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  1. Yeah what I was thinking. Given they aren't that easy to get at and pull off I don't want to be doing it again in 12 months to fix anything else.
  2. I have the wastegate rattle, lasts for the first minute when warming up then goes away. Turbo's seem to run fine, boost OK etc. 2006 E91, 170km's on the clock. So, two choices (assuming I don't want to put up with the rattle). 1. Pull turbo's out, have the wastegate rattle fixed with the kits you can order from the US. Might fit downpipes whilst I'm there. 2. Pull turbo's out and rebuild - what are the options here? Just rebuild to factory specs or get them upgraded? Any suggestions are appreciated as I haven't really dealt with turbo issues before. I have access to a hoist so would likely pull the turbo's out myself.
  3. Are the Dvd/Minidisc in dash units combined with the CCC computer? I assume it is all one part. Just wondering if I went down the Android upgrade path what I could get rid of to make a bit of room to have other gauges/cubby hole but I suspect it is one combined unit?
  4. Where do you guys source your plugs/coils from? NZ supplier or overseas? I've ordered a cable but also thinking I should probably look at doing some of those service items first.
  5. Can anyone with an E9x with idrive and the DVD/MD combo in dash tell me if you see MD as a source option when scrolling across the screen. The DVD/CD drive works fine and there is an option to select CD on screen although it is greyed out if no disc is present. The MD player on the other hand loads discs but there is no option anywhere on the screen to select MD as an input and I can't get it to play, the option isn't even there greyed out. At this stage I don't think it has anything to do with the recording format as I would of thought I would be able to at least see MD as an option on screen, greyed out or not. Yes I know MD's are historic but I'm going through a nostalgic phase and reliving my youth 😀
  6. Pulled the centre console out to find out why the Aux in wasn't working on my E91 335i. Discovered it was unplugged behind the rear panel at back of console due to wires being crushed in a 2cm section. Replaced the wires and it works fine, can't understand why someone would go to the trouble of pulling the console just to unplug the connector, why not spend 5 minutes and fix it why you have access?
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