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  1. 130i out in the wild at Hardpark today. Yes I still haven't done anything to it recently, schmiedmann parts order still hasn't arrived 😭
  2. For those of you who have installed tweeters, is it a door card off job? If there's a video of an install I'll take it
  3. So was having a casual browse on trademe, only 13 130i for sale, much lower than usual 20-30 I've observed over the last couple years. 2 manuals, including the worldy listed above. Also had a look at 135i, they also exhibit similar pricing behaviour in regards to manuals and a significant price difference over an automatic. Cheapest auto is 14k, manual 22k. Similar spec, condition, maintenance and kms. Obviously not an indicator of sale price, though the manual has a deposit on it.
  4. Got a build thread for it? Or pm me the info if you're selling, could be interested.
  5. Should post this in the 130i thread. Tidy!
  6. I believe in this mans energy, pushing the market price up for manuals 🙏
  7. NZ_InFerno

    1988 BMW 535i

    @Autoglym He listed it on another thread : https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/exterior/listing/3416061804?bof=sSH3obqX
  8. I was just looking at that and came to bimmersport to see if anyone had posted it yet lol
  9. They're TRW arms, you should be able to search for the part numbers. I know they're on amazon US. Might be sourced off pelican parts.
  10. Cheapest calipers I could find for a brake upgrade were $900, before pads/rotors etc. Given they've replaced the grill, mirror caps, wheels, aerial, rear spoiler and done a BBK the dealer car has likely been maintained more than the average daily. 2009+ is also a pretty rare 130i here. If it was a manual I'd happily buy it.
  11. I'll pass on bmwparts, there's a couple of new euro plate combinations I'm interested in at $799
  12. That v8csl would look good on my 130 🤣 How much do you want for BMWPTS?
  13. Somewhat interested in buying a personalised plate with BMW or BM on it. Or some version of Beema etc. Bonus points if it's a euro plate, or got E87 or 130/130i on it. Pm me with what you've got, or reply here.
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