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  1. Thanks for trying. I'm pretty sure the minidisc format was never region locked. Not really.sure what is going on. It doesnt help that I cant seem to find a BMW instruction manual online that had minidisc instructions, I'm assuming they were mainly for the Japanese market?
  2. I have just done downpipes on my N54, about to install a alloy charge pipe and am currently running MHD stage 1. We will shortly have access to 100 octane fuel courtesy of NPD so I'm thinking of looking at stage 2. How important is it to install a bigger intercooler given the temp at the moment isn't really getting above 10c down south?
  3. No never got it sorted. I'd appreciate it if you let me know if you do manage to get your hands on a disc to see how it goes.
  4. Had some downpipes put on today and had the wastegates adjusted as they had quite a rattle for the first minute or so when starting up. Turns out at full vacuum one was still open about 6mm, be interesting to see how it drives now. Hopefully I will get 12 months out of them before I have to pull the pin and replace both turbos.
  5. Yes. I have recorded using an analogue cable in real time, so a 5 minute song takes 5 minutes etc. they play fine on the two MD devices I have. Even putting a blank disc in the MD slot in the car does nothing, normally MD players would come up saying blank disc etc.
  6. I have tried recording onto a MD using an analogue cable, made no difference.
  7. Yeah I appreciate it’s hard to know what condition they are in until they are pulled out, car is my daily driver though so I don’t want it off the road for more than a week if I can help it. Turbos boost fine and don’t produce any smoke so hopefully they are in fair condition, it’s just the rattle that’s annoying and I’m going to install downpipes and I know this tends to amplify the rattle even more, would drive me crazy.
  8. Yeah would be fun but I don’t need 600hp, not even close. If I could make 350atw I would be more than happy, hence why I’m thinking of just rebuilding the factory units.
  9. Anyone had their turbos from the N54 rebuilt? I enquired at the only southern turbo specialist I could find but he said it wasn’t really worth it and gave me a price for new turbos. i was thinking of getting the rebuild kits and wastegate repair kits and having someone rebuild them for me. Is this not really a viable option?
  10. Pretty sure the MD format was not region coded. I’ve tried several different file types, .mp3, .wav etc but none appear to work. Not sure if the player is faulty or I’m just not accessing it properly, can’t find any online instructions either.
  11. So was that a CD playing or MD?
  12. Yeah what I was thinking. Given they aren't that easy to get at and pull off I don't want to be doing it again in 12 months to fix anything else.
  13. I have the wastegate rattle, lasts for the first minute when warming up then goes away. Turbo's seem to run fine, boost OK etc. 2006 E91, 170km's on the clock. So, two choices (assuming I don't want to put up with the rattle). 1. Pull turbo's out, have the wastegate rattle fixed with the kits you can order from the US. Might fit downpipes whilst I'm there. 2. Pull turbo's out and rebuild - what are the options here? Just rebuild to factory specs or get them upgraded? Any suggestions are appreciated as I haven't really dealt with turbo issues before. I have access to a hoist so would likely pull the turbo's out myself.
  14. Are the Dvd/Minidisc in dash units combined with the CCC computer? I assume it is all one part. Just wondering if I went down the Android upgrade path what I could get rid of to make a bit of room to have other gauges/cubby hole but I suspect it is one combined unit?
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