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E36 318ti gravel car - OE front suspension questions

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Hey guys, I've been scouring lots of beemer forums, and found a tiny bit of info and would like someone to confirm (or educate me).

I'm building a budget gravel basher, and want to stiffen up the front (my suspension has 260ks and is a touch soft).

I don't want to upgrade to coilovers (yet), and i've read that a good way to upgrade the front is to use E36 M3 front shocks with lowering springs (as my compact is 4cyl, therefore lighter in the front). The lowering springs will keep the compact at stock height, and the front will be nice and stiff.

There's a set of M3 front shocks, offset mounts, sway bar and links which just popped up on Trademe (http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/suspension/auction-1316004846.htm), so I'm wondering if anyone knows something about this? 

Is there a different way of achieving this? My compact is of the m-sport variety, so maybe some new inserts will sort it out?


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The motorsport (non m3) swaybar is a bit thicker and fits with the standard shocks, but if you need new shocks as well changing to the m3 setup makes sense. I suspect that new shocks will also make a huge difference given the mileage.

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