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  1. Michael.

    Gates to Hell

    Good stuff Ray! Wish I had a reason to come buy some BMW parts, but they won't fit my Toyota!
  2. All of what you just listed is more f**king nanny state bullshit. Sounds like you'd be quite happy for the Govt to tell you you can't drive your 545i or E30 on certain days restricting your freedom? Id be interested to what you would say to lower socio-economic families that can't afford fancy new cars with modern emission systems, should they get fined for just trying to get to work that could be months of wages? How do they get to work on car less days? Making life easier for everyone should be the goal, not going backwards with regulation.
  3. Michael.

    New 4 series

    Next gen they will follow this trend and the grill will extend up the bonnet to the wind screen. Will be quite the look!
  4. Michael.

    My new daily wagon

    wow thats cool, manual six turby diesel
  5. Mmmm very nice. I'd love one of these to put a GM LS2 V8 in so it moves and is a fun looking grunty package. One day! Arguably one of the best styled BMWs of all time.
  6. Gotta get rid of junk somehow. This type of procedure will just become more common place in years to come too. Vast majority of cars are just disposable tech now.
  7. Good lord. Who are they marketing it to.. heroin addicts? I guess it makes sense as they will be so doped out they wont see how ugly the car is, and still being able to drive it now that they are just fast automatics requiring little driver skill anymore.
  8. Looks like a hybrid of a Lexus and an Alfa. God I miss the BMW styling of old, but hey at least they are everywhere and cheap to buy. Perfection is only found for a brief time!
  9. On what car? Don't recommend on a 4 cylinder, as they just sound annoying. Plausible on 6 or 8 cylinder though, you can get a good sound out of them. Dean doesn't really like working on newer BMWs, but depends what you want to do.
  10. Bit expensive if it's not got the S54. Still picking up these non motorsport ones would be fun if the price is right. Throw a LS2 6.0 V8 in one! ❤️
  11. You'd probably find the stock intake performs perfectly for your intended use. It's not always an accident how the parts end up after the BMW engineers developed them. It's an interesting topic to consider. Any time the intake is drawing in hot air from under the bonnet the sensor will read higher temps, so the ECU will change the timing and fueling to suit, resulting in less power. Terrible for off the line performance, or waiting for a run down a drag strip. I did some real world tests in my Soarer with 3 sensors, one on the front bumper for ambient, in front of the air filter, and one behind the airbox outside of it. Here is a table of my findings based on different time spend doing different things, at different speeds. As you can see any time the car comes to stop the hot air in the engine bay quickly accumulates I had a modified airbox that was drawing in hotter air than it should, so I returned it to stock. I did take new readings and they were much closer to ambient, although I didn't get around to making a table up for that. To be fair, I would suggest returning to stock as well.
  12. That is just desperate looking. At least these new era BMWs just make the old classics look better and better as they age, E30 / 34 / 36 / 38 / 39 / 46 / 92 etc ❤️
  13. Looks like they are pushing through. Pretty sure Melye is just chinese junk, again reinforces why OEM parts are so important.
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