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  1. I have a set of type 2 if you cant find any type1, 17 inch, for E36, will have to check the offset Curb rash has been repaired, needs painting
  2. I went through yesterday & replaced all the 30 plus year old rubber fuel lines! really bad condition & something quite often over looked
  3. Great to hear you are using Autoglym!!
  4. That’s what I thought, will see how it fits!!
  5. The latest update is I have purchased a fibreglass Sun Roof panel, will get it painted, fitted & replace the seal The existing panel, has rust, as per normal, the only rust in the car, never again, fibreglass rules
  6. Great result Pete!!
  7. Yes, you are right, I am selling on behalf, the owner is flat out running his business, I also sold it to him, I know the car very well If I didnt have an immaculate E28 M535i in my stable, I would own this car!!, Its that good!!
  8. Hey Blackie, post some photos of your car!!
  9. I just looked, man I need to weed my driveway!! Ha Ha
  10. Well, interesting reading, I now own Ray’s LSB M3, picked it up last week, love the car & had to have that colour
  11. I have the High Performance Tyre Gel in stock, here in Wellington
  12. Hi Alan, I will take them, I am also in Wellington I have messaged you
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