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  1. This is a lovely counterpoint to the monstrosities that are the iX and the XM...love this colourscheme too. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/3611774149
  2. No doubt there's been inflation everywhere but IMO the number of coffees sold will trend down dramatically at that price. Home espresso machine FTW here.
  3. Should have added here on bimmersport...if it means they can make M3 Touring / M4CSL then I am happy. I love the i3 so far from an anti-electric luddite.
  4. balancerider

    M4 CSL

    I wonder if it can be had without the red accents...grille offends me less than it used to.
  5. Not wanting to piss on your chips @hugo_nz but the level of enthusiasm for this amongst current BMW owners seems pretty low (not just in an 'I can't afford this' way)...am sure the tech is impressive but the want factor isn't there for me. still it's better than the new XM abomination I guess.
  6. Also the cross hanging off the rear vision mirror - probably more than a few 'Hail Marys' required to avoid borkage on this one
  7. description is...succinct
  8. @Vass extremely (large) rear (compared with a standard E30)? Put it back on 15" basketweaves and sports seats 🤤
  9. PM sent @SmackJackTheCrackerMan
  10. He's probably hoping he can sell his house in Tauranga for what it was worth 6 months ago too...
  11. @thegreatestben Sports seats are the biggest single upgrade on E9x IMO. Shouldn't be too hard to retrofit a pair of front leather ones out of an E90, they're the same as the E91. Radar cruise would be a rare option on an E9x, can't recall ever seeing one with that.
  12. You could probably flog 'em and get $500 back to put towards some decent ones! - there're a pair of rear Conti SC5's in the correct size on TM for $200 all in
  13. Super clean look debadged in white - I actually don't mind the rep wheels but inevitably they'll have come with some Linglong Ditchfinders
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