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  1. Nice one James. Currently in a similar situation. Have an X3 (family car that has turned into my wife’s daily). My 2006 130i manual was meant as a weekend toy but turned into a daily. Love the car but Auckland traffic and the manual gearbox is not ideal. As such am looking to replace the 130 with a 335i. Looks like the N54 ones are in the price range so keen to hear how it goes! The M135/40 are a bit out of my budget for now.
  2. Thanks Peter, yes a great little car!
  3. Hi all, great to part of this. Just purchased a 2006 130i, manual. Really missed driving a manual over the past 2 years. Initially was looking for an M135i but manuals seemed hard to come by here without importing from back in the UK. 135i was super tempting but the missus insisted on 4 doors for sensible purposes... As such, slashed my budget and went for a 130i. What a blast, I had a 2010 330D couple of years ago but this is just a blast to drive and love the screaming straight six. It just seems to want to rev after 3000 rpm. Suspension seems very firm but I can deal with it for now. Initially bought as a fun evening/ weekend blast but now want to drive it everywhere. Goal is to slowly improve it, understand big power gains not possible so focusing on handling and noise the way to go,. Was wondering on best place to potentially source any of the below? Guessing bmw dealer can help but no doubt there is a fountain of knowledge here! bmw performance induction kit looking at some European sites this looked very pricey bmw performance exhaust - can’t seem to find it here anywhere? Anything like this http://www.birdsauto.com/product-information/b1-dynamics-package-upgrade-bmw-e87-130i-and-e82-135i available in NZ? Here she is, first ever pic of her. Cheers all! Thanks for any help in advance. Need to get rid of the swirls soon and have debadged it as well.
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