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  1. Everyone knows that you should drive faster with no reg/wof as it means less time on the road so less time of being caught... There's plenty off the shelf bits for LS conversions so if it's want you want and have the ability to do it, then go for it
  2. S54 headers $1500ono s50b32 midsection $2000ono
  3. Yeah I'll prob get one off ebay, no one here wants to match price wise or be even close
  4. Also found in e39 with SLS
  5. I don't think you can test them? Could pop them open and look for damage?
  6. After one of these 37141092396 from a e53 with airbag suspension
  7. Gaz

    Quick rant thread.

    I wouldn't. See too many people getting scammed through family and friends. I trust beisan and have used them before but that just seem ridiculous
  8. Gaz

    M62 headgasket

    Anyone had experience with these failing? Are the heads usually ok?
  9. As long as the service advisor and tech have completed their bit then yes.. oh and the system is working. It's available via the key reader software I forget what it's called, it's been a wild 2.5 years since I left.
  10. You can see warranty work including recalls and what dealer number completed the work
  11. These guys are a crack up. Z3m wheels for $4k, same price as new ones
  12. How old is the vehicle? Unless the dealers are owned by the same company then each dealer can't view other dealers records so youd have to contact each dealer. If you were the owner at the time this wont be an issue. It will also depend on what management system the dealer uses as some systems can give a brief overview of everything they have done without customer info. Electronic records are available to view by all but you can see all that in the idrive
  13. Gaz

    Project E39

    I think facelift/non facelift?
  14. Gaz

    Quick rant thread.

    An extra $350 for a lifetime of heated seats is hardly going to break the bank. The associated cost with making assembly line changes to accommodate all these changes are horrendous. I'll use the f15 as an example, they came with 4 different headlight options. The 4 lights that need to be designed and manufactured, then loaded into the assembly line at the right time.Thats 4 different lights that need to be held on the shelf for spares. Instead they can design and build one light, keep one light on the shelf at the dealership instead of waiting however long for parts from Germany.
  15. Gaz

    Quick rant thread.

    I honestly don't see a problem with it. What other means is that bmw can now sell a 3 series for say $40k (prob not but just a random figure) with no features meaning you open up the market to more buyers. They then add features they see applicable to themselves. There are so many people out there who tell me daily, I don't use/care/want any of this stuff and just want to drive
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