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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, my E60 M5 owners manual recommends 98 RON unleaded fuel. I usually fill up with 95, but found a gas station around the corner offering 98 at a reduced price cheaper than 95 even. Does contain 10% ethanol. Is that a problem?
  2. A somewhat unusual E60 M5 for sale in auckland at Buy Right Cars with asking price $37,980. I thought the "Unusual Edition" was a good badge, it's Indianapolis Red with White Leder interior, and only 40k kms on the clock. Please refrain from commenting that the low mileage is due to the previous owner was to scared to be seen in public in it; the buyer may ultimately join our ranks! http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1320656610.htm Nice to see an alternate hue. At first I thought the images had bad white balance... Then I did a google search on Indianapolis Red and found it is kinda rusty looking red; "a bit ginga" if you like. It's striking, I kinda like it. And here's that Nissan Maxima wood again... ....and, the obligatory rearshot: Sassy!
  3. Deezal

    Indy Red E60 M5

    After fixing a few mechanical issues that these cars are notorious for I've now got it sitting how I wanted. Carbon front lip installed, front bumper resprayed, Eibach lowering springs (front only for now) and my Work Gnosis CV201 wheels fitted. Specs are 20x9.5 +5 275/30/20 20x11 +28 305/30/20 Took a bit of massaging to get them in there and will need a little more but I'm happy with the result. Apologies for the cell phone photo's and dirty car.
  4. earon

    Opinions on E60 M5

    Hi guys, Just thought I'd post a curious question Mike (user name:Michael. who built the v8 e36) and I were discussing. This forum has a lot of information on various M cars and great expertise (even biased at times haha) but what's the take on the E60 M5? Had two on separate occasions e60 m5's in the family say 5-7 years ago (and it's quite a while ago now) however I saw one the other day and it went past like a missile and although it took a few seconds right before it started truly motoring but once it probably got to over or near 3500-4000 rpms it went past like not much else on the road and it got me thinking about the car. (not much on the road lives with the M engines once they truly start motoring in terms of sound and feel not straight HP putting aside 'supercars' of course) What's the take on it? LCI or not? Asking for problems? Would it be something even more amazing with the Evolve Stage 3 tune plus long tube headers and exhaust (possible 580hp)? Would you spend your hard earned $$ on it? Thanks guys... it's just an exploratory question, hopefully owners could chime in with experience as well. Also I would like a proper modern four door car and was thinking of adding an LCI edition to the stable hence the curiosity (I've also thought of just being patient sell the M3 CS in 2016 and maybe just buying the F10 M5 next year, but I don't do patient very well haha )