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Found 56 results

  1. Hey everyone I’m looking to buy a 2012 BMW M5 as my first M car im wondering about current F10 M5 owners has your car been reliable? Any major/costly issues? I don’t plan to daily drive it just want a fun weekend car. I previously had 2011 BMW 535i Stage 2+ with a mechanical warranty for 2 years but it didn’t give me a single problem! So now I have some trouble finding if it’s worth to get a mechanical warranty (not sure how much it would cost for M5) and any help is much appreciated. thanks :)
  2. Some photos on our first 2 weeks with the E60 M5 while we where traveling about 2,500+ kms on both South Island and North Island. Oddly enough it was reliable, clutch was getting sketchy when it was doing its bridal car duty for my friends, possibly due to 30c heat and I did downshift it a bit. We also encountered 1 red cog error after going down slowly on a 200 meter driveway, I think the computer panicked or got confused... it was a really stop and go moment for the tranny. Turn off and on the car seems to have sorted it. I then did it again a few more times but just set to neutral and coasted it down. Overall it is a great touring car on the country side (V10 sound is really different), just avoid the city and it is a very fun car. Hopefully with proper maintenance and luck we get to a keeper and we could use every now and then going around NZ. Our R34 has now retired of its road trip duties, now it's only used for cruising on nearby places until it gets upgraded. We saw a few BMWs along the way, not sure if they are here on this forums including a 650i F06. Thread that started this adventure: New here, seriously thinking about E60 M5 - New Member Introductions - bimmersport.co.nz
  3. Thought I may as well put together a long ish term thread on the wagon, if nothing else it tracks the consumables. I'll start with the current state of affairs and fill in the past 18 months in the coming days. At present the M5 is having a holiday at BM Workshop, it went in to get the AC serviced and because I had noticed a noise over the past few days coming from the drivers front. So far the diagnosis is a cracked header, but in the rabbits nest of pipes they haven't been able to confirm it visually yet. So after a smoke test on Monday I should know more. Looking online cracked headers don't seem to be a common issue on the s85. In a perfect world now would be the time to go to a set of Infinity headers, but I suspect that would void my warranty.
  4. Yes, I've been away for a while. But I thought I would return with a decent vid :D Chris Harris E61 M5 Let's be honest, this is probably going to pump up prices.
  5. Giving in to peer pressure @Olaf and @adro and sharing 'the journey'... although nowhere near as hands on as the latter or as fastidious as the former! Car 1 is a 2001 E53 V8 Sport Package in Stahlgrau Car 2 is a 2005 E60 M5 in Silverstone II
  6. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1291456118.htm $48K ono 106KMs Pictures are a bit meh ... but awesome car!
  7. Up for sale is the pair of Eisenmann mufflers from my E60 M5, they in great condition and have been fitted to my M5 since 2018. Located in Papakura, Auckland (can be picked up from East Tamaki if need be) I'm looking for $3000 Update: Exhaust is out and ready to go, more pictures below..
  8. Recent life changes have meant I'm not beholden to anyone/thing and have some cash flow to potentially look at my dream car. Something to spark joy as it were! I see a few e60 M5s listed between 60k and 110k kms, most seem to have basic maintenance records, one with acl rod bearing done and some with half the throttle actuators replaced. I could stomach a few k a year in maintenance. What else should I be considering before pulling the trigger? Private sale vs dealer? Pre purchase inspection? Local vs fresh import? Insurance (I see there's an autosure discount from joining this club?). I'm based in Tauranga (Mount) so would have to get it remotely checked / fly in to test drive. Also don't have a proper garage at my current place so wondering if being in the open air a km from the ocean will ruin it Appreciate your thoughts
  9. M5 touring What's left of DRIVETRIBE just bought an M5 touring.
  10. And repeat, then probably go to the red light district and top it off with a quick smoke..... WTF Netherlands, you crazy.
  11. With the coming apocalypse I think as a responsible v10 owner I should be applying for some green car rebates to invest into making the M5 more "green". https://www.motor1.com/news/25581/g-power-bmw-m5-hurricane-gs-the-worlds-fastest-lpg-vehicle/ You would have to burn through some huge distances to get any return on investment for your blown swamp gas conversion, but Jacinda would be happy so that's a win.......
  12. Just take a minute to look at what they are selling for over the Tasman https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/bmw/m5/?offset=48 And that is one of the cheaper ones, pre LCI. In NZ at present I couldn't see that car moving for more than half that price. And don't think that this is anything new or a bunch of dreamers advertising M5's at an overinflated price, I've been watching this for quite a while and E60's are already starting to increase in value and are selling at those prices and higher. I would like to think that at some point NZ will follow, although I doubt any of us bought these as investments.
  13. I went to remove the rear number plate surround on the wagon, only to find that either some ass hat has bonded the number plate on with 3M or BMW has another form of black magic to hold the plate in place. I don't want to pull the plate and destroy the paintwork - any ideas? A gratuitous ass shot :
  14. The driver's side floor mat keeps catching on the seat when it moves. This has caused the back edge of the mat to curl up making the snagging issue even worse. I have two memory positions for the seat, one for driving and the second for getting in/out. The seat moves a fair amount between the two positions so everytime it crosses the back edge of the floor mat it grabs hold. My options are get another floor mat that actually fits, super glue the current floor mat down forever more, install a fixed bucket seat or simply walk everywhere with a horn speaker strapped to my back making V10 noises. Any ideas on solving this, I'm not a huge fan of the Velcro style pads that hold the mat down. Pretty sure these are M5 style mats from the car yard, and about 10mm longer than required for the correct fitment. All the other mats are perfect.
  15. As some of you know, we purchased a E60 M5 a few years ago. Bimmersport has been with us throughout the journey of finding/hunting for a M5: And been posting about the ownership journey every now and then: This year me and my wife have decided to let go of our cars, due to changing circumstances. Sadly sold our R34 which we owned for 16 years a few weeks back. We are as well contemplating on selling my wife's M5. I have seen on trademe E60 M5 being sold from mid $30ks to $40ks. We have a natural bias on our car, also having spent a lot on it (see thread above). Just a quick glance of the current listing in trademe, none of them has a similar combination of low-milage (64k kms), replaced all major E60 issues/consumables and option/trim level. We are lucky enough that we don't need the funds urgently, however if we find the right buyer and price we have made up our mind to let go of it. Thinking of listing on trademe, but I guess the price we are after is more than the current listings. I am already spent a good deal of time prepping and selling our R34. I don't have time and energy to sell another car. Or should I just list on trademe and see how it goes?
  16. han16

