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  1. Not a BMW but the OG fast wagon so thought someone might appreciate it
  2. At least you’ve avoided the most troublesome number of cylinders in a BMW @TermiPeteNZ? The Audi is trying to tell you something… 😂
  3. probably depends how long you want to run it for but the value proposition ain't great IMO given the chain is rear-mounted (i.e. engine out) - maybe worthwhile if you're aiming for 350k km and you can do it quickly yourself. I believe shops in the UK charge 1200-1500 GBP for it.
  4. very nudge nudge wink wink @E30 325i Rag-Top. the counterfactual is they sold it for a loss...which seems unlikely
  5. @Palazzo can assume the previous seller moved it on for $170k (and presumably a nice profit) buying off Coombes Johnston. Arbitrage is why our housing market is f**ked...
  6. If only they made the F8x as a wagon. Love this quarter profile (and no beaver grille)
  7. I note that this has been sold to Auckland City BMW now
  8. How is your 530d going @aja540i? Started to work on cosmetics yet?
  9. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/528i/listing/3372154663?bof=Hx28o5DI He's actually restoring one of these atm. Quite like the saddle brown interior - shame it doesn't have sports seats... wbadh62040bz01805-bimmer.work.pdf
  10. No sadly not with a significant functionality deficit
  11. Hi team - have a not very big but quite heavy item (60x45x45cm / 42kg) to send Wellington-Kerikeri - any suggestions? Mainfreight quote is $380 (!!!!!) 🤯
  12. Sure but I’d still rather enjoy my one than daily an E30
  13. @adronice example. I find it slightly astonishing that a 25 year old re-registered car is 'worth' more than my touring though
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