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  1. Gaz

    EOI E39 540i touring

    Don't you worry, I've got enough other cars for that! It was another of those impulse buys 1998
  2. Gaz

    EOI E39 540i touring

    Cheers. I'm not 100% on selling it but it is half a bathroom so....
  3. EOI: possibly looking at selling my nz new 540i touring to free up some cash for house renos. The good; its done 290km but has full service history, timing chains, head gaskets etc all done in the last 40km, had a lower km gearbox fitted so mechanical sound. The bad, its done 290km so interior isn't the greatest but pretty much everything still work. Looking for about $4000
  4. Quick picture before parking her up in storage until Christmas
  5. Gaz

    E30 Wanted

    No this one is red. Yeah the market is all over the show so its hard to get a gauge on whats real so to speak
  6. Gaz

    E30 Wanted

    I know of one here in chch, pfl 325 manual sedan. Supposedly immaculate but he's wanting 12kish
  7. You find out much about it?
  8. Gaz

    E46 M3

    On Facebook here in Ashburton about 6 odd weeks ago
  9. Gaz

    E30 Vert

    Would good to get them together man. Will see how house renos go as to whether I can make the trip up again
  10. Gaz

    E46 M3

    The other m3 that was for sale over lockdown with a 'questionable' history popped up on facebook for $18k a few weeks back
  11. Ideally for a 6cylinder
  12. BMW have been building in China specific models in China for years to get around China's import taxes so it's nothing new. Just utilizing all their factories to service the world
  13. Gaz

    M43 no start!

    Fuel pump and or carbon canisters all blocked up
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