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M5 style 167's with tyres for sale/swap for 18's or 17's

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Hey guys I've recently acquired a 540i Msport (love it~).

It currently has style 167's from an m5 on it which the previous owner got reconditioned and painted, they are in MINT condition with no curbing.

I'm interested in swapping for another set of wheels that are either 18's or 17's with appropriate offset for an e39, I'm just not a huge fan of the way this wheel looks. Or $2000 ono.

Specs are (to the best of my knowledge, I haven't had them off the car yet) as follows from the bmwstylewheels website:

19x8.5 +12 fronts with 245/35's with about 5mm tread - Achilles ATR sports

19x9.5 +28 rear with 275/30's with about 5mm tread aswell - Nexen N8000

Located in Murray's Bay over the shore, Auckland.

If you have wheels with tyres that would be worth more than these send me a pm and I may be able to give enough cash your way to keep you happy, cheers.






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