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  1. I paid $90nz from demontweeks for shipping on the shocks themselves. I think its volume that stings on the fcpeuro shipping costs, rather than weight.
  2. It wasn't cheap, $50US for fedex international, but I've ordered smaller stuff from other US sites and paid about the same so figured it was ok. I paid $36US shipping for about 3/4 of the amount of parts a couple of months ago
  3. Ordered strut mounts, dust sleeves, bump stops and lower spring pads from fcp euro, its going on a car with 50k kms on it so other bits should be ok.
  4. Guess I'll be hitting up fcp euro.
  5. I've ordered a pair of bilstein B4s from demontweeks. Do I need any other parts for replacing shocks?
  6. Just found the receipt for the tints too. Also unless I'm mistaken he's also put a usb into the glovebox, I'm sure it wasn't there before lol I don't really know the deposit rules, but I use one if I want to buy a car and the seller will hold it for me, so its usually not a big amount, or if I want to get a ppi done. It's always refundable except if something goes awry, and differs on circumstance. Like in this case where he basically had paid for the vehicle, in terms of the deposit amount, because he would have it for a couple of days and I was away. I did return most of it, but kept enough to cover the estimated cost of the bumper. He could have at least put some wheels on it lol Yeah he didn't seem like he thought it through that well, but to be fair he's been reasonable to deal with so far. The cheapest comparable E87, so LCI and lowish kms (70k) on trademe is $12k. Someone is selling one supercheap on here for 7K which is a steal if you want one. I'd buy it if I didn't have two atm. Next cheapest would be my E87 which is 6k, but that has done over 200k kms. So if you have a secret source for E87 130i for 5k I'd be super interested.
  7. He had it for a couple of days to do the ppi because I was away. Took most of the asking price as a deposit.
  8. Sorry those linked Bilsteins are E81/E87 130i in the sports suspension spec which I assume is their jargon for M-sport suspension. They are dearer than the models for stock suspension. Ah ok, that makes sense. So they work out about the same cost then between the Sachs and the bilstein b4. Edit with Shipping B4s for sport suspension are under $300NZ, and the sachs are about $380 ok on amazon I can match the old part number to the B4 bilsteins, so they're correct for the E81! They've got them even cheaper hmmm
  9. Yeah I was super surprised when he returned it and it was tinted. He wanted me to pay for the tint and I told him no, he's tinted my car and I told him it's not yours unless you buy it. Then told me he had damaged the bumper, and I was like wtf man. Yeah, because it needs new shocks(a shock is losing fluid) he doesn't want it if it needs work done. So far its cost him whatever tinting costs, ppi cost and the bumper cost to fix :shrugs:
  10. Looks like the part numbers are different, checked real oem and they came up with: Front left is 31316786023 Front Right is 31316786024 Found a couple of genuine bmw parts on fcp euro but $200US a corner Bilsteins website gave these two for front shocks with sports suspension on E81/E87 130i: Front Left https://www.bilstein-shop.com/bilstein-bmw-1-series-e81-e87-130i-b4-gas-shock-absorber-p-231455.html Front Right https://www.bilstein-shop.com/bilstein-bmw-1-series-e81-e87-130i-front-b4-gas-shock-absorbe-p-231453.html Searching their p/n found they're available at a few places and about $100NZ each plus shipping Are B4s suitable replacements for M-Sport suspension, these say they are but wonder if anyone has fitted them before? Do I need to order anything else?
  11. To be fair the buyer has agreed to pay to fix the damage and I have money from him already, just unfortunate. It does fix a couple of cosmetic issues but will mean it's in the shop for a bit. He was so keen on the car he got the windows tinted lol
  12. Back for sale, but not available for a bit as potential buyer put some damage on the car parking it(after I told him it was low) :facepalm: so will be at the panelbeaters shortly for repair work. Will have new front bumper and new undertray fitted. Pre purchase inspection showed a new shock was needed so will be fitting new front shocks too.
  13. Where to buy a set of front shocks for a 2008 130i M-sport? Msport suspension set up, don't mind going aftermarket if its better or cheaper.
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