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  1. enzed4

    Piced up my next BMW...

    Ha - I wish it was as easy as reading a code and replacing the faulty part . That's not what I was suggesting, but was just trying to determine if the OP had actually had the codes read at all, as it would be strange if they hadn't been read. Even vague codes may be better than no codes.... It seems like the repair place is on the way to getting it fixed (faulty Cat?) so hopefully it'll be back on the road without any more problems soon
  2. Late to the party on this - how did you get on? I fitted the Dension 300 to my E85 and it works a treat - integrates witht the Satnav to show track listings, search etc, but it's a bit of a steep learning curve. the 300 doesn't have bluetooth as there seems to be some confusion on the website as to whether or not it integrates with the Z4 or not. Personally I can't see why it wouldn't work, especially if you don't have the DSP stereo (which from your description, you don't). Stupid question maybe, but have you checked the bottom panel at the centre of the dash for an Aux input. Seems most E85 facelifts and E86's have this fitted as standard, and if not, it's an easy retrofit, but not as useful as the Dension or Grom kits (especially if you have a MFSW, the Aux input won't let you control anything from the steering wheel)
  3. enzed4

    What's worse than de-badged BMW

    I can see why you'd want to debadge this 'War & Peace' sized label. We don't need your life story....
  4. enzed4

    Piced up my next BMW...

    Are you saying the dealer has not had the codes read, and is just guessing at what's wrong?? Seems bizarre if that's the case. And very frustrating for you having to go back again and again...
  5. Not sure if this list is still being maintained? If it is, please add/amend: E85 - production ended 2008 E86 - Z4 Coupe - 2006-2008 E89 - Z4 (2nd Generation) 2009-2016 cheers.
  6. enzed4

    Hi from ChCh - E85

    Cheers Guys. Not sure about the 6 series, but the roof motor in the Zed sits in a cavity behind the passenger seat, and as you said, the drain hole gets blocked with bits of leaves, dirt etc, fills up the cavity and drowns the motor. BMW improved the motor housing on the later models to make them better sealed, but the drain hole/poor design never changed. It's just one of those things you learn, to check the drain hole every now and then to make sure it's draining properly. The roof motor can be relocated to the boot (where it should have been in the first place, BMW ) which eliminates the problem for good.
  7. Been lurking for a while, but since I've just posted my first comment I thought I'd better do the 'intro' thing as well. I've had this UK import Z4 since 2013 and have had a lot of fun with it, along with a few jobs that needed doing (soft top motor sitting in a pool of water - most common fault on these cars). I've done all of the jobs myself so far including the oil changes, new discs/pads, replacement roof motor (can almost take roof off blindfolded now...), brake fluid, ABS pump replacement and so on. Also using NCS and Carly to do coding. It's been a great learning experience, and fun to drive (that's the point after all, isn't it?) And since I've been around long enough to know these threads are useless without pics...
  8. How did you get on with this? I've had recommendations for Italian Job Auto Services - despite the name apparently they do good work for BMW's. I can't personally recommend them as I haven't used them (yet), but their name has popped up serveral times when I've been looking for work to be done on my BMW. Best of luck with the clutch replacement