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  1. Mines 11-12L/100km but I've not driven the car much so when I do its with a heavy foot on shorter distances and/ or testing after changing something. So it always needs to be driven through the Italian tune up route up and down the hills. If I'm going 100kmh it's around 8.5L/100km Purchase/ownership of a 130i today would suggest you're more of a "spirited" driver.
  2. You want to talk to @promo@, he does a tune for N52
  3. Did you get this sorted @Brianr70? I can scan it for ya
  4. Took the 130i for a good drive this afternoon after it had been sitting for a month. Fires up straight away with the new starter. I was quite surprised during the drive by how the engine was much more eager to rev and get up and go. Just felt really strong through the rev range. I'd swapped the intake boot to a Turner Motorsports silicone boot and cleaned the throttle body while I had it off but wasn't expecting them to make any difference performance wise. Definitely more intake noise, it sounds great so far. Only other things I can think that caused it to run better is the battery was disconnected so perhaps a reset of adaptations? and coils/plugs were removed and checked. Anyone else swapped their intake boot and noticed any performance improvements?
  5. Idrive trim and steering wheel trim pieces with the lovely bmw soft plastic coming off. If you've got a spare binnacle lid? I could even take the whole centre console through to the arm rest with everything attached. I had a quick look and my drink holder and arm rest have seen better days.
  6. I need a couple of bits of trim. The bit around the idrive and the steering wheel insert. If you have any of those
  7. No 🤣 I'd read guides from fcp and pelican parts and even though I've never done this before it didn't look too complicated. I was a bit out of my depth once I got to the manifold. Everything under the manifold was an absolute pita to disconnect even with two people. Especially the other plastic breather. That block, junction box with all the wires? Took me an hour to do the two screws holding it on. Definitely the worst part, used a flexi socket to finally get them off. Someone had been there before so there was some unusual wiring to disconnect too. The starter power cable was run through the manifold so had to be removed to take it out. There was also a couple of things not in the guides, an unexpected bracket on the manifold(rhd car feature?) and taking the strut braces off helped a lot. Glad it's over now 😅
  8. I was looking at my list of parts replaced (it's big) and the starter was the first thing to actually fail on the car in my ownership. I did buy it with known problems. I had a lot of issues at the start that could have been solved with more knowledge of the car by myself and also a correct diagnosis of the valvetronic motor issue by the mechanic. That alone got thousands of dollars wasted on parts/labour that probably weren't required. But yeah I was thinking while I was in there that if I do the belt and the front pulleys(if needed) that pretty much every ancillary from factory would have been replaced. Wild. I've never really got wrenching on cars before(as they never needed it!) so owning bmws has helped me learn a lot, it's quite satisfying at times. DIY compared to a mechanic also makes it seem cheap(plus fcp euro) so I go overboard in ordering new parts and joining bimmersport has me being proactive in replacing them. Car still has a couple niggles from when I purchased it, oil leak/brakes, so once those parts are on it should be more maintenance bits than big ticket parts. I got the car cheap with the problems it had at purchase, and compared to the going rate for a manual 130i today I'd get what I've put in back if I sold up. Only way I justify it haha.
  9. Put a new starter motor in today, heck of a job that needed a 2nd person to get the manifold off. Cars been sitting for a month as it didn't start at all just before lockdown, pulled a starter code so ordered a new one through fcp euro and all the associated bits. Or so I thought. Starter got delayed on shipping through lockdown, and detoured through Australia as well, so only started pulling everything plastic off on Thursday. Got down to throttle body on the manifold so left it. Friday I discovered that I should have ordered a breather hose from the back of the valve cover, as they break all the time being removed :S, so I spent an hour carefully getting it loose. The PCV system was done a year or so ago so all hoses were new. I then got the throttle body off and all other connectors, there is a few, and finally it was time to tackle the manifold. And yeah not a one man job 😅 Got my bro in law over today(well yesterday) and we got it out no sweat, 5 or 6 connectors underneath that would have been a nightmare doing it myself. Got it all back together in much less time with: - new starter and bolts - new intake manifold gaskets - new(to me) Turner Motorsports intake boot - nice clean throttle body - confirmed both DISAs have been replaced - cleaned up power steering reservoir to check where its leaking Car started immediately, much improved. Didn't take a photo of the shiny starter but it looked good. Ended up doing some troubleshooting after starting as car ran rough and was throwing misfire codes. Checked all coils/plugs and found when we put the manifold back on that the oxygen sensor wire had got pinched, luckily could release it from the manifold and the wire insulation was torn but the wire was undamaged . Quick repair and fired up again, no codes and runs mint.
  10. Think the recommended upgrade is e46 M3 gearbox mounts. Which I found out after replacing mine 😅 Supposedly a bit stiffer than stock with no NVH increase.
  11. They have the E60 M5 V10 on there for 10k, surely that fits in the E87 engine bay 🤣
  12. What does the vin say? I went to check it but the sites I've used before are dead 😑
  13. Singapore import with the Cruise Control?
  14. 100%, bit like @Sammos interior would look mint
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