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  1. This was @euroriffic one many years ago
  2. They are e36 specific sizing and offset so would guess around 2500-3000
  3. Gaz

    E36 Widebody

    I like LTO on e30s but for some reason just doesn't sit right on the e36
  4. Not sure which ones but alot of 328s have the top set up, mine does. I think it's a nz new vs Japan but not sure
  5. You might be able to get 120d for 5k ... might I think around 10k is about right
  6. If it was in Auckland, sold easily I reckon.
  7. Try the likes of bm parts
  8. Had it been manual, yes.. auto prob not..maybe 12kish max
  9. Stop/start on a x5 is the killer due to the torque, under inflation and alignment but its normalish for people to get mid 20kms on a set of rears. Flipside is have seen customers getting 75km on them but they always use eco mode and generally open road driving. Don't have to drive like an idiot to get wear.
  10. The f31 320d is probably the most complete car around. Has enough torque to keep you happy whilst maintaining comfort. Plus the interior is a much nicer place to be over the e91. F31 all day.
  11. Anyone got any tips or companies to use? Looking at most things from engines to clusters
  12. Gaz

    E36 M3 Expansion Tank

    Im looking doing this as my radiator is on on blink do nows a good of a time as any. Any tips on what parts to order? A mate found the part number for the ledge if anyone was interested 51712259957. About $250 new...
  13. Nice, I've been looking at getting some painting gear myself but good 2nd stuff is hard to come by
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