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Found 112 results

  1. After being out of the car scene for some time, I've decided to throw my hat back in the ring and create something fun to build and ultimately fun to drive. A user friendly budget would be a bonus but we'll see how that one pans out !! This will just be a fun street car so the aim is to have a mix of comfort, performance and looks. The car: A NZ new 2000 BMW 318Ci with 4 speed auto. Quite tidy generally with only a handful of the expected BMW "things that don't work no more" to resolve at a later date. Being under powered will hopefully mean no cracking around the subframe and minimal hard driving time etc on the body. The engine: A Nissan VQ37VHR from a 2009 Skyline 370GT automatic. 125k on it give or take so hopefully plenty of life left in it. Factory spec at 243kW which should be a solid upgrade over the cars stock 77 !! No plans for anything engine wise at the moment, must get mobile and legal first. Progress so far: The car is sitting with front end off, engine and driveline are out, rear interior and fuel tank etc removed. Have cleaned the underside to a reasonable standard and have welded in the CMP RACP reinforcement kit. Have cleaned and painted the 330 rear end components ready for reinstallation along with installing Powerflex bushes in most locations. Have created a rig to fire up and run the VQ37 on the ground which was a success and a lot of fun ... had the Nissan anti-theft (NATS) removed via UpRev and an ARC license installed at the same time. This was to validate that I can run the motor prior to install and working out the wiring later on when its more difficult. You can check the video here: Next Steps: REALLY keen to get the rear end back together so something is finished !! Will need to complete the welding in of the RACP to frame rails in the boot before the LVV certifier comes to check out my work. Once that's done I can get ready to stitch weld some other trouble areas then underseal and paint it all real pretty before installing the backend. Once the back end is together and looking slick I can finally turn attention to the pointy end and see if the engine is going to play nice. There will be a lot of work involved and a few options to investigate ... current thinking is it will be a custom oil pan and cross member at least. Steering rack may also be an issue. Some Pics To This Point:
  2. This will serve as a diary of my love-hate relationship with this wonderful menace of a machine. Have a whole heap of catching up to do with all that's gone on since I took ownership, and a whole heap more coming up on the horizon. Will be jumping into the full documentation shortly. But for now... looks tasty from afar, don't it?
  3. Hi Team So i'm a new member myself and thought i'd kill two birds with one stone and introduce myself. Names Richard and i'm here to share my journey with my dream car build. Yes you read it right i am going to drop a v12 into the best shape ( my opinion ) bmw ever made. So i had purchased the v12 motor and auto box off trade me late 2015. Have also managed to find a rare 6 speed box that come out of the 850csi bmw that i had to get shipped from Britain. Treated myself to a nice New Zealand new 2000 manual 232i for my birthday earlier this year. Very nice looking with the factory 18inch mags and msport half leather seats and factory spoiler kit too. So here the build begins. over the 3day weekend i disassembled the engine to start cleaning parts for the rebuild. Had already took the heads off and sent to an engineering place to price up getting some custom cams and an ITB set up made. I also have a full new gasket set, head bolts and piston rings that will be replacing all the old stuff, a custom dry sump set up from the states as the oil pan had to be modified to fit the factory cross member. Here are a few picture of the motor in bits. feel free to pass on feed back or any advice team happy to share this build with you guys.
  4. E46 M3 Coupe Interior bits. Rear seats, front & rear door cards & silver trim all in great condition. Not sure what to value these bits at bought as a set but only needed the front seats, everything else is surplus.. Not sure what to value this at but message me what you’re after - 0275253050 Will potentially ship if buyer pays shipping but would prefer pick up in Rangiora. Sorry front seats aren’t available.
  5. Vass

