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  1. I would have been keen on this too Edit : this definitely won't fit my car lol Will pass. These grills are so hard to find
  2. I'd be keen on the tail lights. Would need to organise a pick up from someone.
  3. I thought he was being sarcastic, with the cheap reserve price, but it likely does need something major like that done. Owner has replaced engine previously (curious?) and manual swapped the car so obviously somewhat mechanically competent. Seems to deal in/work on cars by their past listings. The fact that they're letting it go cheap and that they're not prepared to fix it is pretty telling.
  4. I've had that kit in my cart for a year or so, it was out of stock for a while. They also recommend this install kit to go with it, is it needed as well? https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-control-arm-bolt-kit-31106763928kt
  5. It's been on trademe for a while, they've lowered the price a couple of grand.
  6. Bridgestone has RE003 buy get one half price atm
  7. I've just seen that 40% off sale on hyperdrive. Tempted to yolo the Laufenns and try them out. Seems way too cheap at $260 for two tyres 🤔
  8. Have RE003s as well. Was recommended Hankooks or Laufenns last time I asked about tyres, will be trying Laufenn LK03 when I replace my fronts
  9. Have they sent you the wrong headers? I swear all the pics I've seen on aliexpress have the o2 sensor in a different spot
  10. Forgot to comment on this but can I send you mine lol My cover has been sitting on the desk for months, went with the stock style in leather with the perforated hand grips.
  11. Pics, still interested...
  12. Idk but interested Edit: I ordered some from Schmiedmann in September last year and they still haven't shipped them 🙄
  13. If it's too good/cheap to be true, it probably is.
  14. Yep I've got mine as 128i too
  15. Realoem to get the specific part number of what you're after. Put part number into fcp euro. Order part 💵
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