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  1. Awesome. Looked like a lovely time!
  2. That's awesome Love the way the turbo setup looks.
  3. Might want to edit the title. I was concerned for a minute haha.
  4. I know right it's been ages! (about 7 years) This car will be exclusively BMW too. (In before Toyota jokes har har)
  5. Over the weekend I managed to fit in some time to start going through my 540i and cleaning things up, Removed all the basic electronic parts, like the CCM, LKM, Instrument cluster, OBC unit and air con unit to resolder any of the larger connections that could fatigue over time, as well as replace any electrolytic capacitors, these things plague a lot of electronics. I've replaced thousands for Lexus/Toyotas like Soarers (Soarer Surgeon is my business) so I'll apply that same approach for restoring the E34. I've already found the BMW Audio 1994 spec Sony headunit wasn't working right with channel loss, upon taking it apart I found leaky capacitors with some PCB damage so I'll replace the lot later this week and repair where required. Otherwise I've removed the center console parts to scrub with a soft nail brush and hand soap, finished off with some warm water to remove the soap, these trims being white clean up so well, a real joy to see, they didn't seem dirty but the before and after is apparent, particularly the handles to the door cards, they get filthy! The rear right drivers door card required some repairs too, typical BMW glue failures so sorted that out and clean it all up. I also applied some black felt tape between the upper trim and wood trim where there is a gap showing the white trim, I've noticed this on some E34s and it isn't a very good look. I'll do the same on all 4 doors in due course. With the console out the wood gear shifter trim needs some polishing to take the dullness and scratches out, still more work to do but it's looking considerably better, the backing glue had also totally failed so I'll sort that out when it goes back together. I've also started on the leather, the front e-brake and belt buckle leather boots have been individually cleaned and conditioned, looking much better and feeling supple. Will have to do a few passes on the seats themselves, I did the fronts last week and they have cleaned up well but will require a few treatments until I'm happy with them. I'm still waiting for the remainder of my order of service parts to arrive so I can get stuck into the car this month. Most bits are already here though, my parts bin is just about full!
  6. Will be interesting to know what the specific cause was in these instances. I think it is easy for most people to forget anything like a vehicle that requires a high density energy source to power it, like a chemical lithium battery or petrol is always at a risk of combusting if the conditions line up triggered by some kind of technical fault.
  7. Yeah it's probably my favorite. Particularly because this wasn't abused or worn yet, just needs a good clean here and there. I was going to ditch them asap but they have Mich PS3 tyres with good tread so may as well get some use out of them. Not too sure yet, some kind of BBS / BMW style 17" will do the trick. Yeah I found that before I bought the car, few familiar faces on there haha!
  8. Cheers! Spent the weekend cleaning up some interior parts (Removed and scrubbed individually) and doing some minor repairs, looking even better. My goal was to find a really clean example and then get it even cleaner. Will take time but it's going to be pure TLC
  9. E34 540i6 or M5 and spend the rest to rebuild most of it.
  10. Yikes. $62.4k! Huge money. They are also coming for you meat and anything else fun in life.
  11. Yeah pics are good at doing that. It's definitely the cleanest e34 I've had the privilege to see. If it was average I wouldn't have bothered buying it haha.
  12. Haha yay. I have the same thing in the Soarer community, people fawn over the black interiors, even spray paint their grey or tan ones black (terrible results to the purist) or pay a fortune for black cloth interiors... I've just never seen the appeal myself. Also imagine taking out the grey/white interior in this E34, the seats and trim are in perfect shape only having 86,000km, if I hunted for the rare e34 parts scattered in NZ the best I could probably find would be a manky old set of 275,000km sad leather seats with broken electric motors, haha, yuck 😂
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