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SNZ trackday 11/09/2011 Taupo

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once again i would like to extend an invite to everyone to our annual Silvia New Zealand track day. this year it is being held on sept 11th so why not make a weekend of the Bimmersport day and do both ;) i know Dan, Ollie and I am :D

Hi All,

the time has come for SNZ to have another trackday. if you came last year then no doubt you will want to come again. this year it is on a Sunday so there shouldnt be problems with people getting time off work and if you need to, well you have plenty of notice to arrange leave.

Sunday 11th September - TAUPO Track 1 GRIP ONLY Confirmed.

$130 per vehicle. Limited to 50.

Payments to be made to : KIWIBANK 38-9010-0016808-00 NZ NISSAN SILVIA CLUB INC

your spot wont be confirmed until payment has been received so get them in promptly.

Please use your username as the reference and PM me to confirm deposits and which vehicle you will be using (no problem to change vehicle details later in the year).

Some guidelines for now:

- Current Warrant of Fitness

- Battery secure

- No Oil or water leaks

- No loose Body Work

- Firm Brake Pedal

- Well functioning return on throttle

- Nothing loose inside the car

- Secure Seat and Seatbelts or Harness


- Helmet: Must be an Approved Motorsport or MotorBike Helmet

- Overalls: Race suit or 100% cotton overalls.

- Fire Extinguisher: 1kg with a Metal Bracket fastened securely


- No Intentional Drifting

- Pit lane Speed Limit 20km/hr.

- No ALCOHOL at all time within the premises

Day will be run very similar to last year with lots of track time and open pit format for the majority of the day. Novices will have a chance to get on the track with other novices so that they can get comfortable before the hoons come screaming past them.

Unless Taupo change their rules: Passengers WILL be allowed but I will confirm this closer to the day as Taupo have to regularly update their licence and change their rules to meet requirements.

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Definitely keen on this Andrew.

It makes sense to make a weekend of this in Taupo

Bimmersport trackday on Saturday and this one on Sunday :)

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thanks, date changed.

and for those that trailer cars down, Taupo usually let you leave them in a garage over night if you want so you dont have to load them up just to bring them back the next day

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Yeah this will be great. Back to Back trackdays. You can't get better than that. And two different types of cars. But all in RWD man format.

The top 10 holiday park also has trailer lock up and storage. Is dirt cheap and right by the track.

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Ill be looking at a double day too.

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A rough guideline of how the day will run. If you have friends that are coming and driving but arent on the forums please forward this onto them.

Sunday 11th September 2011

08.00 - Gates open. arrive at track and report to pit garages 39 & 40 for scrutineering (furthest two garages away from track entry)

09.45 - Driver Briefing (and new driver/marshall briefing)

10.00 - Orientation laps and then return to pits

10.15 - Beginners and Advanced go out separately to let beginners get a feel for it.

- Line up in pit lane and semi open pit format

12.30 - Lunch break (swap marshalls etc if needed)

13.00 - Drop Marshalls back on track

13.10 - Recommence racing - open pit format.

14.30 - handicapped/grudge matches (if wanted)

16.00 - everybody out as time for track to close.

pit garages will be available for $50 per side (can fit two cars per side) CASH ONLY and pay me when getting scrutineered. no garages to be opened until paid for.

NO cars will be allowed into pitlane until AFTER they have been scrutineered and passed.

if people are keen for a handicap race at the end of the day then make sure you all time yourselves throughout the day and bring me the times so i can figure it all out. :D

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