    E46 Bits & Bobs

    Have various bits collected over the years that someone might find more use for. I've kept most as spares but don't mind clearing a bit of space either. Shoot a message for whatever you need. Would prefer local pickup (Halswell, Christchurch) but happy to post if I manage to find suitable packaging. More photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yt7zfmkdrysih7x/AAB_g7gtd1TopykigBSSmjgDa?dl=0 Facelift sedan/touring xenon headlights - SOLD AUX adapter cable - $10 (Check if your headunit is compatible - https://e46radio.com/e46-radio-cd-tape-md-aux/) Passenger airbag sensor bypass (1 available) - SOLD Aftermarket head unit surround - SOLD Brake booster - $50 Electric mirrors (wire type) - SOLD ABS unit - $100 Facelift sedan/touring black hood grilles - $10 Were glued in with some gunk, some of the clips broken, look fine but will probably need a bit of silicone to secure better. Front bumper foglights - $20 Came off a non-msport facelift sedan, not sure what other models they'll fit. Radiator - $40 2-3 years old, some fins on inside bent but overall pretty fresh, no leaks. Will come with rear bracket. Radiator top hose - $10 Dated 2017. AC Schnitzer cluster - SOLD Centre console compartment for HVAC unit - $20 Suits a double-din setup, holds an HVAC unit snug as opposed to a sunglass compartment. Bottom clips broken but should still sit securely against the gearshift surround. HVAC unit - $20 LCM - $40 Auto trans thermostat (unused) - $30 Final stage resistor - $20 Clock spring - $50 Blower motor - $50 Wiper linkage & motor - $100 Space saver spare wheel - $20 Air vents, switches, bumper shocks/mounts, hood & boot struts - $5 a pop
  6. Giving in to peer pressure @Olaf and @adro and sharing 'the journey'... although nowhere near as hands on as the latter or as fastidious as the former! Car 1 is a 2001 E53 V8 Sport Package in Stahlgrau Car 2 is a 2005 E60 M5 in Silverstone II
  7. Hi there Just want to know which engine oil for E46 M3 is good performance? As i just read user manual said Castrol only is that true or any better brand? Cheers
  8. I'm looking for a run about, just to do trips to school , local shops etc. Basically the hard start stop, short distance stuff that an S85 engine does not care for. I was thinking something like this : https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/320i/listing/3211440747?bof=xYyQq5jp Currently listed at $4,250 ONO - Thoughts or other options please. Thanks.
  9. Hello there, Would like to know for the E46 M3 with SMG II gearbox parking issue. Is that like full manual gear box parking procedure if downhill user reserve gear. If uphill use first gear to parking the car? Or all parking use N is fine for SMG II gear box Thanks
  10. Hello there, I would like to know which work shop is recommend maintenance E46 M3 in Auckland My car may need to reinforcements the subframe. Cheers
  11. Hey everyone! Been lurking in the shadows looking at the wealth of information here! Only now deciding to actually make an account. Got a 318i vert factory manual about a year ago and looking to give it a good refresh and pretty soon swap in a m54b25 out of a donor car (lapsed rego 2002 325i) into it! Just done a front bushing refresh (tie rods, controll arms, swaybar end links), cooling system replacement and also just finished off an airbag light diagnosis, a deep dive that was. Stoked to be a part of the community, and starting to really love these cars. Would also love an E39 540 wagon, my absolute dream. Photos of my very and the donor car. P.s.any guidance for the engine swap would be welcomed
  12. Just found out there is a rare? 330ci clubsport list on TM, what’s the price range for CS version go for these days, is the asking price fair? pretty fun it come with the M3 interior and that estoril blue looks so good tho... Anyone contact the buyer or view the car before? https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-3050514012.htm
  13. VUWJP

