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  1. Great result, it had me buggered for a while, trying to figure out what had changed!! The simplest of things!!
  2. Check the lug nut length, I just had an issue with an E28, that had 5 mil longer ones & made a similar noise?? Just a thought!!
  3. I have a customers Clio V6 in storage, interesting car, how many came to NZ??
  4. Interesting read!!, I have an E30,318 with an M42 swap, previous owner, a member on here, did an interesting mod, slotted the inlet cam, made an adaptor on his lathe, in his garage & runs the rotor & distributor cap, off the inlet, ca, doing away with modifying, adapting ECU & wiring looms
  5. I have purchased an Mtech one steering wheel, needs to be recovered, any recommendations?? I see you can buy kits & you need to sew them on, looks like hard work!!
  6. I am going to do the centre console & sunglass container, yours looks great, very clean, was it expensive?? I am replacing both headlight gaskets, removed the cheap shitty Angel Eyes,replaced both taillights, & boot lights, will also replace the exterior window trims, badly sun faded!, so mine is a work in progress!!
  7. Awesome work Harper, loving what you are doing !! I own the LSB M3 with Mtex interior, do have any of the material ,or know where I can get some, dont need it right now, but would be great to have some spare?? The drivers seat base wears quite badly!!
  8. Sold & delivered!! Thanks Owen
  9. It was great meeting you yesterday & thanks for purchasing the wheels off me
  10. They are staggered, 255/ 35/18 rears & 8.5 inch rims Fronts are 225/4018 & 8 inch wide I can’t see the offset on the rims has IS37 rear & IS34 front?? I also have them listed on Trademe
  11. Oh ok, thanks for that, they came off my E46 M3
  12. I have a set of 18s for an E46, has some curbing, see the photos, all four tyres are good(warrantable) I am in Wellington wanting $800.00 ONO
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