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Found 6 results

  1. Third time lucky.... After adventures with my E81( 2 door) 130i and my parts car E87 130i, I've now bought a Manual E87 M-Sport 130i! So far I've given it a thorough clean and a good drive around the Wellington hills, very happy with my purchase. Both photos from the sale listing. Its a Jap import that's been in the country since 2015, and I've got a folder full of extensive service history since then including major bits replaced like DISA valves, valvetronic, and waterpump. Car has been converted to NZ Navigation and is a high spec example from factory with black leather seats/silver trim/Idrive/Heated seats etc. Exterior is in exceptional condition bumper aside, interior is also quite nice. It has several mods: Ohlins Adjustable Suspension Works Emotion D9R 18" wheels BMW Performance rear spoiler Tints all round BMW roof racks Rear Wiper Delete Exhaust flap removed "eyebrows" As part of the purchase it had the PCV and relevant pipes replaced and MAF sensor changed after being picked up as a fault in a pre-purchase check. Outstanding issues with it include headliner sagging in the rear and front bumper damage from being backed into near the license plate. Will be fixing headlining shortly. I have had a go at cleaning paint marks off the front bumper somewhat successfully and the actual damage isn't obvious or structural. Will likely get it fixed but not a rush job. Otherwise car is in fantastic nick and drives beautifully. I'm planning to remove the eyebrows and BMW Roof racks asap, will need to find some roof rack covers for the roof. I also have a SuperSprint exhaust backbox to fit on. Think I'll replace the kidneys if/when I get the front bumper fixed as they're painted black. Big decision for me will be about the wheels, didn't originally like them but they're growing on me. They're quite special being 5x120 and relatively rare. I do like the 18" M-sport factory wheels which I have on my 4 door. Have been really enjoying the drive compared to my suspension modded E81, and stock E87 130i. Both which will be for sale now or shortly. Manual makes a big difference in the drive and feels like a bit more power is available. Adjustable suspension is a tremendous ride. So a very happy camper who finally got his manual 130i
  2. I bought another 130i, this time a 5 door E87. I'm probably going to sell the e81. This one is almost identical to the e81(same year 2008, M-Sport, beige Leather Interior, Aluminium trim) but has two more doors. It also has more goodies in that it has the 18" M-Sport Alloys, seat warmers, electric seats, idrive and auto climate control plus the previous owner put in a Bluetooth adapter and mic. It needs a little bit of tidying up and definitely a cut and polish but drives nicely considering it's done a few kms.
  3. Imported last year this is my new ride. It's the second BMW I've owned, my last car was a 2007 e90 325i M-Sport in Le Mans Blue. I looked for a new car for 6 months, initially I wanted a 335i coupe but drove a 130i and was immediately sold. The handling and power was so much fun I immediately switched to looking for LCI 130i and found this one. It's an e81 130i M-Sport with less than 50k kms and a beige leather interior which is basically mint. There has been a couple of things done to it, wheels and tyres replaced by what I understand is the newer 1 series 17" wheels and 245/45 tyres. It's just had a ceramic coating and detail done, paint does look pretty good. Been a wee bit of drama in acquiring this car, when it turned up it was not in the condition it was described and driving it has revealed further issues. That is being dealt with through appropriate channels. It's a bit of a WIP now, so we shall see how far down the rabbit hole I go. I've had a few things mechanical and electrical fixed on it recently, it's been at Page European twice for diagnosis and repair (shout out to them for being awesome and helpful). I had previously given it a good clean and repaired a non functioning fuel flap, not much but electrical is a bit beyond my skills. It's also been at Winger BMW for a battery cable recall replacement. Recent work at Page: - Trans service/fluid replacement - Oil change/filter - Vanos Solenoids replaced - Gaskets replaced - Door Rubber replaced - Various electrical repairs - Steering angle sensor fixed I plan to change the cabin air filter and regular air filter then drive it for a while. There is still various bodywork bits to fix to get it mint(minor stuff like underbody motor shield, light covers in the boot, jack points and major bits like bumpers) but mechanically it's top notch now and I'll need to save up as the car fund is a bit depleted currently. Stuff I had originally planned to do to it: - 18" wheels preferably Msport or BMW - LSD/suspension down the road a way - A tune of some description
  4. Hi all, great to part of this. Just purchased a 2006 130i, manual. Really missed driving a manual over the past 2 years. Initially was looking for an M135i but manuals seemed hard to come by here without importing from back in the UK. 135i was super tempting but the missus insisted on 4 doors for sensible purposes... As such, slashed my budget and went for a 130i. What a blast, I had a 2010 330D couple of years ago but this is just a blast to drive and love the screaming straight six. It just seems to want to rev after 3000 rpm. Suspension seems very firm but I can deal with it for now. Initially bought as a fun evening/ weekend blast but now want to drive it everywhere. Goal is to slowly improve it, understand big power gains not possible so focusing on handling and noise the way to go,. Was wondering on best place to potentially source any of the below? Guessing bmw dealer can help but no doubt there is a fountain of knowledge here! bmw performance induction kit looking at some European sites this looked very pricey bmw performance exhaust - can’t seem to find it here anywhere? Anything like this http://www.birdsauto.com/product-information/b1-dynamics-package-upgrade-bmw-e87-130i-and-e82-135i available in NZ? Here she is, first ever pic of her. Cheers all! Thanks for any help in advance. Need to get rid of the swirls soon and have debadged it as well.
  5. After owing Audi and VW for a long time I'm back to BMW. Absolutely loving my 2007 130i m sport. She's all standard (rather keep it that way unless theres a must do recommendation?). Looking for maintenance tips as I'm planning on changing diff, transmission, engine oil myself. Will only add best/recommended oils so currently researching what to get. Also need to restore the headlights. Cheers
  6. Moving over from Melbourne in October I was to start my new job at the end of Feb. I spent the whole month looking around for the 'right' car, finally I found one. The km's were a tad on the high side but for the price I couldn't turn it down. After some discussions with the previous owner and an AA check I flew down to Wellington and bought my first BMW, a 130i. I was amazed at how easy the car was to drive over long distances as I drove back that night (Although those run-flats are still giving my nightmares), I thought not having cruise control was going to be agony but alas I was stoked with it. Giz served me well, he made the 20 min commute to my new job with ease. I was having so much fun driving this little pocket rocket around and hearing that snarl of the 3.0L engine from the quad exhaust. I say 'was', because unfortunately after only 12 days of mate ship he was taken away from me. On the commute home from work, the truck following failed to notice myself and everyone else coming to a stop. I watched as the driver failed to pay attention, getting ever larger in my rear view mirror. I knew he'd never pull it up in time on the greasy road so I put my head back on the head rest and waited to be hit. Poor Giz sacrificed himself to let me walk away with only a concussion, I was devastated, I had my independence stripped away, a friend stolen too soon. I was also thankful, thankful that Giz held up so well in the crash that I was able to walk away. So it was settled, I needed to buy another Baby Beamer. So I did, today! I put the deposit down on a black 2009 manual 130i. Personally love the feel of the manual more than the Auto Giz was rocking around in. I'm sorry that I don't have any photo's yet of it and still thinking of a name, but when I take ownership later next week I'll be sure to update this post. I look forward to getting to know the community here and learning a bit more about E87's and BMW's in general. tl;dr - Flew to Wellington to buy a 130i. Had it 12 days, hit by a truck. So I bought another one.
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