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  1. Gusgus


    From the centre bearing area . I fitted an aftermarket one before getting the driveshaft rebuilt . This got chewed up over 10000kms . Refitted the old one to check as BMW wanted around $300 and didn't have one in NZ and was still in good nick
  2. Gusgus

    e36 328i Knocking noise/vibration

    Thanks Warren , It does sound very similar to your issue . Its a shame as otherwise is a good car but this issue makes it a bit hopeless for my daily commute on the motorway .I only really kept it as long as I have due to having a bad back and finding the e46 motorsport seats one of the only seats apart from some Recaro seats and a rx8 seat I use for an office chair that I can sit in for any decent period of time. I could cut you a mean deal on it to go with your coupe
  3. Gusgus


    Thanks Peter , really looking for a sedan but thanks all the same . Ill list the 328i for sale after I have purchased a replacement runner
  4. Gusgus


    I will get some photos up as soon as I give it a clean , Thanks
  5. Gusgus

    e36 328i Knocking noise/vibration

    Sorry for the late reply . From memory I think its a ZF 5spd auto . Under heavy acceleration or when going up hills it is a loud thumping/knocking noise rather than a vibration . It does also shudder at 20km but at 35kmh it is worse . I have noticed on a cooler morning before work its not as bad as after work when the temp is higher . The gearbox does flare a bit between gears , mostly 2nd to 3rd but changes smoothly and doesn't seem to slip at all . Hope this helps , Thanks heaps Gus
  6. Gusgus


    I would like to do the conversion but lack of garage and mechanical skills means its not currently possible. The Money I spent on attempting to fix the vibration would have gone a long way towards a manual conversion
  7. Around 15000km ago my e36 328i developed a knocking noise coming from the CSB area at 20kmh and at 35kmh . I have replaced a ton of parts as suggested by my garage including : New Centre bearing , engine mounts , gearbox mount , rear shocks .I have had the front half of the driveshaft rebuilt with new cross and the same with the rear half . I have also had the rear checked for cracks in the body and all bushes/diff mountings . Around $1g later I still have the exact same issue and I'm reluctant to keep throwing parts and money at it . Any suggestions or ideas would be great . Thanks Gus
  8. Gusgus


    Hi All I have a 96 328i auto 153km i'm looking at fixing then selling to buy a manual e36 . Previous I have had an e46 320i m/sport , e46 318i m/sport , e36 318i ,e36 320i x2 and an e36 323i So far I have fitted new engine mounts , new csb , new rear shocks , had the driveshaft rebuilt and balanced , fitted e46 m/sport seats , three spoke wheel , and fitted 16" e46 wheels . Thanks Gus