    E46 330CI

    WTB!! Looking for a 330ci in relatively good condition that has WOF and Rego. Will pay top dollar for one in good condition or if it's a clubsport. Cheers!
  14. He folks, So I have recently ended up with an 5spd Manual 325i e46 with around 110xxx ks on it, but the body is in rough shape so i see no point fixing it up when i could use the transmission for my auto 330ci and scrap the rest. Ideally i would just buy a manual transmission kit out of another 330ci, but as most of you know it's hard to find good condition ZF parts in NZ. So I'm just looking for some advise to start off i.e. what additional parts & components will I need to make that 325i trans work in my 330ci? Any help is much appreciated !
  15. Hello All, I am the E46 Bimmer owner who living in Auckland in the future, the reason is due COVID-19 i need to stay in Hong Kong at that moment until border release in Kiwi. Anyway, before car is E36 323i and now have the E46 M3 in Kiwi. Hope can back to see my M3 soon Cheers
  16. A good looking car but seems to have had problems getting WOFs over the years. Anyone know it? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/m3/listing/2901368707
  17. hey guys, just wanted to make a post about being new to all this and happy that there's such a big community devoted to BMW and there amazing cars they have made. I myself have recently purchased a 2001 BMW e46 318ci with 181xxxkms on the clock for $4,800 from a guy up in Auckland. spent two days driving her down from Auckland to nelson and she handles like a dream, sticks to the road like glue and has decent power to accelerate and overtake while still having sweet fuel mileage. I'm over the moon with her and still cant believe I now own a e46 coupe, a car I've been wanting for over a year now after falling in love with them. feel free to send me a message or reply with any tips and helpful information about my specific model that will help me out, anythings appreciated
  18. For those that want High quality Bluetooth audio (and phone kit) with decent integration to the standard audio systems in Ibus cars.. Check this out: Bluebus I’ve just installed this to my E46 and it’s everything the forums and reviews are harping on about! let me know if you have any questions..
  19. For the S54 experts out there, my 03.5 E46 M3 (SMG) has gone into limp mode. I've been told by the dealership to replaced and have replaced the ignition coils, spark plugs, egt, all of the O2 sensors, fuel filter, and fuel pump. The car still doesn't let me go past 3k rpm while on load. The car later let me go past the 3k rpm mark after I replaced a new fuel pump but it wouldn't let me go past the 4.5k mark while on load. The shift lights would craw up to the 4.5k mark like you're hitting the rev limiter. The car drives fine and limp mode would only kick in when I floor the accelerator pedal (while at or near the second click). Would drive fine again after shutting the engine off. No lights on the dash as well. I've spent thousands trying to fix this problem and they still couldn't fix it. Would this be anything related to the TPS? Asked them about it a few times but they told me that they couldn't identify any fault codes.
  20. Hello there, I am currently on the hunt for a cheap daily. I am looking for something with current WOF and REGO ans something that won’t be needing a lot of work to maybe be a little nice. obviously needs to be running and driving. I am located in Auckland but anywhere in the north island shouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately I am on a pretty low budget of around $3000, not really expecting something perfect at that price range so not pretty fussed about the condition as long as it meets my requirements stated above and is in dailiable condition. Looking forward to seeing what out there. Cheers, Stay safe.
  21. Hi Everyone I'm urgently after a BMW 320i e46 2.2l 2001 M54B22 engine, complete with block,sump,head, etc. I bought my e46 in pristine condition, had it for 8 months now, and suddenly lost power, using water, etc. took it to my mechanic who discovered that the previous owner had removed the head, replaced the head gasket, over tightened the head, didn't use a torque wrench probably, and subsequently 3 of the studs ripped came loose, ripped the thread, blowing the new head gasket, sending oil in the water and vice versa, and completely screwing the motor up Thought this to be unreal as the car had only done 128,000km when I bought it, and only done 6,200km since... Breaks my heart having spent so much money on a nice looking car that looks mint but the previous owner didnt tell me what he did to it. So if anyone has a motor lying about, I'm desperate guys... got the $ to pay for it, just need the Beemer back on the road... cheers and thanks muchly Marc
  22. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/m3/listing/2692817821 '02 E46 M3 with 45KMs ... yes nice example and low KMs but $70K?
  23. Hey guys first time posting on here. So I’ve owned my 318i 2004 e46 for almost a year now and I knew this was a common problem but now my wof is coming up and I’d like to sort it out. My passenger airbag light comes on when there’s someone sitting in the passenger seat and I’m wondering how I go about sorting that out cheers that’s. Also it has had a scan recently because I got the crank angle sensor replaced and the airbag fault did not come up. Cheers Kody
  24. So i have a question about the e46 key what i bought from ali express... how do i need to assemble these parts i dont know where to place the black transponder in the key. Thanks in advance
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