no problems yet and has been in for around a year and a half i drive mine everyday, how much did you get offered one for?
  11. Cheers dude ill have a look
  12. Im looking for e36 adjustable suspension and am wondering if anyone in nz are selling some north island would be great but not really bothered