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  1. Reading between the lines, we didn't know the vehicle was even here so if there were any outstanding recalls or issues with the vehicle, we weren't able to reticfy
  2. With the f10 m5 budget for oil as they can use a bit or pick up a warranty to help ease the burden. Have you considered a X5M?
  3. Can pick m5s up for sub 25k with bearings and clutch done so 10k would cover a fair bit
  4. Anyone else having issues on the trademe app for android? Keeps saying I'm offline
  5. Twin power = turbo + vanos
  6. Get an early 320d, no dpf no idrive no worries
  7. Tried allsorts to bring in customers of older vehicles in but the offers were very seldom taken up on. Even where I work now, (not BMW dealer) attempted to lure people in on recalls with $50 off next service. Only had 2 come back.
  8. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3070231660 Tech wan
  9. Madness.... I built mine for less than $2k but some people just gotta have them now and pay for the privilege
  10. Gaz

    Purple tag rack

    Not quite, 14mm spacers underneath, custom or bend the power steering lines, and depending on motor, modify the steering coupling
  11. Gaz

    Style 66s

    Yep, christchurch
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