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    1988 f/lifted to 91 e30 320i 5spd
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    91 spec :D, converted to 5 speed, lowered, BBS RS wheel, motorsport options.
  1. nz320i

    1988 320i for sale!

    Check it out- $5500 o.b.o will take it, selling to pay for PR in Canada, wheels not sold separately, Thanks! chriswcollie@gmail.com
  2. nz320i

    E30 320i 5 speed, facelift, BBS RS

    hey A little gutted to sell, but my plan is buying another over here in Canada, providing i get my PR... fingers crossed. The RS are going for $6000 or best offer, with a free coupe. Sorry, I really need to sell the whole car.. ebay might have some RS's? I found these ones over on the west coast and had them repainted and polished.
  3. nz320i

    E30 320i 5 speed, facelift, BBS RS

    It's in the city centre. Car has CERT too. For lowering
  4. nz320i

    E30 320i 5 speed, facelift, BBS RS

    Thanks guys. It is a minter for sure. Absolutely gutted to sell her even if she's not a 325 or m3. There's a couple of cool ones I've seen here in Vancouver, but some of them have those horrible US style bumpers. Interesting thing though, they don't have WOF's here, so the e30 I did see, had huge BBS wheels sticking out the arches. Put a huge childish grin on my face hah! Contact my Father to view and buy it! 027 2466 533 (Geoff) Serious buyers please. Much appreciated. And don't write it off like my last car I sold! Haha! Selling to fund my Permanent Residence application in Canada. Jesus.
  5. Excellent condition. Want to stay in Canada, so I think I'll finally give it up and sell the thing. If you haven't seen it already, I'll try get some photos up. I'm not in NZ right now, if you know someone who is really interested please PM me, I'll try to get on BS as much as possible. Not really sure what its worth but here's the specs 320i 5 speed getrag 260 box (converted from auto) Not going to lie, I cut the shifter, but I liked it this way BBS RS with 2" lip rear and 1.5" front lip, rebuilt and painted/polished, may need re-polished but I'll look into it iS front lip, and interior, with new dash, 1 minor crack I think Some kind of exhaust system, although this may be changed to get the WOF Facelift bumpers, smiley headlights Professional 35% black tint all round including rear window New badges New windscreen New radiator, water pump, thermostat all done before I left, so cooling system is in top condition. (wasn't replaced due to over heating issues either!) New C-arm bushes done recently (by this I mean 2 years ago, hasn't been driven since then) Shocks are from the iS model, shortened I think.. Springs are red, cobra if I remember correctly. Entire car was repainted very well by auto restorations in CHCH some 5 years ago, has always been covered or garaged. The usual rust spot that occurs in the firewall of e30's has been re-done. (No known rust anywhere) The stripes have been removed on the front. Will sell for a reasonable offer, over $14000 has been sunk into this bloody car! It's pretty mint! I can arrange viewing in CHCH. Cheers! $6500 or best offer??? Please just PM if you are interested
  6. Hey Guys long time no post, i get to envious coming on here now because i have to drive a horrible mazda here in Canada! Anyway my poor old bmw is under a car cover in the christchurch summer and i think i would like it in a garage! Anybody know of some good reliable safe storage?? And preferably cheap!? The car has been sitting for 4 months now, and I don't think ill be back until at least xmas before I head over here again. Thanks! Chris
  7. nz320i

    Digital SLR Advice

    Wow I havent posted in a long time, I own 2 pentax dslr's and I have used canon and wouldnt look back, i used a 10d and 30d and 40d, even the older models create amazing photos, its down to the person behind it somewhat but the canon produces amazing colour too.. im going to get one when i have more cash.. in the meantime i love my k100d!
  8. nz320i

    Is New Zealand Broadband Internet too EXPENSIVE?

    Telecom Cabinet upgrade - awesome step to screw governments decision of letting others use your network. Penry is right, I totally agree. Why would a mechanic let another mechanic just walk in and start using his tools? Get your own. Telstra did, kind of..
  9. nz320i

    HP nx6120 Laptop

    Selling the laptop too nx6120 15.4inch screen 1GB DDR Memory 40BG HDD 1.6Ghz Centrino CPU Has XP Pro on it. $500?
  10. Going overseas and want a new laptop.. AMD 4000+ dual core Albatron 8600GT 256MB Video Card 320GB HDD 2GB Memory Coolermaster Modular 520W psu
  11. nz320i

    Car Storage

    Hey Guys I'm heading overseas in a month, I dont really want to sell my car, and have free storage on a roof top.. but im thinking summer in CHCH with only a car cover will ruin my car? Is there any alternatives that are relatively cheap?? Under a roof!
  12. nz320i

    Why has petrol not come down in price?

    Its really bothering me how the US economy is under so much fire, yet the dollar remains strong.. I was hoping for .70 NZD but not .599!! Going to Canada next month, our dollar is useless .. bugger.
  13. nz320i


    http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=178986709 or offers, just PM me, want to get rid of all my parts before i go to canada Also have some seatbelts from 318iS and a 3.65 Diff
  14. nz320i

    ex [ED1RTY] New Pics

    Wow it looks nice dude! Do you get rub on the front guards with the offset?
  15. nz320i

    3.65 DIFF

    Medium Case i think? Out of a 320i anyway, PM me if your after one. Cheers