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  1. Yup still available. As stated the ramps are free so if you don’t want/need them the price is still $170, which is more than reasonable I reckon 😁. Feel free to pm if still keen.
  2. You have been warned if you proceed 😁
  3. @E30 325i Rag-Top - pm’d
  4. keen on the m5 ring of still available
  5. Thanks @Olaf! Completely forgot I had this lol. Will $170 help anyone? With or without the ramps 😁
  6. I was once told that buying any second hand car is a lottery regardless of age, kms or if nz new or imported. If you can, view for condition, check any maintenance history and perform due diligence to make an informed decision - trying to somewhat mitigate the risk.
  7. Mate walk, no run away as fast as possible. There will always be another one.
  8. What about an e39? or e31? 😎
  9. Its a genuine question and sometimes it good to be reminded of these things. I’d say, the ‘fact’ that they are wrong is more confusing than concerning. My guess is majority of drivers don’t actually realise their speedo is out and/or don’t give a hoot either - just observe the various driving styles/behaviours (slow, fast and dickhead) out in the wild 😁. At this stage of life, quite enjoy driving at the speed limit knowing that ‘I can’ if I ever wanted to 😎. Years gone past it was completely the opposite. Now that I know (again), all that’s needed is to make the appropriate adjustment 😎 … Time to engage ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ mode haha 🤣
  10. Thanks for insights! Forgot about the built in 5km tolerance lol. At least BMW are consistent in my = two 90's era and one '06 reading exactly the same. Looks like its 2 options: cruise at 100 and watch the world go by or cruise at 108 and just keep pace (at Wellington at least 😎) ... or option 3... M-mode haha Will give GPS speed checking a go
  11. Driving my '96 e31 and '06 e60 back to back over the weekend and I've noticed something interesting - when going along the same stretch of road that has a 'Your Speed' electronic board (I realise its indicated and probably not accurate), travelling at the speed limit, my speedo says 50km/h and the sign indicates 45km/h. Hmmm one off error?, well it is exactly the same for both. Thinking that the sign has a variance, go the same route in my HSV and viola - speedo and sign both the same at 50km/h. This might explain getting past by everything in the M5 when cruise control on at '100' when on the motorway haha 🤣 As the BMW's that are a couple of generations apart technology wise - could it be coincidence or is it a BMW thing (both are standard/factory set-up - wheels/tyres etc)? Anyone one have similar variances? Any fixes other than setting cruise 8km/h higher to keep up lol?
  12. Actually, looking at it again, this would go perfectly with the M5 and one of the 8's to form a cool colour combo trifecta garage, maybe I should buy it bahaha 😝 🤣
  13. Happy to be corrected again and admit I got it wrong 😁 Updated original post to correct my ignorance 🤣
  14. Happy to be corrected! don’t think it’s a fair comparison between these two though - that black one sounds like it was a sh*tter. This one seems to be an improvement over it - without knowing the history or viewing it. interesring how it’s gone straight to asking price / value. I was just commenting on its (realitive) rarity, regardless of what anyone is willing to pay for one - if they were in the market 😎
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