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  1. It's not just OBD2, you need the right OBD2 cable, inpa and NCS expert. It'spretty easy once your have bought the above - look on eBay for the kit
  2. YevJenko

    Euro plates

    It's always a good way to win an argument to state what other people do and do not understand. They may or may not be illegal. There is a debate as to whether they count as facsimile plates according to the law, but one thing they are not is an issue.
  3. YevJenko

    Euro plates

    Jeez bud. Relax. This is not the same as shoplifting (where you are taking property that doesn't belong to you without exchanging consideration) vs. using an identifying plate made to ISO standards. If you don't want to use them that's fine. I, and others, do.
  4. YevJenko

    Euro plates

    I do get it. But it is not a problem. As originally stated the intent in the law is to prevent you using a 'document to defraud' - in this case passing your vehicle off as someone else's, or something else, or preventing legal identification of the vehicle (e.g. at a speed or red light camera or a plate recognition equipped police vehicle). As mentioned 6 months ago, I have been stopped for speeding, been stopped at drink drive checks points (where they always check Rego and warrant) and had warrants done at vtnz all with Euro plates on with Euro font and a Euro (D) as the logo. I have had zero problems. If you were that worried, carry the originals in the car with you -there are always times when you forgot to put the originals back on after a 'show evening'. Note. Background reflector graphics are NOT mandated by law, neither is the font.
  5. YevJenko

    Euro plates

    Like i said, never had a problem in over 9 years on 3 different cars... and that's with the Euro D plate. Here's a link to an NZ plate https://www.customeuropeanplates.com/new-zealand-european-license-plate-p-141.html?
  6. YevJenko

    BMW Airbag Recal

    has it been covered which models this affects? Also a point to ponder - as a lot of our cars are imported from Japan where it can be hotter (and colder) than here, i wonder if there is an increased likelihood of the bags going postal?
  7. YevJenko


    If you do this, your cars won't be insured when you are not driving them - e.g. when you are parked at the side of the road etc. You will only be insured for damage to others resulting from collisions you cause. Nothing else.
  8. YevJenko

    Another newbie in Wellington

    So the cable finally came and play time began. Have now successfully coded the radio to NZ/Euro standards, which worked straight away for rds, but you have to wait 15 mins for the tuner to be able to access the full frequency range and I thought I'd f'd it up. But it works, so happy beemer owner. Also managed to turn off the stupid Japanese reverse Gong, but that was in a different place to what the other forums said. They're are so many ECU's to read, it's going to take a while to find the other things I want to change Smithy if you still need the cable you can borrow it (plus laptop if needed) when you want. Pm me.
  9. YevJenko

    Another newbie in Wellington

    My tire pressure warning did not go off, even when the tire was completely flat. And I had checked the system status too in Auckland... I'm pretty happy with the Membats. In fact looking at the cracking in the front two Michelin's I'm going to get two more this week. They are about half the price I could get Michelin's fire and two thirds the price of the Bridgestone and Pirelli options. They are only a bit more than the useless ling long rubbish.
  10. YevJenko

    Another newbie in Wellington

    Thought about regular tires, but my missus world not agree with getting the compressor and goo out to fix a tire with kids in the car (she was already pissed at me that it didn't have a spare), so I went for Membat's for around 315 each Although Euro surgeon and auto gravity do the conversions, they are both in Auckland and I'm in Wellie. Hoping to see if I can do something myself, maybe following their instructions... We'll see.
  11. YevJenko

    Another newbie in Wellington

    So... Didn't quite make it to Wellie... One of the 4.5 yr old runflats blew in Paraparaumu, about 60k from Wellington, at 7pm. The problem being that it blew on the sidewall so no driving that bad boy home (stupid no spare). And the tow truck can only take 2 passengers, not a family of four. Luckily I borrowed a Honda rattle box of a friend up the road in Raumati and managed to get the family home, although my 8 yr old boy was upset at not being able to get the new car home (chip of the old block that one). Got Tony's tire service to beat an online quote so now have the car back today running two Spanish membat runflats on the back. They seem like good tires so will be changing the fronts as well. Kiwi post say my cable and NCS expert will arrive Monday so I'll see what I can do with the keys, Japanese speech recognition and radio. Anyone know what we can do with the Jap navigation system?
  12. YevJenko

    Another newbie in Wellington

    Road trip on hold for a day as my daughter got sick in the night. Oh well. Another day in the hot pool
  13. YevJenko

    Another newbie in Wellington

    In Taupo. Hitting the hot pools. Going well so far, tyres scalloped/feathered but the car seems so well set up on the Motorsport suspension. Really eager to turn in and hold the line. Need to sort out one of the keys though. Unlocks car fine but doesn't seem to detect that the key is in the car (comfort access option on this car), other key is fine though.
  14. YevJenko

    Another newbie in Wellington

    I just don't get the time to ride out really. This is nice though. Wellington here I come
  15. YevJenko

    Another newbie in Wellington

    While I have the best of intentions... I don't get to do it much on the 'other site' either