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  1. Post an exhaust note when you get it, wanna hear that baby sing!
  2. I know a guy that has a clean 540i M sport, 173km. Has been pondering selling it. Probably looking in the 6.5-7.0k range
  3. I had that the other day. 4 days 13 hours from order being submitted. Amazing service! I've had local parcels take longer haha.
  4. Numbers I saw were 2% variation and up to 3% so with these 1% and under, no problems there. I didn't think they were going to be bad but while the engine is apart not taking any chances. I believe the M60 runs 190cc-200cc injectors from what number I saw. That would be at peak duty. Thanks! The interior was why I bought it, while it had a few faults and was quite dirty prior to purchase, I could see the potential.
  5. Got the fuel injectors flow tested, all ok within a close grouping. Actually surprised what small flow rates these have, but for a ~300hp NA V8 they are more than sufficient.
  6. Michael.

    Wild Weather

    Good economic stimulus I guess. Mother nature will always keep us little people busy.
  7. I like how inconspicuous it is and no one would judge you for driving it.
  8. Occasional mistakes are one thing, but repeated errors are quite telling.
  9. Wow those batteries look to be in great condition considering they are 49 years old! Jk.
  10. Cleaning up the intake manifold assembly today, found the usual cracking vacuum cap, these are not easily seen until you get up close, the smaller one was likely leaking, it crumbled upon removal so missed a chance to get a picture, this larger one pictured is splitting around the stress point as you can see, it's gone completely hard too. All will be replaced!
  11. Cleaned the filthy aluminium exhaust heat shields for the engine mounts. Tooth brush, rags and Desolv-it did the the trick.
  12. It's interesting reading the fine print that represents these connectivity systems within cars. It can be a buyer beware situation. In most cases no one will care about it, but it can become an issue between law matters and insurance claims, particularly so if it's a situation you were naughty and the data is to be extracted and examined, things are likely not going to be in your favor. The fine print states they will pass it on in such circumstances. Hardly surprising though, things were always heading this way. It's not as wide spread in NZ just yet but been in practice in Euro, USA, Japan to name a few places.
  13. Does it have 5G capability to report your location and speed back to BMW?
  14. Nothing at all, just clean oil. Removing the original bolts and putting in new thread seal / retorquing them of course. Absolutely, used it since 2010!
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