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  1. Yeap when I owned it I sure did drive it with pleasure
  2. WTB clutch slave cylinder for a M20B20 1982 BMW E21 320. If anyone knows where I could get one would be appreciated. Cheers
  3. On my voyages today came across a lot of old and rusted BMWs that were mainly E21's. Some pretty good potential in the heap, guy is a panel beater and has one stripper down with no rust. Couple of photos as I was mainly getting the parts I need to finish of the BM for the WoF.
  4. Ah was this car at the Mad Mike Summer Bash event, remember seeing something very similar if not the car itself. The RB engine swap? Maybe could do one of my projects for the future with a bit of inspiration from this one. The car sure has come along way and looks great, drive like a bit of a good cart?
  5. Ahh not to worry I have a new exhaust as I completely dislike that one and think it come a cross rather obnoxious only picked it up for $10 so does the job as a temporary installment. Umm for the parts I have ordered Trunk Spoiler, Accelerator Pedal, Boot Gasket, Seat Belt, Battery Box, Door parts to fix door, Mudflaps, Speakers, Steering wheel (maybe) and the list goes on Will have a new tidy looking exhaust in the coming few weeks and maybe some new wheels if I feel the need to buy a set with tires. That certain red one should be gone in a few weeks hopefully and will have some funds to buy some more expensive parts or another car to fix
  6. Finally got the springs and have done some minor change but mainly dressed up the interior About to order plenty of parts so the car should hopefully been done in a few weeks whilst I have the school holidays to work on the car Few more photos of the build.
  7. I completely agree with you there, at least it's out of the mechanics now haha
  8. Finally got the Alfa WoF'd. Did all the brakes, window wipers and a few other smaller problems and went through no problems at all. BM in the background is making progress to just lowered the rear end today so its looking heaps better, getting some mudflaps this week to smack on and the exterior is pretty near complete with maybe a rear spoiler coming in with some luck haha Cheers...
  9. cheers man, been a bit of a mission here and there but its almost back on the road haha
  10. Hey Tommy Good to see another E21 in the ranks. Good to see someone with some tail lights in good shape. Good luck with the potential engine swap sure it will be more than a interesting build which I look forward to see in the future. If you have any basic queries will be more than happy to answer any questions with my limited mechanical knowledge or provide some photos for you.
  11. Always looked at the one below never really thought of it at a E46 M3 GTR, maybe just a m3 (with exterior cosmetics) but for a 2005 game came across pretty majestic to the younger self with less appreciation for what it really is before looking at 'affordable' cars for a restricted driver haha Interesting article didn't know that the V8 was there, hearing and seeing one drive by would be more than a privilege
  12. Hey guys looking for a set of rear lowering springs. Anyone have a chart for the spring diameters of the earlier model BMW's I could use. If anyone looking to sell some will be very interested to buy Cheers
  13. Hey Guys, Finally the old girl got out of the shed and had a fresh walk round the driveway and house. Got a few problems with the accelerator cable and in search of a new air filter for the Holley carburetor apart from that she is running well and got the finishing touches before she is off for a WoF and Rego Pretty close to the end of this build and looking forward to driving the BM around once the accelerator cable is fixed. Need some rear lowering springs too. Doesn't look quite right with the massive rake. A few photos below that turned out nicely.
  14. Have to see what happens when I drive it, the opinions seem to differ on each end of the scale. If it is as bad as people say won't be hanging on to it for too long haha. Cheers
  15. So ahh picked up one of Alfa Romeo's finest. The V6 2.5L wide body version with in need of a few repairs. (Cue Alfa jokes) Been working on the red italian polishing and reconstructing the pieces that was taken apart. In need of a new cambelt and some minor repairs here and there. Other wise 'should' be okay to drive. Running some Momocorse wheels, seem to suit the car particula Few pics of the new car below...
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