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  1. I have up for sale N54 short block inc OEM pistons and rods $500 N54 long block $3000 Forged JE piston set 84.5mm & Forged Molnar H-beam conrod set $2700 An 8 bolt crank $500 OEM 6 bolt flywheel $600 Mfactory 8 bolt light weight SMFW $800 Fuel It Stage 2 LPFP w/ethanol lines and sensors $1850 please pm me with interest thanks again
  2. Ring auto gravity, I’m one of the few with carplay 👍🏻
  3. It’s identical to android auto! You use all your mobile compatible apps. You can then message, use iTunes and Spotify plus Apple maps all with your jog dial. its a retrofit so a lot more sofisticated no cigarette lighters used!
  4. picture of my carplay is too big it basically displays all CarPlay compatible apps
  5. No problem at all bro! I got BT and maps retro fitted by auto gravity! I have CIC jap import too! Carplay is apples intergrated system
  6. You won’t lose anything buddy!! Totally seperate to your idrive system mine gets serviced at Bm workshop and MHD flashed. i have a jap import with nz maps retro fitted by auto gravity it’s all good to go. i now however have car play
  7. Hey bro just want to clarify a few things. im N54 and decat, I have unticked the oem cat/downpipes option and written into my custom tune is to disable the cel light & detecting I have no cats. however after a full cycle of the car running, I get the 2 inactive shadow codes! 29F4 and 29F5 - catalytic converter conversion 1 & 2 its nothing to worry about though
  8. They accomodate gst very kindly! My last order was the DCI the stock airbox is too restrictive Hey are awesome to deal with and the owner Tiago is very friendly and helpful
  9. I’ll have your answers bro! I am full VRSF. My parts are all VRSF and I bought them from either directly from them or top gear solutions. If you have anything to ask pm me. 👍🏻
  10. Doesn’t matter bro still the same Gearbox and TCU.
  11. I use BM Workshop Grey Lynn. I have inlets and didn't know the OTS couldn't accomodate them? However im Custom tuned by BQTuning, he specialises in the DCT. Based in the states, I send him logs and he amends accordingly. My car seems to be running sweet as I only get 2 shadow codes now and again, 29f4/5 but thats due to running catless. I did preventative maintenance before I went FBO, Index 12 injectors, Delphi ignition coils and NGK spark plugs also double check your serpentine belt and pulleys, an oil leak can lead to catastrophic consequences if left to late, your crank will eat your belt up! I changed my pulleys and belt as a preventative measure. I use ESCtuning and FCPeuro for my parts, to buy them here is extortionate. I have just ordered some RHD Outlets and that is my final mod. Who is DCT on here? Have you guys got the latest software? it applies more pressure, so can take more power (layman terms) I have the software to flash it, I have INPA and WinkFP. As mentioned to Dyno tune with MHD would cost a fortune, I have paid for custom tuning with unlimited amendments. Hit me up if anyone is keen to have a look or experience a custom MHD tune.
  12. Mean bro! im keen to see your set up bro. You have all the VRSF stuff I have too, good choice, I got the BMW P exhaust too bro! With a custom tune for FBO! No where here does MHD custom tunes so I get mine from the states! I am DCT too, with the latest software flash as well. where are you based? Currebtly mine doesn’t have rattle and smoke fingers crossed. When I do I’ll go stage 1.
  13. Oh actually I run it linear I like it due to being auto, the throttle response is better
  14. Sweet, so your engine went as well. Mine seized due to leaking injectors got another one so I have a spare I’m building. How come it took a year to get back on the road? FBO makes these cars fly! Get a custom tune buddy
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