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  1. Back at it, converted battery to run in the boot using all oem parts, getting close to starting now. Recently moved house so have been really busy setting up the new and bigger shed can’t wait to get going in 2018 again lots of work still to be done
  2. odometer never worked when I bought the car so decided to pull it out and find out what gears I needed to fix the problem but then discovered all gears to be working perfectly with all teeth intact lol will try putting a new gauge in there when the cars running again to keep accurate track of how far I’ve gone on rebuild but decided to make some progress today no matter how small and painted needles red to add about 7.5hp (roughly)
  3. came off my alpina sports, previous owner had them on e21 rails, would like $40 a side fits wide variety of Recaro seats
  4. wtb serviceable pistons for m20b28 build must be facelift cheers
  5. Damn it’s been over a month since I’ve posted on here, progress hasn’t stalled but it has slowed down due to a few very busy months and unfortunately it looks to be only getting started with Christmas and new year coming up. Along with that I have a holiday coming up next year which dries up the spending on the car for the meantime but once that’s over I should be on a mad dash to getting this thing started and ran in. All that said the car hasn’t just been sitting around, in fact it’s about 99% rust free now. I used some rustroy to get anything not major killed off and the big chunk of the rear boot floor and bumper being hacked out and a new piece put in place this is was a very tedious task requiring a lot of cutting, grinding, fitting and welding done to get it lined up. It’s not perfect but all I care about is it not rusting again so I’ll be putting in some heavy brush on sealer on this week and sorting out some tail light gaskets and a boot seal as well. Nice to get this daunting task out of the way, really motivates me to move onto some more interesting stuff lol
  6. thanks man, seeing as there was literally no metal to paint over as there was just a big hole i figured best to do it properly and i plan on keeping the car for a long long time so i may as well do it right the first time. as for hoops i got them from Mike at Euro Turbo, he's great to deal with knows his stuff and has helped me out with most things for the build
  7. Been waiting on gearbox mounts which finally came today so got those in in about 10 minutes started on the rust in the boot caused by leaky tail light/ boot seal (probably both) easiest way i've figured to do it is to just cut it all out and weld in place from a donor car so have all the rust cut out and now just need to cut it again on the other piece and trim till it fits perfectly which will be the mission for the weekend. Funny how the piece that i got cut needed some rust repair on it as well lol, typical rusty old bmws. Can't wait to get all this rust finished up so i can start on other tasks, will be nice having a rust free e30 though.
  8. Put the alpina seats in tonight, had to use some ATS Performance recaro adapters to use standard E30 rails. thought I had the right adapters but I'm pretty sure they're adapters for E21 seat rails. Still working on rust as well lol, got a cut from another car from mosen that I'll weld in next weekend
  9. Cleaned, checked, honed and painted M20 block ready for rebuild
  10. The plan for the exhaust is to just run factory one during run in and then when I make the switch to turbo I'll probably be making my own exhaust by that point which will be 3" down pipe splitting off when it hits parallel with the ground into twin 2.25/2.5" pipes with a few resonators and maybe a muffler depending on how loud it is also good tip on the lube, I'll keep that in my toolbox haha
  11. Still slaving away on the rusty seams and inner guard areas also found these on my laptop from when i finally decided to break into my glovebox after about a year of owning the car. typical bmws driver bluetooth set lol
  12. thanks bro. Been a bit busy with a few other projects but i'll be getting back into it this week getting all the rust sorted and underbody sealed, then i'll be moving onto the brakes and suspension
  13. they're alpina sport seats, the sport seats that came in e30s were apparently the only real recaro seats they came with and were quite rare and the alpina trim even rarer. i bought them off an old guy from Auckland, he said they were out of his e21 which i think also came with the sport seats
  14. yo cheers mate
  15. Decided it's time to get cracking with some of the light rust on the car seeing as I'm waiting for parts so don't have a too much to do on it right now, I've known about the rust for a while but have been too busy to get round to it. the plan is to also straighten the rails(?) underneath the car where previous owners/mechanics etc have used it as a jacking point which has crumpled it in The guard also have the same problem and some small amounts of rust developing im most likely gonna be cleaning out and repainting/sealing the whole inside of the guard area in the next week and also straightening, painting and sealing the rail(?) on the both sides. Then I can work on the rust cause by the leaky tail light lol lots of fun ahead of me