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  1. I also replaced the Coby centre muffler & rotten back muffler It sounds much better now
  2. Yesterday I fitted a very nice set of 15 inch baskets weaves
  3. Hi,interested in the tail lights, can you give me a call

    0212633724, can catch up, I assume they will still fit my car??



  4. I will take the tail lights,I think mine a facelift ones?? My E39 is an 02 Motorsport,will they work?? Regards Barry
  5. Yes, I have an , E28 M535i, more than happy to help
  6. Had a productive day on Mini Me, replaced front sway bar bushes & drop links, replaced engine & gearbox mounts Will replace front bottom arm rear bushes, lollipops
  7. So far, I have replaced the windscreen, stone damage, fitted a repair kit to the drivers door lock, replaced the central locking micro switch, central locking now works I have a set of six cylinder front calipers & vented discs to go on Have on order, sway bar bushes, suspension bushes , mounts etc
  8. Thanks, I have sent a PM, what does the other end look like? Where it connects to the headers
  9. I have just purchased an E30 318, has had the M40 motor swapped out for an M42, the centtre muffler has been removed & a Coby fitted, I would like to fit a standard centre muffler section, whats out there, more then happy to cut & weld to suit Thanks Barry
  10. I have a set of style one 17 inch,will need paint,curb rash has been repaired, has brand new center caps, I will post photos later I will check the offset as well, they came off an E36
  11. I like the idea of colour matched mirrors, I already have the paint I want to repair the the drivers seat base, also want tidy painted wheels, wheel centre badges & definitely needs new tyres
  12. One of the great things about this car, is Jim the previous owner, fully reconditioned the M42 motor, made his own, very nice extractors, was his daily for years Its a very solid, honest example, no rust & a blast to drive,even my wife loves it!! She has a E46 330 Motorsport convertible!!
  13. They are just a few of the many upgrades this car has had!!
  14. Autoglym

    WTB - E32, E34

    Check the for sale section, I am selling on behalf a very nice E34 535is NZ new factory five speed manual
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