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  1. Looks like the same seller has an smg one for sale too - just saw via fb marketplace
  2. I have a feeling as the year goes on, sellers will have to drop the prices of these to actually meet the market. Time will tell though!
  3. Yep it’s my one! Needing to free up some funds and with the majority tied up in the E30 it might need to be moved on - albeit for the time it doesn’t sell I will keep enjoying it
  4. Cheers both! Appreciate that rundown as well Sam. Yeah she's in good shape tbh, plan is to give her a big 'maintenance' birthday over the next few weeks just for peace of mind and then enjoy driving it. See you on Sat lads!
  5. Hey guys - recently picked up an m325i which I’m sure most would be familiar with.. Post the latest auction on trademe I had gotten in touch with the seller to organise a deal and here we are! Have come from a long line of silvia’s, ae86’s and the like so being my first E30, wanting to get an idea of the best sources for new replacement and used OEM parts, local workshops in Auckland etc etc. Cheers - and hope to catch you all soon.
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