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  1. Thanks @E30 325i Rag-Top - good intel. I was going to get the 19’s refurbed anyway as the diamond cut finish is wrecked so I could always run round on the 20’s for a month or two. Those aren’t stock tire sizes for the 20’s I don’t think @BMTHUG
  2. ooof I imagine 20's + non-adaptive m sport suspension + NZ roads is an interesting combo 😬. I've been eyeing up a set of the forged m performance 20's on TM but not sure if I want to go there or not, 30-profile rears may be a step too far.
  3. I do love me an F31 - that one is quite an early build with the small iDrive wheel...other things missing that come on the newer NZ new cars are the park assist (maybe only on the LCI cars) and speed limit info. You'll struggle to find a 335d as well specced as that (normally poverty pack UK lease cars, a bunch didn't even have LED headlights). Personally I found the 30d 'felt' faster when test driving, i think because of the big torque slug as the single turbo came on boost, the 35d is much more progressive. 30d a bit less thirsty as well. Be worth getting them to screenshot the idrive service history - not infallible but I'd feel happier with a car that's stayed in the dealer network for a while (and ideally not had 30k km between oil changes)
  4. Got WOF (no advisories) and paid rego for another year. Always amazes me how the tire tread fluctuates upwards between WOF's (or maybe VTNZ have less of a vested interest in selling me new tires than the dealer)
  5. Honda Acty - 660cc of kei ute with a fruity exhaust, a wing spoiler and a drivers Recaro. Actually sounded incredible!
  6. The lock on version may need the diffuser cut slightly but shouldn’t need bumper cut (see first image). I have the westfalia on my f31 and that just needed heatshield trimming but it does appear to need a bigger cut on the e60/1. SD European in Hamilton was where I got my towbar from (used). The generic relays cause all sorts of problems with the canbus system on the e60 (flat battery, led errors) so well worth pting the extra for a bmw specific version imo.
  7. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/335d/listing/4569572664
  8. It lives! (Minus the m sport front bumper / parking sensors). Emissions control equipment also gone which isn’t great (I really wish this was part of WOF). Price seems fair though accepting there’s a few things an enthusiast would change https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/335d/listing/4569572664
  9. Fitted a reverse camera! Interfaces properly with the idrive (not an OE camera module) but methinks it was designed around the bigger screen as the visual PDC display is pretty small.
  10. I think @TermiPeteNZ may have some input on this?
  11. A fair bit of soot being chucked from the F31…might need to budget for a new zf8 in the near future with 800nm
  12. In case anyone needs this done in future - highly recommend Hutt City Auto Electrical in Alicetown.
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