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Diesel programming

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That looks like a nice car to me.  Go for it.

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just quietly cause this is a bit sacrilegious, but a 3.7 v36 model 2008/9 skyline coupe has all the power and features, ride is amazing and won't cost you a cent in repairs year after year, and fuel use is phenomenally good

boot is rubbish

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On 6/6/2018 at 7:10 PM, BatmanMW said:



agreed doesn't take much to skew it, overall the real data i found on fuelly based on users who have done 100+ fillups each logged about 6.6L/100km average which is not as eco as the stated 5L/100km for the 123d. this makes it $365 more than my calculated value but the offset for all the cars would be about the same as they're all in real world not as cheap per 100km than stated as their test is constant speed on highway with mild acceleration. since any given manufacturer would measure their own cars to the same standards, using this data for my personal calculations provides a good baseline for comparison (well thats my theory) given i'm trying to find the most suitable deal for me within the BMW line of vehicles.


what's fairly funny is how a wide range of bmws performance vehicles are quite a lot more efficient than i would have previously assumed. for example you can see vitz here http://www.fuelly.com/car/toyota/vitz

vitz 2009 average 7.6L/100km.. albiet with cheaper 91 so maybe the maths offset isn't as bad when you turn it in to $ per km, but given how slow a car that is i would have expected significantly better.

2009 123d at 6.7L/100km average. http://www.fuelly.com/car/bmw/123d

and finally 335i seems not that far off , however it is using premium fuel so won't work out economical choice for me anyway  http://www.fuelly.com/car/bmw/335i


yup still waiting to hear back from Joe but i've almost ruled out the 335d now. given the target audience of bmw is usually performance (i was attracted for same reason), it's not that easy as it seems to find people willingly talking about owning a diesel haha, not even online. their tank sizes are different but in my calculations i done the maths based off 50L of fuel preceisely rather than each cars individual tank range as that would introduce additional variables.

even my 120d manual chipped was an awesome wee car.Consumption was 6.5 l 100 k around twon,but that was not really much stop start,but it never really varied much from that.On the open road you could get 5.5 without really trying.6 spd manul very high geared it wasnt really paractical to change into 6th unless itwas dead flat under 110 km hr.On road performance was really good prolly equivalent to a 3 l petrol in normal driving.The "power band is small only 2000 rpm to 4500."But you dont get that high rev performance of a petrol.The power is kinda flatand you gotta keep it on boost .RUC is 6 c a kilometre.I had the 120d for about two years it never needed anything but oil and tyres,but it did get a good run every work day.I beleive thats important for a modern diesel.I seviced by the service indicator which was about 15k apart.I think it still lives on this forum somewhere.The only reason i sold it was it was a bit small interior wise for me.I am 190 cm,but it literally cost half the ammount to run than  my e34 535.

a 123d would be better still.(esp if it was chipped and manual)

this was mine

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