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  1. Main issue they have is oil consumption
  2. There has been a couple of 420g's lately on trademe and facebook recently. The one on trademe hasn't been relisted in over a month, the facebook one appears to be still available I'll more than likely have mine for sale late this year. S54's are plentiful in the USA for around $3500 - $4000usd for one with about 100k miles on it, they were half that pre covid and I regret one bringing a couple in then.
  3. Weight alone doesn't equate to nimbleness. Watch Chris Harris' review on the m2 and he believes its a very nimble car despite the numbers on paper.
  4. Gaz

    Quick Questions

    Other way round. Definitely won't need spacers as spacers push it closer to the guards. Will need a guard roll, small tyre size and maybe some camber depending on how low you are
  5. Gaz

    Thoughts on MBI?

    CGA won't cover you for 3 years. Mbi is handy because if something goes wrong you pay your excess and repairs get done, no struggling to find 1500+ for possible repair. Plus you can have several repairs which would stack up. I'm not familiar with the common issues on the G20s. At the end of the day it's each to their own.
  6. Just because it's dealer serviced doesn't mean anything if the owner declines to follow the recommendations. Usually once it's out of warranty, customers don't really seem to care
  7. Rust is probably your biggest thing. There are some crossovers with suspension parts with the likes of the e3/e24 maybe some e28 stuff to. @BM WORLD is probably the man to ask
  8. https://www.turners.co.nz/Damaged-Vehicles/Damaged-Cars-for-Sale/bmw/x5/25666637
  9. All vehicle speedos will read slightly high for legal reasons
  10. They probably pop up every 6months or so for sale, in either form. M62b46 was also used by Morgan
  11. Manual greenhouse for sale https://www.turners.co.nz/Damaged-Vehicles/Damaged-Cars-for-Sale/bmw/130i/23499758
  12. Gaz

    The cheap Z3

    Factory sizing is 225/45 and 245/40 so yes will cure the rubbing
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