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  1. I used A1 tinting to do my front windows. I’ll be honest, it’s the first time I’ve had a car to tinted but I am happy with it. He’s mobile and came to my house. The guy is a bit of an acquired taste “while I am working on your car it’s my car!” 😆 but his work seemed good to me and he turned up on time and used 3M tint which was good. If you Google you can see his reviews and contact details.
  2. My comments are more in general that I think some of them just get clogged up from too much city driving. I also don’t believe that my EGR was actually malfunctioning, just they had a recall on it.
  3. Watch the front suspension on the F30. I am pretty convinced this week that I’ve killed my sway bar links which I thought was pretty early, with just about 100km on the clock. I suspect it’s the M-Sport suspension as I’ve done 30ks of what I would call mainly city or motorway driving... and let’s not forget my raging about the cost of the “big blues”. 😅 Mines also had a recall or the EGR actioned when in for service so might want to keep some of the emissions stuff in the back of your mind being a diesel. Mines been nearly flawless touch wood.
  4. I’m finding my stuff is still getting here in a week or just a little over even with NZcouriers doing the “last mile”.
  5. The one major issue I had with mine was the evaporator core developed a leak. I was covered under warranty thankfully, it required the entire dash to be removed. From what I know whilst it is rare it is not totally uncommon, so you’ll want to make sure the AC works and is not hissing which (I’m sure you would anyway). I had the 4.8 and drove it from about 70k to a little over 100k and thought it was really robust. Personally I went for non-M-sport for a better ride and tyres which were all the same but the M-Sport body kits and steering wheel sure do look better.
  6. Happy to put it here - this is the Franchise I used, all his contact details are on the website: https://www.fibrenew.co.nz/west-auckland/ Found email was pretty good but if you want an immediate response suggest calling.
  7. https://www.bmwblog.com/2019/11/08/video-comfort-access-for-a-convenient-way-to-get-in-and-out-of-your-bmw/ You just keep the fob in your pocket to enter the vehicle.
  8. The fact that it’s a bigger franchised thing actually was a big plus for me. It’s not some flaky single operator. There are a couple of little bits where it looks like solution might have got on the wheel plastic which is a little annoying now that I look really closely, could have used masking tape... I will see how I can remove that. Driving it around today I think it’s less gritty. I can’t believe how inexpensive it is. I guess it’s priced for Mum and Dads trying to fix up an old couch, not neurotic BMW owners... 😆
  9. Yes, wheel and bolster- I was surprised.
  10. Needed to get a refill on my gas bottle for the BBQ. Turns out I still have my original BMW stamped cargo net in the boot. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! 👍🏻
  11. Hey guys, Thought I would share a recent experience with Fibrenew when it comes to repairs. Basically as I have commented on a couple of other threads my M-Sport wheel was looking a bit worse for wear. I also have the standard light wear on the bolster of the drivers seat. Anyway, my wheel I think is a combination of sun, previous owner’s hand cream perhaps and my own love of sanitiser during lockdown which are away the finish. Emailed the local Fibrenew franchise after seeing some good videos on YouTube and reading their Google reviews. I’m sure this is the same/similar as the ColourLock system and others but I wanted someone to do the application. It was a total of $140 for both seat and bolster and I have to say I’m pretty happy with it. There are a couple of things which I’ll detail below. I guess it really depends if you are expecting the wheel to be “as new” or not and having priced a variety of options I think for the cost this is pretty good. I had this done yesterday and am interested to see how it wears, it’s a little shiny but I don’t know if that’s the finish itself or because it’s just been done. I am going to wait a week and give it a very light clean with Autoglym. That being said, my experience is after cleaning wheels are shiny again in about a week. The only other complaint is that the surface is a tiny bit rough. I have a feeling this might be just how it is but when you have a seat done the grain of the leather means you don’t notice and it’s not a high-contact area for your hands like a wheel is. I hope this will wear and smooth overtime but certainly superior to the feeling of the worn areas beforehand. Apologies for the crappy pics it was a bit dark in my carport with the overcast morning.
  12. Isn’t that the cruise control indicator?
  13. We are saving all our pennies for the Auckland tram. 😂 On a related note, I drove SH16 Auckland to Whangarei today. OMG.... I feel like I’ve been in a fight after driving over the road, my poor F30. M-Sport suspension is not built for this!
  14. It’s probably priced about right if it all checks out given what other E36/46 cars are going for amd I think in the other E46 engines the convertibles seem to command a premium. Me personally, I would go for the sedan/coupe in a M3 given how much rain we get in Auckland.
  15. Yup. I regularly drive 3-8 hours in the US and never feel tired. Easy driving. I spent years going up and down the 99 and the 5 in California for work. Although, some states are a lot better than others. Ohio has amazing roads, Michigan is terrible. This is why Americans can’t understand why we fly between Auckland and Wellington.
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