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  1. Welcome. Stunning example. Just picked one up myself (not Phoenix Gold) a couple weeks ago, however I need to find the time to take it for a decent drive!
  2. 3 SERIES

    E46 M3

    Not me. I'm in Hawkes Bay.
  3. 3 SERIES

    E46 M3

    Yeah was a bit of a bonus having the suspension, sway bars and wheels done in the last year. The receipts had me 😲 Will start a thread when I have some spare time. Have only driven it for 10 mins, hopefully I can get out in it over the weekend!
  4. 3 SERIES

    E46 M3

    Close 😉 APEX ARC-8R (Forged)
  5. 3 SERIES

    E46 M3

    Cheers Rob. Had just picked it up!
  6. 3 SERIES

    E46 M3

    Yeah mate, Ohlins adjustables.
  7. 3 SERIES

    E46 M3

    Search is over. Cheers
  8. 3 SERIES

    E46 M3

    Seen it, not what I'm after if you read my original post. If wanting to discuss a car on TM move over to the For Sale Section
  9. 3 SERIES

    E46 M3

    Hi All, Still in the lookout. Anyone interested in selling or have a lead flick me a message. Cheers Brett
  10. Sold for 51k. Anyone on here get it? I was in the bidding war with them!
  11. Thanks guys. Still can't find the post on it. I recall discussion around the legitimacy of it being an evo 1? If anyone can shed some light that would be appreciated
  12. Hi All, Anyone know the background or have any intel on this E30 M3? https://www.trademe.co.nz/2877889331 I recall there being a post about it some time ago with a bit of criticism? I cant find the post but if I can be pointed in the right direction that would be appreciated. Cheers
  13. Yep, still have it sitting in the garage. No further progress. Am looking for an E46 M3 so it could well be on the market soon...
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