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  1. Listed longer than the infamous P. North E39 540i β€˜Schnitzer’ with low kms? The one that is slowly decaying on the dealers yard? It must be close 😁😁
  2. That colour combo is awesome! GLWS
  3. Found this to be informative and interesting...
  4. The one that was listed on Trade Me over Xmas in the Hawkes Bay? If so was tempted myself as it seemed to be well looked after. And a good price too iirc. Congrats on the purchase!
  5. Great stuff. Reminds me, i need to get my seats done 😁
  6. It sure is @balancerider! It has a third more filling capacity than my HSV wagon, which has 1.7l more cc’s. Thats why this one hovers around the halfway full mark 😎. but the bigger tank is in line with its GT nature 😁
  7. Drove it. One year and 2,500 kms of use, thought this was pretty cool...
  8. Re-complied. WoF'd. New plates. Rego'd. Road legal. Yesss, today was a good day! 😊
  9. Best thing about the video is the E30 M3 😊
  10. treone

    1991 E31 850i

    By chance, do you have any left over 8er parts ? 😎
  11. treone

    1991 E31 850i

    Stunning! Congrats on the sale as well!
  12. This guy is highly skilled (for a β€˜part timer’), informative and entertaining. I’m a fan and can’t wait till he starts the manual E60 M5 project!
  13. treone

    640i upgrade

    ^^ This ?
  14. I need a couple if rear handbrake shoe springs for e31. See pic real oem - p/n 34419064029 - says also used in e32/34/36/39. Does anyone have some? Anyone local in welly area? Cheers!
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