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things to note about alloy radiators?

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So ive finally tracked down a radiator for my car....reading all these opposing comments all over the web about what to run in them etc....


I understand i should either be using pre-mixed coolant or mixing coolant with distilled water?? 

Im assuming filtered tap water is still not efficient enough, are there any other things i should note when fitting?

Is alloy block/head to alloy radiator



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Distilled (demineralised) water is essential, you're correct, you can't use only filtered water. Demineralised water is available from most supermarkets in 6l or 10l containers for around $7. Obviously if it's pre-mixed you don't need to worry about that but a concentrate is easier to move and store.

Being all alloy you need to isolate if from other non-alloy metal in the car (like the chassis, frame, panels etc) but it should be isolated anyway if installed correctly, just make sure that's the case.

If you're hanging an oil cooler off the bottom, make sure that fits before you install the whole lot - that's difficult but essential as many have the mounts but can't take the cooler anyway (lazy design).


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