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  1. Thanks guys. Still can't find the post on it. I recall discussion around the legitimacy of it being an evo 1? If anyone can shed some light that would be appreciated
  2. Hi All, Anyone know the background or have any intel on this E30 M3? https://www.trademe.co.nz/2877889331 I recall there being a post about it some time ago with a bit of criticism? I cant find the post but if I can be pointed in the right direction that would be appreciated. Cheers
  3. Yep, still have it sitting in the garage. No further progress. Am looking for an E46 M3 so it could well be on the market soon...
  4. 3 SERIES

    E46 M3

    Hi All, Am on the lookout for an E46 M3. Anyone selling or considering selling soon? Ideally manual, any colour but black Cheers Brett
  5. 3 SERIES

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    Slow close now Blair! Keep the posts coming.
  6. 3 SERIES

    Andrews M325i

    Nice! What do you think of the B8s? What springs are you running with them? Any photos of it on them? Thanks
  7. Id love to take a look but its a little bit out of my budget so I would only be dreaming!
  8. 3 SERIES

    WTB: E46 M3

    I’ve seen what’s on TM to date. Putting the feelers out there to see if anyone is looking to sell in the near future? Ideally manual Any colour but Black. Cheers Brett
  9. Nice Example. Wouldnt mind getting my hands on one in the near future. Good luck with the sale.
  10. The red seats are a deal breaker for me. Oh and SMG but thats my preference and maybe not others.
  11. Nope, been a bit slack. Need to get a relay and try that first.
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