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  1. The latest tow hook design has a detachable ball head with flat plinth below to suit bike rack and can swap from 1'7/8" to 50mm as needed. This clips into the Westfalia detachable-type attachment. I assume it would be compatible with E series as well, the old swan neck type worked on both an E61 and my F31. I would give Fabian at Coombes Johnston Hamilton a call and see if this will work with your current towbar setup.
  2. Not a BMW, but pretty cool nonetheless
  3. Several good looking F11's popping up lately. Hard to believe the oldest ones are 11 years old now, it really is a nice looking car.
  4. If the labour govt keeps doing things, I wouldn’t rule out emissions testing on WOF. I feel a bit uneasy about deliberately bypassing emissions tech too...YMMV obviously
  5. The BMW's appeared to be the only understated cars there
  6. This is the crux of it - at least us plebs will have an idea of what this one is 'worth'
  7. Oh yeah! That is lovely @Sammo. Clearly been a garage queen, no paint fade.
  8. Who did you use for this @Herbmiester? I've got the same engine in mine although it does almost no short running so hopefully not required for a little while...
  9. Jap import F01 Alpina B7 in dark blue / black at the Island Bay shops on the way home. Biiiiig wheels!
  10. @E30 325i Rag-Top ready for takeoff? 🤨
  11. Probably someone who's owned an N54 powered car might be able to give you more insight? @KwS I'd personally steer clear of the Activehybrid - seems like something that'd expensively bork itself. There's a reason the x35i versions sell for more than the Activehybrid.
  12. There's plenty of F31 335d's on tardme atm, they'd have no problem towing! coils and plugs aren't cheap on the n54, turbo wastegates can go and potentially a fair bit of deferred mantainance as they're now 12-13 years old. the ones that have been in nz for a little while are liable to have been thrashed...
  13. N55 less tunable but probably more reliable. F11 doesn't feel that quick but the e91 335i facelift is probably the sweetspot. F31 335i are hard to find.
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