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  1. For the lower tier N52s, 325i/328i, that don't have the three stage manifolds it's somewhat common in the US to use a N54 manifold as an upgrade. It's hard to get hold of a three stage N52 there afaik.I It's not as good as the 130i/330i full N52 spec motor manifold from the dyno tests I've seen, makes same or slightly more power at the top end but sacrifices torque to do so.
  2. I'm keen, depending on price, needs a lot of tuning and filters before I order a set. Probably not any extra power but sounds awesome
  3. Yeah that was my guess as well. I'm going to order #2 and #4 just to be safe 😂
  4. Anyone know which crankcase ventilation hose attaches down by the starter motor? And what the part code is. I've had a bit of an air leak for a while that I suspected was the intake boot I swapped on. Turns out that was not the case, and a crankcase vent hose has come off deep down in the engine bay by the starter. I want to get a replacement just in case mine is broken, smoke test and borescope camera confirmed the hose is at fault but not enough to see if its just come off or has a damaged end. Since it's likely manifold off, again, to put it back on I want to make sure I have one on hand just in case.
  5. More parts got thrown at the 130i yesterday! Full brake replacement from this: To this New TRW OE spec rotors, ceramic pads, upgraded rubber brake lines from Schmiedmann, wheel sensors, various bits like brake screws, metal retaining clips and rubber/plastic bits on the calipers. Fully flushed the brake fluid and new stuff in the reservoir. Also replaced my trunk gas struts which were pretty rusty 😢 Managed to get the vanos filters/check valves in as well while the wheels were off. Definitely a bit of a pain even with full access through the inner fender. Old ones had a few bits of crap on them but otherwise pretty clean for 185k kms. Now to drive it around for a few days but already there's a bit more bite and stronger pedal. Lost a bit of feel with the ceramics bit I'll take that for no brake dust. One of the brake lines was pretty bad, glad I got them done reasonably quickly after it was picked up in last wof. Next is to replace the crankcase ventilation hose that got knocked off or broken when the starter was done a while back 😅 And maybe even the oil pan gasket this summer 🤣
  6. That's the Hell BM one, pretty spicy
  7. There's 3 known ones iirc. Not sold new, all imports either Singapore or UK. The 5 door is better in a lot of usability ways, and for parts. In the 3-door, door seals are pretty average with a lot of wind noise and poverty spec interior on imports unless ex UK. Then you want xenons and msport. Back seats are useless in the 3 door, in 5 door slightly more useful. Only slightly. They do look better stock though. With an aero spoiler on either there's not much in it. Personal pref after years of ownership, and 3 130i, would be a 5 door with aero spoiler. I don't recommend buying a car out of Singapore just fyi
  8. A bit more love for the 130i, been throwing a few parts at it the last couple months. Had a wonky idle and limp mode accelerator pedal a few weeks back, suspected vanos solenoids. I wasn't sure if they'd been done on this car( I did have 3 130i at one point 😅) but I did find some cheap nasty solenoids in my parts pile I'd ordered during lockdown for reasons unknown to me. Swapping them in made a difference, and also change in fault code! From a generic valvetronic to intake solenoid 🤣 Don't buy shitty solenoids kids. The old solenoids were originals, so definitely due for a change. Went to the usual fcpeuro and picked up Pierburg oem solenoids and a few extras, delivery in 5 days Fitted the solenoids today, mega difference in performance, exhaust note. The mid range is alive again! Also swapped in some new hood struts, the old ones have been overworked in my ownership. Also rusty 🫠 I also picked up some of the vanos filters, will get them in at some point but looks quite fiddly.
  9. My insurance changed heaps in January on renewal, coverage dropped $2k in value from $15k to $13k and price went up $5-10 a month. That's with AA, agreed value. About $900~ a year. I'm an AA member so believe there's a discount on my policy.
  10. The vanos solenoids are there, they're usually $250 each for oem ones. One for intake, the other exhaust. If they're taking them out to change the o rings hopefully they'll clean them for you too. Depending on kms they could be due for replacement. Cleaning them will extend their life potentially.
  11. Oil filter housing gasket and oil cooler gasket are $20 each. Need new bolts for the housing, another $20-30. What vanos seals? There's o rings on the solenoids and the valvetronic motor has a gasket. Sounds like they're doing a rocker cover gasket plus oil filter housing maybe? There's a lot less room to work on the engine on the E87 platform with N52 compared to the Z4.
  12. Haven't posted for a while, not much has happened to the car. A slightly concerning oil leak from the oil filter housing meant it sat for a couple months waiting for parts. A few maintenence bits and preventative stuff got done in the meantime and it got a fresh wof the other day. Failed on the rear plate bulb 😂💡 Few months back: - New Power steering reservoir fitted and new fluid after a flush. Some nasty stuff in the pipes. - Had a puncture repair back left tyre - Headlight restoration again. Hopefully lasts longer this time. This week pre-wof: - New Oil Filter Housing Cooler Gasket, to fix the leak. - Power Steering fluid flush, again to get rid of the gunk. - Coolant and Oil top up from the cooler fix - New Front Accessories Belt, Tensioner and idler pulley. Oil had been dripping on this, needed doing anyway. Belt was near end of life. Tensioner and pulley were originals. - Replacement rear License Plate light to pass WoF Lot of oil and gunk got washed off the front of the engine as well, it's had a silent leak for a while. Got a good clean in to get all the oil off and tidy the exterior after all the weather. Took a couple of quick pics today after a nice drive up north, as proof it's clean and still going strong 😂 Next up is brake lines, slight cracking noted on wof. Will fit stainless and I have all the rest of the brake parts here ready to go on. So will do full refresh on all corners. And front tyres will need replacing before next wof. Have given up on finding new kidney grills in gloss black, so maybe back to stock? Still haven't fitted steering wheel insert nor steering wheel replacement leather. I should do that 😂 And maybe, finally, the oil pan gasket/motor mounts/ all the other parts I've got for when the subframe gets dropped will happen. Maybe 😅
  13. Seem to be out of stock at the usual places.
  14. Was also recommended these lines too! That's quite a bit cheaper than the Hel lines.
  15. I was recommended HEL lines, that they would meet specs. Now I just need to source some 😁
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