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  1. @BreakMyWindow thats an awesome ZR-4! @hqstu - wow what a collection of Monaro’s. And to own them at the same time, thats pretty amazing! Another one to pine for - 02 V2 Monaro 6spd as well. Why oh why did i give it away...
  2. Not sure if this is a bmw exclusive thread, but... i shoulda kept the 89 Mitsi Galant gti liftback i had 20 yrs ago. NZ new that was so practical and had a bit of go too 😀. 4G63B (pretty sure thats the engine code), manual and ESC suspension (yes it still worked!) - was so cool! I would have another today but they are so few and far between now ☹️ Damn, just realised i said ‘20 years ago’ ☹️
  3. Very nice! M60 + 6spd manual = near perfection 😊😊 😎
  4. A few years ago Manawatu Mufflers did a complete custom 3" big bore exhaust system and Pacemaker headers for my HSV Avalanche. I was very happy with the quality of the system, price and service. From memory, total cost was just a little bit more than an aftermarket 2.5" cat back system (as quoted from local garages) , so was happy about that. They maybe worth getting in contact with to see what they can do (and Palmy is not too far from the Kapiti Coast 😊). Hope this helps.
  5. Awesome @BozzaFC! Looking forward to seeing/hearing about the replacement 😋
  6. Not only do my eyes hurt from looking at them, but my brain now also hurts from watching that... 😟
  7. treone

    WLG -> AKL Drive

    Sorry, I indeed was meant to say the metropolis of Sanson 😊. Yup, only fish and chip shop in town and always busy (which is a good sign in my book). They are the first (or last depending which direction you're traveling) shop by the main SH1 and 3 intersection, next door to Z. Actually, they are now the last building standing at that intersection.
  8. No, I don't need another V8 😠! GLWS!
  9. treone

    WLG -> AKL Drive

    A fish burger and chips rom the Samson fish’n’chip shop is worth a stop - good value and a sizable burger! Tip, don’t order any additional fish 😎
  10. Are you really up sh*t creek? I see two scenarios here: 1. The current mbi has been transferred from the previous owner to you, after you paying a fee and the insurer ‘accepting/approving’ the transfer. If this is the case, and the previous owner has not kept up with the servicing requirements, then you maybe up the creek under this policy (although having a conversation with the insurer for accepting the transfer if cover is something you could do to try and get them to honour the cover for the remaining period) 2. You take out a new mbi policy, choosing the cover period and cost. Cover usually starts from the time and kms you took it out. Fyi i bout an autosure mbi from an agent after i purchased my car, which required me paying the premium and having the vehicle serviced within the next 5k kms, then every 15k kms or annually thereafter (check the policy wording for exact requirements), which ever occurs first. This way previous service history is generally not taken into consideration - basically you have a ‘fresh start’. hopefully this helps
  11. @3pedals - thanks for the diesel v petrol comparison, very helpful. Serious question, when regular servicing Is factored are diesels still more cost effective than petrol? How about maintenance (i presume this would be similar/same between the two)? I have been contemplating a diesel but have been a bit reluctant to jump in so insights are welcome OP - having previously owned a manual petrol X3 2.5l for 3 years (which was a fantastic combo and wagon) i highly recommend them. Good practicality, visibility and did long distance travel well. Not as practical as my holden wagon but not much is these days 😎 (sorry couldn’t help myself and had to put that in). Only issue i had was a failed plastic actuator as discussed. Replace the cog and all was good from then on
  12. Awesome colour combo!
  13. treone


    Cool colour! Sharp price too!
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