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  1. I get the colour thing, but a 325 converted to a 328 with a getrag 220? Maybe I'm still living in years gone past
  2. And here i was thinking it was over priced... looks like the e36 market is catching up to e30s..
  3. I do want these... they look good on just about anything.
  4. Just watched that update, and you can tell the difference in their attitude and enthusiasm compared to the sponsored sh*t
  5. The power of Google, search for anything and you'll find what you are looking for a hundred times over
  6. A bloke down here knows of the guy, and the vehicle was apparently on axle stands. I don't know enough to comment further but by all accounts he was being safe
  7. Its a workmates friends car, had a number of people offer him 13k within hours. And a few people telling him it was far too cheap
  8. Gaz

    FS E39 540i touring

    Bump for sale now
  9. A Remus full race system popped up on Facebook in the UK for about €2000 from memory
  10. Strut mount maybe? Can be more of a knock though
  11. Its already a WOF fail if you remove any emissions stuff (cat and DPF) but doesn't appear to be enforced or policed with the amount of companies advertising 'deletes'
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