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  1. Update: Ignore the third link, that's just steering wheel controls. Also, only the PDC doesn't work on my car... I still have the warning chimes, e.g. seatbelt, door open, etc.
  2. Hi all, Need a bit of help here. I installed a Pioneer stereo, subwoofer, and new speakers in my 335i E90 (manufactured 2007). It all sounds great, however as expected I've lost the parking sensors (PDC) and steering wheel controls (less concerned about that). I disabled the under-seat woofers. The original spec of the car was the 'base' audio system, so six speakers and no tweeters. No iDrive. Amplified from the factory head unit I believe; no separate amplifier. I know I need a Connects2 adapter/harness to get the PDC back, but I'm not sure which one to get. A local online shop has these (though not sure of stock or whether it's in-country): https://www.lx2001.co.nz/products/connects2-swc-harness-bmw-1-3-5-mini-z4-x1-04-16 https://www.lx2001.co.nz/products/connects2-swc-harness-bmw-2001-2016-quadlock-sensor-audio-retention https://www.lx2001.co.nz/products/connects2-swc-harness-bmw-2001-2016-quadlock-non-idrive-non-amplifier Are any of these what I'm looking for? Don't want to get the wrong on... Cheers, James
  3. Long shot... Anyone in Hamilton have ramps that can take our fat tyres? I borrowed some from a mate but they're designed for 90s Japanese cars and my tyres overhang. Doing my intercooler!
  4. XHP stage 3. Don't waste time on lower stages.
  5. It’s an abomination. I worry that the current owner thinks it’s a real M3, given a previous plate was M3HOT. I wonder if he was tricked into buying it.
  6. It even has the mirrors and fenders. What on earth?
  7. Who did your DPs? Did you gut the stock pipes or get real catless ones?
  8. Wouldn’t mind dealing to the wood in my 335i. It looks pretty lame in a quick car.
  9. Had a clean now - currently offering to watchers for $1500: https://trademe.nz/motors/cars/bmw/328i/listing/1890436777
  10. As an aside, when I first met my wife she had a "reliable Toyota". Within six months it blew a head gasket and I got her onto BMWs since then
  11. Choice. Lucky it’s a Toyota!
  12. Do you know how to do a compression test yourself?
  13. According to the service records my 2009 335i (NZ New) hasn’t had its HPFP changed at any point. Is this something I should preemptively fix? Or just wait for it to inevitably fail? Car has done about 65k. Anyone know the cost of this repair?
  14. Should be under 20%. If everything is ticked off with them first then there's no excuse to deny cover.
  15. Have spoken to the insurer and removing the cats and a basic ECU stage 1+ tune is fine but they will need specific information (performance increase details). They seem good to deal with. This is for both standard insurance and mechanical.
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