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  1. Michael.

    08 E60 M5

    I've driven a few, not a fan.
  2. Michael.

    E46 330i Touring

    Beautiful photos. I've always through the E46 touring is probably one of the most interesting cars BMW has made as an overall package. Perfect size, styling and level of tech you can easily DIY service.
  3. Looks like some fun is to be had. Also you have name your car Barbara?
  4. Michael.

    08 E60 M5

    The LS600H is the same operation, but you get a constant rpm sounding V8 that changes a few times as you go faster. They pull well but its just odd compared the the usual 6, 8 or 10 speed automatic shifting points. I read somewhere there were complaints from buyers with respect to the operation so some manufactures don't bother with CVTs anymore, or have changed them so they have more steps to the acceleration. On paper they are quite clever but in practice quote odd compared to what people are used to.
  5. How fascinating, some interesting data there.
  6. Michael.

    08 E60 M5

    They aren't a slow car but do accelerate weird with the CVT, usual rev holding and switching thing at different points. Gives the impression the car is broken. Would be a nice cruising car I guess.
  7. Awesome, this will be a great project with plenty of learning on the way.
  8. Michael.

    08 E60 M5

    I get the slight impression you had the most fun in the M5. Can't imagine much joy an a CVT V6 Hybird soft Lexus. Maybe if it was a GS-F 5.0 V8 that would have been different. Those PS4s are great tyres, can't go wrong with them at all.
  9. Proud hillbilly here, whats the problem? I enjoy being backwards. I'm just poking fun anyway duh
  10. Nice! I actually hastily needed a signal generator for a dash repair I was doing when the one I had stopped working, ended up with the same one you have. It still amazes me for $10 bucks or whatever it was you can get something that does it with such a nice little LCD read out. Very nifty! Would be interesting to put the outputs into an accurate oscilloscope and see how accurate it actually is though, probably isnt bad.
  11. It still caught on fire and released toxic fumes. A study should be done on that. I'm happy to be bias to petrol cars vs electric cars, just how god made me
  12. Instead they make will make blow torches haha (i3 incident) I wonder if any studies have been done to examine the co2 output of a singular fire from the specifications this runaway fire would produce.
  13. I was more thinking of an M73 or something old and simple. These modern engines likely will not be used for many conversions, too much going on - but who knows. That said I don't really like V12s that much, I think they are just fun with the number of cylinders and smooth 60 degree power strokes. Arguably your best with a I6 turbo or V8 of somekind, as a retrofit. Depends on goals or intention though. I agree about weight balance... on youtube theres a guy with a Toyota V12 being shoved into an MX5 which just strikes me as idiotic, with accessories its nearly a 300kg engine haha. Probably end up with a 65/35 weight split in a car that was about being balanced....
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