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  1. Hi Matthew, Very cool to hear its still round. Keen to see what you've done to it. I'll be in touch. Cheers Brett
  2. Hi All, I have a set of 19" Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S Tyres taking up space in my shed. Before I put on Facebook and the keyboard warriors have their say I thought I'd see if anyone on here is interested. They came with the E46 M3 I purchased as a spare set. They look to have done very little Km's. My builders rule has them at approx 6mm of tread maybe more. 2 x 225 / 40 / ZR 19 2 x 255 / 35 / ZR 19 From what I can see manufacture date is 08 / 19. I know what they're worth new but no idea second hand so $1200? for the set but let me know if im off the mark. No offense taken! Located in Hawkes Bay. Cheers Brett
  3. 3 SERIES

    Pedal set E46

    Hi Nick, are these genuine?
  4. Bloody awesome! Bet you're wrapped with the outcome.
  5. Hi Neal, Have my 04 manual done 130km insured for 45k agreed with Star Insurance via Marsh. One of their prerequisites was that they required a valuation by one of their approved values. I had this undertaken by New Zealand vehicle valuations which was to my expatation and in line with recent sales at the time (6 months ago). Cheers Brett
  6. 3 SERIES

    E46 M3

    Stunning. Credit to you!
  7. Welcome. Stunning example. Just picked one up myself (not Phoenix Gold) a couple weeks ago, however I need to find the time to take it for a decent drive!
  8. 3 SERIES

    E46 M3

    Not me. I'm in Hawkes Bay.
  9. 3 SERIES

    E46 M3

    Yeah was a bit of a bonus having the suspension, sway bars and wheels done in the last year. The receipts had me 😲 Will start a thread when I have some spare time. Have only driven it for 10 mins, hopefully I can get out in it over the weekend!
  10. 3 SERIES

    E46 M3

    Close 😉 APEX ARC-8R (Forged)
  11. 3 SERIES

    E46 M3

    Cheers Rob. Had just picked it up!
  12. 3 SERIES

    E46 M3

    Yeah mate, Ohlins adjustables.
  13. 3 SERIES

    E46 M3

    Search is over. Cheers
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