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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys! I’m keen on doing an engine swap in my 1998 318ti estoril blue. Looking to do an n55+dct thing. Any advise or post I can read at? (I’ll be searching as well but if someone can take in the right direction will save me some time). thanks! oh, boring stuff, from Auckland, also into boating, the biggest mistake I’ve done so far was to buy a Mercedes Benz...
  2. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1768936256.htm?rsqid=5b8705e0686e4a528cee30606d769d48 Was cheap last I saw
  3. Hey guys, my mum owns a BMW 318ti, N42 engine. It is misfiring while at idle. Check engine light is on, got it scanned at my work, it is coming up with 3 errors, Motronic ME 9.2 (4). I was wondering if anyone had an idea on common problems with this? I have attached a picture of what was picked up with the scanner. Sadly couldn’t get exact engine fault codes, only this. Any help would be appreciated. I understand now that the N42 is a terrible engine, and this car isn’t good. Wish I had of known that before she bought the car!
  4. So, after a long time of thinking, I've come to the decision of saving up for a JDM till the end of this year, but a part of me still wants to get a BMW. I've been scouring Trade Me and the Facebook Marketplace for cars, and I came across a 1998 318ti E36 that's selling for $1200 in the same city as me, and has been driving it from Hamilton to Tauranga for a bit. It has 206xxx km's and according to the seller, the only problems are that it has a "rough idle" and that the power steering will need to be sorted out in the near future. I also asked the guy and this E36 has an M42. He's selling it because he doesn't want an extra car lying around, as much as he was planning to keep it. Do you think it would be worthwhile buying a good cheap E36 with a small engine as a first car? Also, how much would it cost to fix the power steering of Another plus is the fact that a bunch of BMW enthusiasts live 2 blocks away, and we have family friends that can work with cars, one owns an auto shop. Any advice on this?
  5. Hey guys, I've been scouring lots of beemer forums, and found a tiny bit of info and would like someone to confirm (or educate me). I'm building a budget gravel basher, and want to stiffen up the front (my suspension has 260ks and is a touch soft). I don't want to upgrade to coilovers (yet), and i've read that a good way to upgrade the front is to use E36 M3 front shocks with lowering springs (as my compact is 4cyl, therefore lighter in the front). The lowering springs will keep the compact at stock height, and the front will be nice and stiff. There's a set of M3 front shocks, offset mounts, sway bar and links which just popped up on Trademe (http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/suspension/auction-1316004846.htm), so I'm wondering if anyone knows something about this? Is there a different way of achieving this? My compact is of the m-sport variety, so maybe some new inserts will sort it out? Cheers, Kris
  6. Hi guys I've been skulking on the forums for a while, gathering intel, but haven't posted. I've been wanting to get into gravel rallying for a little while, and since you can buy E36s on a tight budget, it seemed like a good idea. They're popular in europe, so a ton of info is available. Spare parts are easy to come by (as it's sometimes cheaper to buy a broken E36 than it is to find individual parts). I bought an automatic '99 318Ti compact for under $1k, and after sorting small issues to get it a WoF, it's still driving. It's even seen a grass autocross and survived! I also have a frontal damaged 318is manual which is currently being stripped down for parts for the compact. I should probably start a build thread... Here's a pic for you: Cheers, Kris
  7. Hi guys Looking for a E36 Compact / 318ti project car. Doesn't have to have WOF but it does need a live rego (or on hold). Prefer something for under $1k. Located Auckland, but may travel for the right car. Cheers! Kris
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