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  1. E36 M-sport bumpers

    Thanks @qube, odd mine came with my mesh in it in the first place if it was an M3 thing. Helpful to know it's one less thing to worry about when I keep hunting to one in good condition, that's the right colour.
  2. E36 M-sport bumpers

    I made a mess of under side of my front bumper on my E36 318ti which has the M-Sport kit on it. Been looking to pick up a replacement but it seems there's two specs? One has a mesh style and the other has fins in the centre. Images here: Couple of questions, different specs? Will both fit? or are they part of different 'body kits' I saw something to suggest one is "AC style" (presumably ac schnitzer?) My own digging suggestions that that the mesh or fins are just an insert (I'd love to look on my but the mesh section is now missing) and that both could be interchangeable? Looking at images alone makes it look like the grill and lower section under the headlights are the same, unsure though. It doesn't look like an age thing as I've seen both styles on the same year of car.
  3. F1: AMG Petronas - Hamilton or Rosberg?

    Both resigned 'multi year' contracts last year. They'll end up keeping both, there isn't anywhere for them to go and who could realistically replace them (and is available)? Still voted for Hamilton though, as if there one to keep it'd have to be him, proven he can do it and the kicking he got from Rosberg when all his partying got to him will surely motivate him to refocus for next year.
  4. E36 micro/cabin filter

    Thanks Glenn, looks like it's in an even more awkward spot where you've got dismantle stuff in the engine bay to reach them?
  5. E36 micro/cabin filter

    Cheers, having not had a car since arriving in NZ didn't even know there was a supercheap near Wellington! - I'll be ordering one asap, this car needs some love. I daren't look at the filter atm but I know it's going to of never been changed, at least since the last family owned it.
  6. E36 micro/cabin filter

    Looking to get a replacement one and can't seem to find any in NZ. Does anyone have any ideas of where I could get one at a reasonable price? Cheers
  7. Worst fears: 318ti overheating

    I may of misunderstood what I was looking at. I honestly don't know now as it appears to come on fine when I switch on the AC, and it didn't before. - I question my attempt my bypassing the switch actually worked now too.
  8. Worst fears: 318ti overheating

    Took it to the garage today, they were able to find a leak on around the thermostat housing, seemed like at the right temp the gasket wasn't working and leaking out water as he said there wasn't any water left in the engine? Which is supposedly why he thinks that when I tried to get the fan to turn on, because it couldn't see that the rad was too hot due to no water it wasn't kicking the fan on? - Car had new water pump put in by previous owner when the garage diagnosed the water pump to be faulty, he reckons that this was wrong and that there most likely wasn't anything wrong with the pump, the car was just leaking out water and then overheating. I guess I'll have to wait and see, it ran OK and a short burst today but will give it a harder drive over the weekend.
  9. Worst fears: 318ti overheating

    Replacement fan it is then! - Fuses were all fine. Fair point, didn't even think about that! If the fan is stuck in place and can't move (gave it as much force as I felt I could w/o damaging it) I wonder if the relay is the problem? - Sadly it's gone dark now and won't get to look at it again until tomorrow. Thanks for suggesting though, common sense went a miss for me there!
  10. Worst fears: 318ti overheating

    No, no it does not move freely at all. Should it move freely? Thanks for the suggestion Brent, sadly I do not have a 12v power supply to test this with. - I'm wondering if what Kelvin said has any bearing on why it isn't working when I try and bridge connections on the fan switch connector?
  11. Worst fears: 318ti overheating

    Tried to test to get the fan turn on without the switch and wasn't able to 'jump' it by bridging connections like this guy did: Fuse looked fine so I'm a little bit at a loss as to why the fan won't turn on. - Does that mean something more sinister in the harness? Perhaps I did a poor job of trying to bridge connections.
  12. Worst fears: 318ti overheating

    Started it up, no odd noises seemed OK. Took about 3-4 mins for it to 'warm up' till temp gauge was sitting the middle at 12'clock and then stayed steady for another 5 minutes before I turned it off. - Fingers crossed that means it's not something like a head gasket. At no point did the aux fan come on despite it reaching temp, also flicked on AC briefly whilst it was still warming up and that did not kick the fan on, although I didn't leave the AC running for very long at all. I'm thinking I need to find a way to test that switch.
  13. Worst fears: 318ti overheating

    Thanks Brent. I had a go yesterday evening at testing the fan, but didn't turn the car over out of sheer fear of what happened with it yesterday. I'd read that if the AC is on the fan should come on straight away, which it did not. Also you can apparently bridge connections across the fan switch connector, didn't have any luck there either (although I suspect using a crappy single piece of wire wasn't enough) If it's been ran hot before and head gasket or head is cracked I imagine that I need to take the whole thing apart to see that right? (definitely out of my skill set)
  14. Worst fears: 318ti overheating

    A friend offline is suggesting things too and they're guessing it's the thermostat and should just remove that it and see how it goes, does that sound like a reasonable suggestion? As I've said, my knowledge is limited so wanted to double check before I do thing