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  1. Was an enjoyable watch...
  2. BMW commissioned a special one off tribute to the M1 celebrating its 40th anniversary. So I’m 99% sure that it is the M1 Homage (circa 2007/8 if memory serves me correct). The DomPost (in Wellington) did a feature article on it at the time - i think i have the clipping somewhere… man I feel old haha
  3. Kind of 😎. Bumper was damaged when it had a wheel alignment done. Underside ripped and left hand side pulled left off coming off the ramp. Temporarily reattached it. Decided to take it to mitre10. Parked. Went inside. Came out. Reversed out. Heard a crunch. Stopped. Got out. Bumper on the ground. Stupid parking stop haha 🤣 only took 6 months to have it fixed
  4. Got it back after some face work. back this this: from this:
  5. A timely reminder that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder', 'cos 'fugly' comes to mine 🤣 But at the end of the day it is what it is!
  6. Will leave it until the next long weekend 😃 - re-installed as I needed the seat in to use the car for the rest of the week. Will update when I take it out again... impossible to do when seat is in situ as motor is on the console side ☹️
  7. Oops was meaning trying something square drive-ish 😎. Decided to leave it alone and re-install as it is. Reason - found out why it is listed as the motor and cable as one unit (bottom of pic by the nut - it aint coming out). Thanks BMW, thanks very much 🤣. at least i now know what the issue is for when it needs to be done to fix it 😎 thanks again @NZ00Z3, much appreciated! cheers
  8. Thanks @NZ00Z3 confirm front and back movement works so will give this a go. But you’ve given me the idea to find an allen key that may fit into motor, which i will try first. RealOEM only lists the motor, which is only for the e31, and is NLA with usual suppliers. may have to get a cable made. Fun times😎
  9. Anyone got advice on how to manually raise the seat? Cheers.
  10. My drivers sport seat in my 840ci is stuck in the lowest position and I want to raise it. The motor runs when engaging the switch but the seat doesn't move. I've removed the seat to investigate and found that there is no bowden cable coming out of the motor that goes to the rear of the seat (markings on sheath: A=687mm) - there is only the sheath - what the? Is there a way to manually raise the seat to its maximum height whilst it is out of the car? I would like to do this before putting it back in tomorrow. Oh - and Google has not been my friend. Any tips is much appreciated. Cheers
  11. How about the shark nose in the background of the first pic? 😁 Looks like it may be suffering from the same fate ☹️
  12. Don’t think there is anything off with the length of ownership with this one. From memory, current owner purchased early in 2017 from the dealer. That's when I enquired about it as well. Therefore, 5 years is about right. Cheers
  13. One of the best colour combos imo. Don’t think it matters that it is an early car either - it is just o for awesome! Almost traded the e60 m5 for this when it was being sold by the dealer. Hindsight is awesome isn’t it 😎
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