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Is it just programmed or does it actually see the colours to solve it with AI


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uses 2 playstation cameras
Here's part of the software stack ;)
Up top is a monitor showing the camera's views of the cubes.  Jared's software allows you to draw polygons on the screen, and assign them to different faces of the cube.  The pixels inside each polygon are averaged and compared to some thresholds to determine the color of each face.  We found that distinguishing the red faces from the orange ones was finicky, thanks to the low-quality of the cameras, so we sharpied the orange faces black.  Apparently that's allowed though.
Once the faces are identified, the solve sequence is computed using the min2phase algorithm.  This returns a solution which we've observed to be 19-23 moves for a well-scrambled cube.  The fastest solve we've done was actually a 21-move solve, so just getting a little lucky could easily shave off another ~30ms from the time.
apparantly all cubes are solvable in 20 moves regardless of their randomness, they call it the god number
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