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  1. hi, the last picture of comfort upper is grey 0269,

     its 100 nz $   &  postage recorded

  2. I have a set dark gray & light gray inserts, based in Wellington
  3. SOLD, now lives in Christchurch, with its very happy new owner!!
  4. I am now selling my NZ new E30 318, as I have purchased my next project, advertising here before I list it on Trademe I have done a substantial amount of work to this car over the last two years Heres a list, prior to my buying the car, had a reconditioned M42 motor fitted, extractors, I have replaced the complete exhaust system, upgraded the front brakes, with six cylinder calipers & vented brake discs, has new rear brake discs & pads, new rubber brakes hoses, has basket weaves with near new tyres, blue tooth stereo & new speakers, recoded drivers door lock, central locking now works, new engine mounts, gearbox mounts, colour coded mirrors, new sway bar drop links & bushes, front & rear, Monroe shocks all round, replaced chipped windscreen, I also imported, colour matched & fitted a fibreglass sunroof panel, no rust !! Have also done the speedo gears I have had the car certified for the engine upgrade & bigger brakes Has a brand new WOF & Registration Engine oil & Filter was replaced two weeks ago This car is fantastic to drive, as far as I am aware there is nothing to do to this car, get in, drive & enjoy it, like I have I am asking $15000.00 Any questions, or if you need more photos, let me know
  5. I have seen this car in the flesh & had it on my hoist, for the manual trans Cert, the photos dont do it justice, Fantastic car & some one will get a very well sorted E30!!
  6. hi, ok so a comfort  upper  yes ?   as your picture type, , sent to me  yes  £50.& post

     light or dark grey and  2 door or 4 ? 

     side holes / for levers? 

     many thanks,

  7. hi, yes if its houndstooth gray, 0211 interested in , yes , £50 instead &  post, 


    1. Autoglym


      Hi Carl, this is the fabric, I am after, what size do you send & approx freight cost to NZ??



      E 30 Fabric.jpg

    2. brutus



      ok thats not houndstooth ,  but facelift model 318/ 316. 

       light or dark grey ? 

        dark grey has black vinyl on the sides

      &  light grey has grey vinyl on the side ,

      which   r  u ??

       and is this the front upper or lower on the front seat or the rear seat  wanted , as i do av oem seat skins, not rolls of sheet fabric,

       post il av to find out with weight of exact item, thanks,

  8. hi,

    if u mean the last picture , that 0269,

     i dont have a base , but got excellent fabric to reupholster !

     pls tell me more as lots of option i have .


  9. hi, ok the first picture is  nutria brown, 

     but  if want grey  , then yes i  have a grey one, code 0211,  im in  london, uk

      £55 & post recorded. 


  10. how much for the bottom one, grey houndstooth??
  11. Autoglym

    1988 BMW 535i

    So sorry to hear about your spilt up,I have just been through the same thing in December, I was lucky enough to keep the toys How much for the Mtech body kit??
  12. I know this car well & I brokered the deal for the current owner to buy & have done some work on it Very nice, straight & original car, almost the twin of mine All NZ new cars did not come with dog leg box, this is an OZ import, has dog leg box,also has all the smog gear etc on it
  13. Great result, it had me buggered for a while, trying to figure out what had changed!! The simplest of things!!
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