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  1. Bm workshop grey Lynn have done all my work they are friendly and do a good job too!! Interested where you got the intercooler from due to Im wanting the same one for my 335i
  2. Hi there I have a cobb accessport v3 for grabs brand new in box. $750 ONO
  3. Looking at trade me would the google nexus 10 work with the MHD software and the OTG cables?
  4. Hey guys what's the cheapest yet best android tablet to use for this. it will only be used for this one purpose and nothing else 😊
  5. Will the MHD become apple compatible?
  6. Cobb seems to work all good with my 2009 335i have no issues what so ever. Will get s pro tune eventually and leave it at that!
  7. Haha that's what I'll do!! Remember the N54 can give a lot more power plus its forged, well crank and rods are!!
  8. Lol from that reply I feel its an easy fix like gaskets or o rings or something it's booked in at bm workshop so hopefully it's a quick turn around
  9. I have an N54 for sure I have two downpipes I know it looks like one from one of the angles of the picture. If it's leaking from a few places what would they be. I just wanna go prepared when I go sort my car out!
  10. Does this help you guys help me diagnose the problem?
  11. Thanks guys for the help. the car is booked in with BM workshop to see what the leak is and fix it!!
  12. Just wondering if oil leaks are a common problem with this engine? can anyone recommend anywhere to fix the issue asap!!
  13. Hey people owner of a 335i DCT currently totally stock apart from the Cobb AP! need some help on where to get upgraded hoses from!