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  1. eFORTY6

    FS: Supercharged M3 BMW E46

    Selling on behalf of partner Supercharged M3 E46, had loads of $ spent on her over the past year. She requires a 4 dr for baby, and is saying good bye to her 2 dr. On Trademe for $32k ono but would do less for BM Lovers cash deal around 28k ono.. No money owing on vehicle. We need to get her a 4dr or will just keep it for the baby to grow into :). Serviced regularly (2 weeks ago) $20k Supercharger ESS Tuning kit fitted & installed within the last 6 months - http://esstuning.com/e46-m3-vt2-575-supercharger-system-gen-3/ Manual : SMG 2 Paddle Shift Automatic Option $3k Adjustable Coil over suspension - http://www.bilsteinus.com/products/performance-suspension-kits/bilstein-b16-pss9pss10/ Perfect ride height does not scrap Staggered Deep Dish 19" Wheels - Purchased $4k plus tyres from Hyper Front carbon lip Black Front Kidney Grills Angel Eyes Clear fog lights just installed - HID White and matches the angel eyes Exterior - Front bumper being resprayed and stone chips removed already, pickup 16.1.2017 Memory, Leather M3 seats Cup / Coin holder JVC Head unit, USB, Aux, Bluetooth hands free kit No money owing on vehicle Comes with service history folder and all items that have been replaced prior to owning vehicle. NOTE: For buyers satisfaction come view vehicle. *BIG THANKS to RAY@HELLBM and boys down there for doing a few things on the hardware side and helping with the tune down at Torque Performance. Running around 280-90kw little lower than what ESS say it should be. Maybe with a few little changes could achieve much more. I quote from ESS: "We typically see 490-510whp on the S54 on a DynoJet with this kit". regardless...It's currently at a safe tune so she's happy
  2. eFORTY6

    M3 E46 2002 Supercharged

    Well I was looking at adding a little power to a M3 E46 2002 that belongs to my partner, and was informed by a mechanic in Penrose that he had done supercharging before for BMW's. He recommended the most common was ESS Tuning in the states. We agreed to bring in the kit http://esstuning.com/e46-m3-vt2-575-supercharger-system-gen-3/ and install it and tune it. It was algood but ran into issues with belt slipping and car shutting off. Back and forth , back and forth.. I gave up on mechanic for going around in circles of months, then tried Ray@ HELLBM who then checked hardware side, awesome guy and said all was sweet, and maybe go back to ESS for software revise from ESS. Ess stated that NO, we just needed to leave it and let the car learn all adaptions again since it was reset. So we did, reset all adaptions, and it kept shutting off for some reason at random times.. .. we didn't know what to do... weeks went by as the car sat in storage.... I went back to ESS again, and the same response. ESS told me that the car needs to relearn the driving again hence why it's shutting off could be days, weeks..... and I need to keep driving it in order for it to relearn again.... They assured me that they had done thousands of supercharged BMWs thoughout the world, so my partner kept driving it around and for a couple of weeks... It FINALLY came to, and ESS was right. The car just came right and it hasn't shut off since... wow... I never thought we would get over this issue.... THANKS ESS TUNING!..... Thanks also to HELLBM Ray... BUT Bottom line is that you must choose a mechanic that specializes in supercharging cars because had I known that not many people specialize in Supercharging BMWs I may have not gone down this track... I've now spent in excess of 20k on the supercharging and the tuning alone... to this day I still don't believe the full potential has been unleashed from this supercharged beast.. I'm now in contact with HYDE and he's been really super helpful in assisting me to attain cert for PSS10 Blistein Coilovers and Supercharger on the car, which the original mechanic said he would do, but had not!... grrrrrrr.....
  3. eFORTY6

    M3 E46 2002 Supercharged

    spoke to a very helpful "HYDE" and we're working through things step by step.. Very helpful. Certing the suspension and charger at present.. Then doing the swap to a Mechanic Spring Tensioner as recommended M3AN.. so fingers crossed we can get this thing sorted.. I've had sooo many setbacks with the mechanic that installed the bloody thing grrrrr....
  4. eFORTY6

    LVV Cert in Auckland - Coilovers and Supercharger

    Legend thanks.. always helps if someone recommends a person. Cheers IBMF.
  5. eFORTY6

    LVV Cert in Auckland - Coilovers and Supercharger

    Awesome thanks mate. .Yes I do have the list, but just wanted specific people and places that members would highly recommend. Cheers
  6. HI guys, I'm looking at someone to certify my Supercharged E46 M3 2002 to sell. I'm either thinking on selling it without the cert 28k or sellig with the cert 32k . It needs cert for Blistein Adjustables Coilovers , and Supercharger. Last i heard from JTune it needed Drive Shaft Loops to pass. Anyone know of a place that can install the drive shaft loops in Auckland? Preferably south auckland but anywhere is fine. Muchly appreciated! Sam
  7. yes you could be right. It's sitting with Ray at HellBM, ... hmmm it's run into an issue with TPS and Throttle Actuator apparently, so once this is sorted. I'll retest the pully again. Thanks for the help mate.
  8. eFORTY6

    M3 E46 2002 Supercharged

    hey I'm not 100% sure, but I'd be keen for someone to tell me and give me some recommendations because 3 belts and tensioners within a few weeks doesn't seem right?? Hmmmm... thanks very much for your help
  9. Would anyone have a clue as to why my supercharged M3 e46 2002 belt keeps slipping and tensioner?? We're onto the 3rd belt and tensioner now... i wonder if it's time to try something new? Thank you :).
  10. eFORTY6

    M3 E46 2002 Supercharged

    thank you mate. Still having issues with Belt Slipping though. Tensioner and belt
  11. eFORTY6

    M3 E46 2002 Supercharged

    Thank you CSET. Your car is a beast too dude. Nice colour.
  12. eFORTY6

    M3 E46 2002 Supercharged

    Speaking with ESS themselves they said anything under 10psi shouldn't have to worry about. Simply bolt on and use their specific tune or it would void the warranty They have sold heaps worldwide with warrantys on the charger. Seems to run fine and smooth. The only thing is the tensioner belt was slipping when placed on the Dyno which we've requested a replacement belt from them with no qualms. One other thing to note would be the breaks would probably need upgrading to perhaps Brembo or something really strong. Factory breaks appear to be under a bit of stress I think.
  13. eFORTY6

    M3 E46 2002 Supercharged

    Yes its a lot of fun on the motorway with the valentine 1 radar on full blast lol
  14. eFORTY6

    M3 E46 2002 Supercharged

    hoping for around 500+ hp with the mods and upgrades
  15. eFORTY6

    M3 E46 2002 Supercharged

    Thanks mate. Not at the moment but in a weeks time after the new belt gets here then yeah should be all good to go belt kept slipping so couldn't dyno it..... but applied some belt grip and felt some real nice GFORCE .... I've owned RX7's and GTRs but nothing quite like this Beast! LOL... Waiting for ESS tuning upgrade in trans / ECU upgrade so yeah ... we'll see how that affects anything ... hoping for faster changing in gears to match the power. Overall I'm happy or she's happy lol