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E53 X5 back wheels locking ; brake light trifecta (ABS/DSC/TC)

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Hi peeps

My X5 is back in the shop again - got the brake light trifecta again. This is round 3(!) after previously having the ABS control unit repaired and then replaced after it failed again. 

But this time, after reversing out of a parking space and then moving off at low speed i noticed a juddering from the rear of the vehicle and resistance. Pulled over and turned it off, and then got off the main road. Was OK on the short drive home. Did it again then next time i did a short trip to the supermarket, but this time the brake system lights all activated and the judder stopped  :(

Nursed it in at low speed to Driscoll Motors this morning for them to look at.

The bit of reading I've done points to this maybe being ABS Master Cylinder rear release valve sticking 😕

Ideas? Anyone had this issue before?

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Code reported as ABS sensor and that's what it turned out to be. $280+gst plus labor to diagnose and fit.

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Actually had a similar fault on a VW Tourag at work a few months back, Front right brake intermittently grabbing. Turned out a faulty ABS sensor. Not open circuit or shorted but about twice the resistance of spec & obviously confusing the ABS module.

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