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E38 750il - Cranks, Coughs and starts

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Hi All,

Figured i would post before i go out to buy any diagnostic tools etc, as i have heard the V12's need slightly different software to diagnose problems.

What happened...

Typically ran car every few weeks off my Ute battery with no problems, until one day it started misfiring.

So decided to check Rotor and caps to which i found quite dirty and one of back internal covers was broken (figured that was misfire) so cleaned them up. (would love new ones but not in my realm of budget due to some health issues after a knock on the head but that's life) then on first start the "starter" decided to take a dump , i rebuilt it myself.

Car now turns over great, but burbles soon as it sparks and stops...or i get a engine fail safe mode warning on dash.

My thinking is a sensor has taken a dump but would like thoughts before i purchase any diagnostic tools or waste money i don't have.

Thanks for any responses....also located in Levin (if anyone around has the tools and wants some gas money or beers) always down for new connections :)

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Start with basics ( no doubt you have already), fuel, air, spark, compression and timing 

Then I'd be looking at cam/crank sensor testing. 

Or finding someone friendly to scan it for you 

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