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  1. Seems extraordinary that otherwise well specced JDM 130i's don't come with it, although I guess my E91 didn't have it either.
  2. throwing stars + techno violet = 90's classic! 😍
  3. would tend to steer clear of that dealer...quality of their stock is often poor, cheap =/ good value
  4. Edition 30 are nicely specced (no sport seats in the F30 though, unlike the F20) and the ZF 8 speed / diesel combination is a winner.
  5. @leichtbau 240k km on my dad's 2010 E91 320d says yes. regular oil changes FTW.
  6. Cleaned and polished with Autoglym (cue torrential rain for next 24h 😤 - some good beading going on though) Very happy with my digital speedo.
  7. Could get a post-2010 one with the N55 and save yourself the aggravation (unless you're planning to tune it)? There's a nice 2011 Le Mans blue one http://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2699846628?bof=j5OwhhpD, otherwise if you do want the N54 I quite like this Aventurine Green Individual colour (though would have it back on OEM rims) http://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/2810816765?bof=bCHtbeoT
  8. Come and take it away. About 3L worth.
  9. E34 with the correct engine (but mismatched rims)
  10. Long service intervals appear to be the source of many of the newer BMW engine issues - I think if the car has been well serviced (not every 30k km) the issue is overstated. Timing chain is on the back of the engine for these and related N57 6 cyl diesel. N=1 but dad’s LCI E91 320d with same engine is going strong at 240k km. Avoid low k / short trip vehicles as they’re more likely to be sooted up. a number of the Japan market 320d are ‘blue performance’ urea injection, would try to avoid this if possible too
  11. Coded my F31 thanks to @promo
  12. @E30 325i Rag-Top M xDrive G81 Comp FTW! (assuming staggered 18/19 is as small as you can go and still fit over brakes?) The manual option is less appealing since they dumped the DCT for the ZF8. Think mine needs to be black unless the LCI has some shrinking of that grille though.
  13. M54? (and can it be complied?)
  14. Starting to take shape - must confess seeing Hifly tires in every pic is triggering me slightly 😬
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