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  1. Yeah it's been driven a lot more now that all the insurance stuff has been sorted. Looks really nice with the new bumper on there. Also put a replacement undertray in to complete the front end. It will be put up for sale again soon, got a relative dealing with it as I've been a bit busy lately.
  2. NZ_InFerno

    2009 320i

    My mate is selling his wagon, it's on trademe looking for 9k ono https://trademe.nz/motors/cars/bmw/320i/listing/2233574228
  3. bump Still looking for an undertray off an E81 or E87 130i, possibly other models in the range. Part number is 51757129318 Also need the front M-sport bumper attachment piece for the undertray, part no. 51757906821
  4. Was under the car today (and the E87) checking the shocks/suspension and sway bar. This car has bilsteins front(new ones) and rear. The sway bar I noted earlier is Eibach and a dark red colour. There is one fitted to the rear too. Previous owner has been doing suspension upgrades. Compared to the E87, which has completely stock suspension as far as I can tell, the sway bars are much thicker.
  5. I haven't been actively selling the car for a couple of months while waiting for insurance to come through, and for the shocks to arrive and for time to put them in. I did have someone else keen to buy it but they, like myself, got sick of the insurance taking so long to sort out the bumper. Will kill the E81 listing once I've sorted out the swap over between cars of the exhaust back-box and wheels and make a new one up on trademe/bimmersport. Car has a fair amount of money in it now in upgrades/repairs so will be asking a bit more for it. Found it had an aftermarket swaybar in it too when putting the bilsteins in.
  6. Fitted a new battery to this earlier this week, has been my runabout for the last 6 weeks with my 2 door getting sorted out.
  7. Update: Just picked up my car after barely driving it for 6 weeks due to bumper damage and needing new shocks. Now has a shiny new front bumper and wheel alignment courtesy of a potential buyer giving a concrete parking bollard a nudge. Cost me $30, bargain Have also fitted new B4 Bilstein front shocks plus top hats, bumpstops, dust covers etc last weekend. Planning to put the Supersprint exhaust back box from my E87 back on to it and swap the 18" wheels over too, I've mostly been driving the E87 recently and I really like the stance and look of the wheels plus the exhaust note is top drawer! Will still be up for sale but as its had even more cash poured into it I wont be selling it cheap and am quite happy to keep driving it around.
  8. I paid $90nz from demontweeks for shipping on the shocks themselves. I think its volume that stings on the fcpeuro shipping costs, rather than weight.
  9. It wasn't cheap, $50US for fedex international, but I've ordered smaller stuff from other US sites and paid about the same so figured it was ok. I paid $36US shipping for about 3/4 of the amount of parts a couple of months ago
  10. Ordered strut mounts, dust sleeves, bump stops and lower spring pads from fcp euro, its going on a car with 50k kms on it so other bits should be ok.
  11. Guess I'll be hitting up fcp euro.
  12. I've ordered a pair of bilstein B4s from demontweeks. Do I need any other parts for replacing shocks?
  13. Just found the receipt for the tints too. Also unless I'm mistaken he's also put a usb into the glovebox, I'm sure it wasn't there before lol I don't really know the deposit rules, but I use one if I want to buy a car and the seller will hold it for me, so its usually not a big amount, or if I want to get a ppi done. It's always refundable except if something goes awry, and differs on circumstance. Like in this case where he basically had paid for the vehicle, in terms of the deposit amount, because he would have it for a couple of days and I was away. I did return most of it, but kept enough to cover the estimated cost of the bumper. He could have at least put some wheels on it lol Yeah he didn't seem like he thought it through that well, but to be fair he's been reasonable to deal with so far. The cheapest comparable E87, so LCI and lowish kms (70k) on trademe is $12k. Someone is selling one supercheap on here for 7K which is a steal if you want one. I'd buy it if I didn't have two atm. Next cheapest would be my E87 which is 6k, but that has done over 200k kms. So if you have a secret source for E87 130i for 5k I'd be super interested.
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