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  1. NZ_InFerno

    2007 550i Touring

    Nice, don't want to trade for a 130i plus cash? 😅 Mechanical warranty gone?
  2. NZ_InFerno

    E81 130i MSport 2008

    bump, price dropped again. New 1 year rego.
  3. NZ_InFerno

    E46 2002 330ci 6 Spd Manual

    Any service history?
  4. NZ_InFerno

    130i codes read

    I've got something lined up but will send a pm if it falls through. Thanks for the offer
  5. NZ_InFerno

    2008 E87 130i

  6. NZ_InFerno

    2008 E87 130i

    $6000 Due to a change in circumstances, loss of my mechanics help, lack of time and an unrequited love for my E81 130i(like an abusive stepfather lol) I'm selling my E87 4 door 130i. It owes me $6k so that's what I will put it up for. Showroom thread here It's a 2008 M-Sport w/ 214k kms on it. Specced with beige Leather Interior and Aluminium trim. Also has 18" M-Sport Alloys, seat warmers, electric seats, Idrive and auto climate control plus the previous owner put in a Parrot Bluetooth handsfree and 35% tints. Interior and Exterior are in excellent condition for their age. There is the odd scratch or mark on the exterior but after the detail it does present very well. Originally purchased as a parts car for my E81 130i it won me over by being too good to part out. It was a real estate agents car that did plenty of long distance kms in the Wairarapa, and was a company car for 80k kms before that. In my ownership I've done - New K/N Air Filter - New Cabin Air Filter - Leather clean and repair to front seats. Steering wheel repair. - Professional Detail and Cut and Polish Exterior, including headlights and Wax seal coating on body work, degrease and clean of undercarriage - New Vanos Solenoids Car comes with a mostly complete service history from BMW Winger since it was imported from Japan, highlights include: 2018/2019 - 186-210k - 4 New Tyres - Oil Cooler Gaskets - Rocker Cover Gasket - Transmission service including Trans flush - Front and rear Pads plus Sensors - 2x Oil Service last at 210k - Belt, Tensioner and Idler. Crank Pulley. - AC Regassed, new valves. 2017 -186k - Starter Motor - Inlet Manifold Gasket 2016 177k - Front Brake Hoses - Brake Fluid - Rear Brake Pads - Rear Brake Sensor - Wheel Repair - LHF Door Actuator - LH Door Lock 176K - Exhaust Bracket 175k - Washer Pump 172k - Cylinder #6 Ignition Coil - Washer jets flushed 2015 139k - LR Doorlock and Actuator 135k - Windscreen 118k - Front Brake Discs - Front Brake Sensor - Rear Brake Discs - Rear Brake Sensor - Eccentric Cam Seal Issues: Car has recently shown a check engine light, after I put the new Vanos Solenoids in. I still have the old ones, and with a clean(brake cleaner) they could go back in and fix the light. I don't have a code scanner but the car runs fine so :shrugs: After the detail, which took over a week with the doors constantly open, the battery was nearly dead. I have had the car battery recharged on a trickle charger but it now gives an error message saying increased discharge on battery. I've had the battery tested twice, before the detail and after, and it tests fine. Online suggests an intelligent battery sensor may fix the issue or a new battery. Car still starts fine and drives with no issue. May be solved by taking it for a good long drive but I honestly don't have time atm . I had the car prepurchase inspected before I bought it and it showed the rear driveshaft guibo/coupling has a crack in it. I have the front and rear(accidentally ordered the front one lol) couplings and all the bolts etc needed to replace. Can sell to buyer at a discount, I can otherwise return them to fcpeuro. Car drives and runs fine, has newish tyres front and rear and is a real pleasure to drive. I intended to keep this but I keep falling in love with my 2 door 130i. Pm me or reply here, will entertain offers but feel its pretty fairly priced. Great runabout and fun drive. You can see the 2 door E81 while you're viewing too ;D
  7. NZ_InFerno

    130i codes read

    Thanks man
  8. NZ_InFerno

    130i codes read

    I'm pretty sure it's because I changed the vanos Solenoids the other day, but would like to scan and see what codes it's throwing. Don't think there's anyone local with a tool so I'll have to take it into a garage for a scan.
  9. NZ_InFerno

    130i codes read

  10. NZ_InFerno

    130i codes read

    The check codes menu in the dash? I've checked that. Need an obd port code read
  11. NZ_InFerno

    130i codes read

    bump anyone?
  12. NZ_InFerno

    130i codes read

    Anyone have a code reader/scanner I can hire or recommend one to buy? Driving home last night my E87 had a check engine light come on :S Nothing in the system check was showing either I'm based in Welly
  13. NZ_InFerno

    Official Tools for Hire Thread

    Anyone have a scan tool for an E87 130i, will hire off you 🙂 Or if there's a recommended one to buy? Baeed in Welly
  14. NZ_InFerno

    E87/E90? Dark "Carbon Fibre" Grills pair

  15. NZ_InFerno

    E81 130i MSport 2008

    bump, price drop