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  1. Yep, used to see it around christchurch all the time getting smashed from light to light
  2. Anything thats manual and has a mint dash =$15k
  3. You need to leave the ignition turned on for 5 seconds not turn it 5 times
  4. Gaz

    Style 66s

    Bump, will swap for some staggered e36 m3 wheels
  5. I think a 205/45 or 50 should be ok. I have 205/45 on 16x8 et24 and it was a good look... I'm the vert
  6. I didn't notice no, was busy fixated on the headlight ones...
  7. For that sort of money, you'd hope they will find the missing headlight wipers
  8. Had a large number of enquiries on EVs today at work strangely enough....
  9. Gaz

    Style 66s

    Staggered set of 5. Tyres are no good. $750ono
  10. E39 m5 prices just jumped 20k
  11. 2008 Jap import 130 with 150km, oil leak from somewhere, bald tyres and few stone chips, whats it worth?
  12. Brakes, tyres, control arm bushes, rear suspension airbags fail at around 100km. If its higher kms then Diesel Particulate Filters can be an issue if they haven't dont get get long hot runs. Stay away from anything 'Blue Performance', the Adblue system is a nightmare when it goes wrong
  13. With the 4 cylinders f20s just need to watch the cooling system otherwise solid machines
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