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  1. SICK! Ray these 1 series you keep pulling out have got me wondering if there is an itch that needs scratching... What would be the cost vs performance gain be compared to the 140i S56 or the 135i n54? Is there a manual trans that would hold the torque? Which one of the 3 would be the best for the daily commute?
  2. Does anyone have a contact for VDO gauge's? Trying not to by them from repco at an extortionate price.. Also willing to use others but looking for period correct ones.
  3. Sorry no, ended up buying a whole motor setup insted
  4. Ace Of Spades


    Wanting a long block or at least a head with unbent valves. Cheers
  5. Troy: First pulled the hose off the hard line and it was gushing, and then pulled a spark plug which was dripping with fuel, so I am assuming its got plenty. Re checked the crank sensor and its also showing as per the book. I'm heading to BnT tomorrow to pick up a timing light. Lucan: Yeah cranks fine and could spin the rear wheels with the starter. If you are around it looks like Thursday I will be pulling it all back apart. Updates: Re-did the compression test again tonight (without assistance) and there is no compression on any cylinders which makes me think there was also no compression yesterday. There is also now a huge amount of blow by coming back out of the intake. Bent valve and it's timing out is now what I think maybe the cause for not starting, will start pulling it apart Thursday after I check with a timing light...
  6. No timing light unfortunately, however Valve train is rotating and compression is above 120 on all cylinders. It was running when pulled from the donor car and I have not changed/removed anything off the block either. If it does have fuel, spark and compression, what else is needed to start? could it be a bad DME?
  7. Cheers guys, I have checked distributor/rotor and it looks intact and no small pieces were to be found while pulling it apart. It is fairly worn but still looks to be in working order. I am going back through the Bentley to re check all fuses and relays needed for starting... Any other ideas?
  8. Morning Team. Having a nightmare trying to figure out why this lady will not start.. 1991 e30 with an 89 e34 535i m30. I finished the swap about a month ago and got it started for 1-2 mins before my buddie played with the throttle to try and get it to idle lower... In doing so we heard a fairly loud plastic tick/crack and the motor died.. After we could not get it to start and put it down to a broken tps... From there I have done a 3 wire tps swap (auto to manual) and setup all the other wires as needed. I have run a multi meter across the tps and am getting the correct voltage and continuity between the pins as per the Bentley manual... I have pulled the plugs and have spark on all cylinders as well as fuel for all. Crank sensor is within 540 + - oms. I tried carby cleaner in the intake and got a cough but nothing else.. Ideas? Am I missing something simple? If anyone is keen on some cash/beers/joy rides once finished and is willing to come round and lend a hand, would be greatly apricated! I'm in east auckland. Cheers
  9. Gas torch, get it very hot and small bends at a time on a soft surface roller. (Used a vice and wooden rolling pin)
  10. Hey Team Desperately looking for a 3 pin M 1.3 TPS to check against the one in the car. If you also happen to have a plug that would be mint! It is now not starting but is getting fuel and spark so I am going down the trouble shooting route Cheers
  11. Sound dampening material from engine bay firewall?
  12. Some original e30 rear speakers in gray, looks to be in very good condition for there age. Both worked beautifully before they were pulled out for more doof doof (Do not recommend this) Also one Blaupunkt Quadro Booster, I am assuming its the amp for the premium speaker package for the e30's Looks to be in good condition and worked before removal (again for the doof doof) Looking for $100 Cheers Sam
  13. The 3.0tdi q7 (s line) is my pick, Have had 1st gen and 2nd gen now and rate them highly, chew through tires and brakes tho. Towed a 1.5t trailer an a hilux fine, 3.2t boat/trailer easy. No major push from either, plenty of brakes and grip to play with. 4.2 TDI is fast, v10 TDI is crazy fast.
  14. Cheers for the Info lads! It is not a pro bmw one just a cheap one which would make sense. I'll book it in for a scan on Monday ?
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