    08 E60 M5

    Decided it was finally time to realize a childhood dream and get myself a V10 M5, the E39 M5 is still very much a car I'd love to own but that can wait for now. I'd been on the fence for some time but I'd been watching M539 Restorations videos on the tube and his recent videos of his E60 M5 got me thinking to the point where I'm posting this thread. 2008 BMW M5 (2006 build) 102000km at purchase Initial goals with the car is to give the car a big birthday, service all the fluids and replacing it's tired brakes. Next step will be bringing the car back to a factory look with standard wheels and removal of BLAAAACK additions.
  17. I have had a hunt through Bimmersport and for the life me I can't find a thread / raging argument on what oil to run in an S85. Castrol 10w60 EDGE, Castrol 10w60 Supercar aka TWS? BMW branded version, Shell/BMW version, Anything 10w60 as long as it is from a reputable brand and fully synthetic? I think I have read more on oil opinions than anything else about S85 engines, im not looking for some cheap alternative snake oil, I'm just wondering if the attitude has changed at all towards using anything other than 10w60 Supercar? Cheers.
  18. I'm looking to remove the 15mm wheel spacers and need a set of factory length wheel lugs to replace the long set that are in use at present. I've searched and there are a bunch of references to the length of the standard part, I'm hoping someone can provide a part number or a suggestion on replacement items. Thanks.
  19. Can anyone explain why BMW spec'd the rear tires as 275/35 r19 on the wagon and 285/35 r19 on the sedan M5? I just had the rears changed to the factory size and there is a large amount of room for the 285 - so rubbing can't be the issue or smaller wheel wells. I've searched the web and couldn't find anything conclusive.
  20. Hi, I'm about to pull the trigger an E61 M5 that has been through a couple of Bimmersport owners in the past. Currently sorting out the PPI. With any luck there are no significant issues and in 5 days I will be in Christchurch to take delivery. I'll post updated pics if I take delivery. Until then fingers crossed all goes smoothly. Cheers.
  21. Looking to buy broken S65 (E90 M3) or S85 (E60 M5) throttle actuators. Looking to do practice upgrade/repair on these throttle actuators. I like to practice on broken actuators, so when I upgrade mine I have enough experience to open and put things back together. Alternatively I can attempt to upgrade/repair your throttle actuator for free, just you pay for the parts (less than $100). No warranty or if can't repair your throttle actuator no bad feelings. I am doing repair it in good faith.
  22. E...

    M5 S38 Headers

    Planned to use this for a M30 Build These are a genuine set of S38 M5 Headers. Pickup Pukekohe $950
  23. Pulled the trigger once I got the all clear from she who must be obeyed ?. Traded my 535i M-Sport Touring for an M5. Beautiful day to put some rubber down too. ?
  24. So am currently contemplating the silly thing of buying a F10 M5 because after all who doesn't need a car that can transport the family in comfort while also being a muscle car? Curious as to where there values end up? Seems at present they are 40-80k depending on year and condition. Seems the E60 M5's have stayed pretty constant at the mid 20's mark for a tidy one (seems to be pretty steady from when I bought a E60 550i 4 years back), do these F10's drop down to those values in the next few years, or are they likely to always be priced slightly above due the lack of issues compared to the E60? Also wondering how much of a premium the NZ New models that are BMW approved may hold over the import ones, would it be worth spending larger into the later 16/17 models that are NZ New, and also coming BMW approved with 2 yr servicing/warranty? A couple on trademe at 80k that fit that criteria, my man maths suggests they may be worth 50-55k in 2 years time at the end of the warranty period? This is based off the current 2014 models on there for sale. Either way I know this is not a smart decision financially, but I like to roll the dice from time to time.
  25. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1622176174 Perhaps the only Silverstone one in the country? Member here?
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